Go Play 180BHS: Single Axle Family Camper Review

Written by Greg Long

Are you looking for an RV that provides enough sleeping space for the whole family but doesn’t require a giant pick-up truck for towing?

Would you like to find an affordable camper that has all the important features for family camping but doesn’t go over your budget?

Discover how the Go Play 180BHS has all the essentials you’re looking for in a family camper, but doesn’t break the bank.

This review of the Go Play 180BHS covers price, features, pros and cons and even compares it to other similar travel trailers, so you can decide if the 180BHS is the right camper for your next camping adventure.

Check out Josh the RV Nerd’s video review of the Go Play 180BHS bunkhouse Travel Trailer.


What is a Go Play 180BHS?

The Go Play 180BHS by Wayfinder RV is a compact yet versatile single-axle camper. It is designed for families who love to camp but don’t want to use a large tow vehicle.

One of the standout features of the Go Play 180BHS is its dinette slide-out, which provides a lot of additional inside space compared to other single-axle campers. 

Other big features in this small bunkhouse camper include a full 8-foot wide body, tall 6’ 9” floor-to-ceiling height, carpetless and ventless flooring, updated refrigerator and storage options, and standardized solar panels.

All Go Play campers are built to include the features you want — without any of the useless fluff you will never use. 

Even better, Bish’s has been able to cut out a ton of middle-man manufacturer expenses to bring Go Play trailers to you for a price that won’t drain your savings.

Read more about how Go Play RVs came to be and the secrets behind their affordable price

What Does “BHS” Stand For?

BHS stands for “Bunkhouse with a Slide,” indicating that the Go Play 180BHS model features bunk beds and also has a slide-out, making it an excellent choice for families or groups needing additional space for sleeping and for when the family is hanging out inside for meals.

What is the Price of a Go Play 19BH?


A new Go Play 180BHS travel trailer has a price tag of $19,995

This price of Go Play campers is a set price. So the no-haggle price of $19,995 is what you can expect to actually pay. 

To keep prices down, there are no added options for Go Play trailers. Any changes you may want to make will have to be done after you’ve purchased the RV. 

You can check out Go Play 180BHS campers at Bishs.com.

Compare the Go Play 180BHS to similar small bunkhouses:


You may need to pay additional freight charges depending how close your dealership is to the manufacturer. This charge will be discussed with you before closing. 

If you choose to have your 180BHS shipped directly to your home you’ll also be charged $2.99 per mile from your nearest Bish’s location. 

Learn what costs you can expect and how we lowered the price of our Go Play trailer.


If you’re familiar with the Wayfinder RV origin story, you’ll know Bish’s RV decided to make campers so we could offer high-quality travel trailers at affordable prices for hard-working families. 

We discovered that RV manufacturers could save a lot of money by cutting out middlemen in advertising, simplifying options, and making the production process more efficient. 

The Go Play Cost Story explains all the innovative money-saving techniques we used without compromising on construction quality or design. But, in short, Go Play RVs can save you thousands of dollars on a high-quality RV!

Learn more about Go Play RVs.

Go Play Logo from Wayfinder RV

The Go Play travel trailer line is currently very similar to Jayco-owned Highland Ridge conventional travel trailers. Why? Because Jayco helps us make them.

Despite the almost identical similarities in design and construction, the one big difference — the price tags. The Go Play 180BHS is priced much lower.

Go Play 180BHS Price Tag: $19,995

Go Play 180BHS Overview and Specs

Go Play 180BHS Specs – Weights and Measures

Hitch:410 lbs.
Empty:3,758 lbs.
Cargo:1,142 lbs.
Max:4,900 lbs.
Length:22′ 2″
Height:10′ 7″
Ceiling:6′ 9″
Fresh:30 gal.
Gray:20 gal.
Black:20 gal.
LP:20 lb.

Go Play 180BHS Highlights & Features

  • Full 8’ wide trailer
  • Rare 6’9” Ceiling in a single axle camper
  • Enclosed underbelly
  • Telescopic ladder and solar prep
  • No carpet for easy cleaning
  • Great storage space

Go Play 180BHS Downsides

  • Shorter “camp” queen bed
  • Low cargo capacity compared to larger trailers
  • Smaller holding tank sizes compared to larger trailers
  • No Factory optional upgrades available

Go Play 180BHS Bunkhouse

Within the Go Play 180BHS, the bunk area stands out as a cozy retreat for young adventurers. Featuring dual 300lb rated bunks, this space offers comfortable sleeping arrangements for kids or extra guests, ensuring everyone has their own designated spot to rest after a day of outdoor fun. 

These bunks include USB plugs and a convenient phone pocket, allowing for easy access to devices for entertainment or charging. Additionally, the inclusion of a privacy curtain adds a touch of personal space, perfect for bedtime stories and late-night whispers.

Go Play 180BHS Bunk Features

  • Dual 300lb rated bunks provide great sleeping space for kids or guests.
  • USB plugs and a phone pocket offer convenient access to devices for entertainment or charging.
  • Privacy curtain enhances the bunk area, providing a sense of personal space and comfort for occupants.
  • The bottom window in the bunk area opens to facilitate airflow, ensuring occupants enjoy a comfortable and well-ventilated sleeping environment.

Go play 180BHS Living Area

The living area of the 180BHS offers a comfortable space for relaxation and socializing after a day of adventures. The dinette slide expands the seating area, providing extra space for meals or games, accommodating the whole family with ease. 

With carpetless and ventless flooring, the living area is easy to clean and maintain, creating a tidy and modern environment. Additionally, the privacy shade prep on the entry door offers the option for added privacy when desired, while the ceiling lighting with a separate switch allows for customizable illumination according to preferences. 

Go Play 180BHS Living Room Features

  • Dinette slide expands seating area for meals or games
  • Carpetless and ventless flooring for easy cleaning
  • Inclusion of household and USB outlets for convenient power access
  • Privacy shade prep on entry door for added privacy
  • Ceiling lighting with separate switch for customizable illumination

Go Play 180BHS Kitchen

The kitchen in the Go Play 180BHS has everything you need to cook while traveling. It features a two- burner stovetop, with plenty of space for pots and pans. It has a microwave over and there’s plenty of storage for kitchen essentials. 

The 10 cubic foot 12-volt compressor fridge keeps perishable items cold, and solar power helps save energy. Overall, the kitchen is practical and makes cooking easy on your trips.

Go Play 180BHS Kitchen Features

  • 2- burner stovetop provides plenty of cooking space
  • Focus on storage ensures lots of room for kitchen essentials
  • 10 cubic foot 12-volt compressor fridge offers large storage for perishable items
  • Solar power helps to offset energy usage
  • Microwave oven for convenient cooking options

Go Play 180BHS Flooring and Ceiling

The flooring and ceiling of the Go Play 180BHS contribute to its modern and clean interior design. The carpetless and ventless flooring not only creates a spacious feel but also makes cleaning up messes quick and easy. 

The full 8-foot wide body and 6’9″ floor-to-ceiling height provide plenty of headroom and a sense of openness within the camper.

Go Play 180BHS Bathroom

Bathrooms in single-axle travel trailers are typically small – not so in the Go Play 180BHS.

The 180BHS bathroom offers a fully functional bathroom for camping families. While the tub lacks shower surround paneling, the 6’9″ floor-to-ceiling clearance provides plenty of headroom for comfortable showering. 

The full-size  bathroom sink offers added convenience, allowing occupants to wash their hands without needing to use the kitchen sink. 

Go Play 180BHS Bathroom Features

  • Tub with 6’9″ floor-to-ceiling clearance provides comfortable showering space
  • Full bathroom sink offers added convenience for handwashing
  • Kitchen counterspace and under-sink storage for bathroom essentials

Go Play 180BHS Front Sleeping Area

The front sleeping area of the Go Play 180BHS provides a comfortable sleeping space for occupants. With a camp queen bed, you’ll have plenty of room to stretch out and relax after a long day of adventures. 

Go Play 180BHS Front Bedroom Features

  • Camp queen bed (60” x 74”) offers comfortable sleeping space
  • USB outlets and household outlets near the bed for convenient device charging
  • Functional layout maximizes space and comfort in the front bedroom

Go Play 180BHS Storage

  • Storage compartments under the slide maximize space utilization
  • Interior storage spaces ensure sufficient room for clothing and personal items throughout the camper
  • Front pass-through storage compartment offers extra space for larger items
  • Efficient storage options guarantee all camping essentials can be accommodated within reach
  • Functional layout optimizes storage space for a comfortable camping experience

Go Play 180BHS Solar Power

  • 200 watts of solar power standard for increased energy efficiency
  • Portable side mount plug allows for easy expansion of solar capabilities
  • 30 amp controller ensures optimal performance of solar system
  • Solar power enhances off-grid capabilities for extended camping trips
  • Increased energy efficiency and reduced reliance on traditional power sources

Go Play 180BHS Exterior Features

The exterior of the Go Play 180BHS is designed so you can enjoy hanging out outside your camper and appreciate the breathtaking scenery of nature.

The addition of a propane cooker hooker on the back provides versatility for outdoor cooking options. 

With a walkable roof and prepped for a telescopic removable ladder, accessing the roof for maintenance or enjoying panoramic views is easy and convenient. 

Go Play 180BHS Exterior Features

  • Walkable roof and prepped for telescopic removable ladder for easy roof access
  • Propane cooker hooker on the back provides versatility for outdoor cooking options
  • 13′ power-awning provides shade for outdoor relaxation and entertainment
  • Heated and enclosed underbelly for added protection

Warranty and Included Service Benefits

Discover BishFix – A new approach to RV Service that gets your RV fixed faster so you can spend less time waiting and more time camping.

What Do You Need to Tow a Go Play 180BHS?

  • Suitable tow vehicle such as a midsize pickup or mid-size SUV with appropriate tow package.
  • Hitch receiver, trailer wiring harness, and possibly a weight distribution hitch for added stability and control
  • Consultation of vehicle’s owner’s manual and adherence to manufacturer’s towing guidelines
    • Proper towing equipment and vehicle specifications are essential for safe and proper towing
    • Ensuring compliance with towing requirements for a safe and enjoyable camping experience

Who is 180BHS a Good Fit For?

  • Camping enthusiasts seeking an affordable and functional camper for family adventures
  • Those prioritizing value without compromising on quality
  • Individuals who appreciate a cozy and inviting interior for comfortable camping experiences

Who is 180BHS a Bad Fit For?

  • Those seeking extensive off-grid capabilities or large holding tank capacities
  • Individuals prioritizing luxurious amenities or spacious living quarters
  • Campers with larger families who may find the living quarters cramped

PROS and CONS of the Go Play 180BHS

Go Play 180BHS PROS:

  • Compact size ideal for towing with smaller vehicles
  • Functional layout with efficient use of space
  • Affordable price point compared to larger RVs
  • Included solar power enhances off-grid capabilities
  • Cozy and inviting interior for comfortable camping experiences

Go Play 180BHS CONS:

  • Limited holding tank capacities may restrict off-grid camping options
  • Lack of luxurious amenities compared to larger, more expensive RVs
  • Smaller living quarters may feel cramped for larger families
  • Limited storage space for larger camping gear or equipment
  • No full-length hanging wardrobe tower for additional clothing storage

Other RVs Similar to the Go Play 180BHS

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$14,500 – $46,000

Imagine AIM

$22,000 – $28,000

Next Steps in Owning a Go Play 180BHS

The Go Play 180BHS is available exclusively at Bish’s RV. 

You can visit any showroom at Bish’s RV to view available inventory and discuss pricing and financing options. Be sure to ask about any current promotions or discounts that may be available. 

Once you’ve selected your desired model, the outfitter will walk you through the purchasing process, including completing paperwork and arranging for delivery or pickup. 

See the Go Play 180BHS Today.

Got Questions? We have answers!

With over 40 years of expertise in the RV industry, Bish’s RV is always here to answer any questions you have. We love talking about RVs!. 

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