You Spoke, They Listened – Ember RV Reinvents the MSL Travel Trailer Bunkhouse

Stop the presses! Ember RV already built flexibility and versatility into the MSL bunkhouse travel trailer with the innovative Embertrack bunk platform system, but the single sized beds have been a pain point for their enthusiasts. Ember heard you and reengineered the platforms in a unique way to give you the flexibility of the original Embertrack system and two double size bunks.  

In case you were unaware, the Embertrack system has adjustable, removable bunks you can tuck out of the way to clear up floor space.  

“Removable, hangable double bunks?” 

Yes! Ember has reengineered their bunkhouse platforms to give you double beds—not singles—each rated for up to 600lbs.  

How? Instead of making one large, heavy slab for the bunk platform, they split it.  

Using the original single platform and further support on the opposite wall, Ember created a double size bunk that disassembles into two pieces with the diagonal half able to hang up on the E track. (The video shows it better than I can explain it. But, Tab A goes into Slot B, you get the idea.)  

Ember is changing how RV bunks can be used by doing something no one else is doing.  Giving you options. 


Yes! Double over double, single over double, single over single or no bunks at all. How you use this flex area is completely up to you.  

Traveling with your critters? This versatile bunk area in the Ember MSL creates the perfect space for a kitty litter pan or roomy dog kennel. Combined with exterior access, cleaning up after your critters would be a breeze. Plus, the window allows smells to escape outside rather than linger in your camper.  

You can remove the bunk pads to use the platforms for storage or, with the household outlets, USB ports, and inverter—now the bunk area is your office on the go. All you need to do is hang up the diagonal half platforms on the Ember tracks! 

“Awww that’s great Kat but I already have an Ember MSL camper. I’ve missed out.” 

No, you haven’t! The Embertrack double bunk upgrade retrofits into previous year MSL campers. So yes, you can now enjoy having double size bunks without having to buy a whole new unit. 

The Perks and Pain for the Embertrack Bunk Platform 


  • Completely customizable and adjustable. Down for camping, hanging for travel to maximize cargo space, remove completely when you no longer need bunks. Arrange it any way that’s best for you.   
  • Bunk compartment has household outlets, USB ports, and an inverter if you want to convert this to an office 
  • Transforms into storage (with or without shelving) for a pack & play, pet center, bikes, or anything else that fits  

  • Extend the useful life of your bunkhouse RV by switching up this space as your kids grow up and out of the house.  


  • Does the bathroom door bang into the hanging platforms? It looks like it would but if that is the case, hanging up the half platforms may be best used only while traveling to maximize cargo space. 

Really, what can’t you do with this space?  See the Embertrack Adjustable Bunk System in action, get in on the discussion and post your thoughts on Josh the RV Nerd’s video.