It Has a Full Bed Slide! Explore the 2024 Catalina 263FKDS

By Aaron Brunson

Today Josh the RV Nerd is coming to you from coming to you from Coldwater, Michigan. You’ve probably been eagerly waiting to get my hands on for an entire year – the 2024 Catalina 263FKDS Travel Trailer by Coachmen RV. This front kitchen, rear bed slide floor plan has been gaining popularity – let’s jump in!

2024 Catalina 263FKDS Bish’s Price

Apex Remote highlight featires

  • Multi-Color Patio Awning Light
  • Taller Ceiling
  • Light, Bright Colors
  • Private Rear Bed Slide
  • Big Closet Space
  • No More Carpet
  • Great Storage
  • Mini Camp
  • Optional Solar

Table of Contents

Living Area

2024 Catalina 263FKDS live here

Let’s kick off with the inside this Catalina travel trailer. What might immediately catch your eye is the fantastic living area. It boasts a full theater seat with a convenient wireless phone charger, perfect for staying connected on the go. The large windows surrounding the slide bring in plenty of natural light and offer stunning views of your campsite. Check it all out in the images below!

Layout and Specifications


  • Hitch Weight – 918 lbs
  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight6,869 lbs
  • Exterior Length30′ 0″
  • Gray Water60 gal
  • Awning Size18′
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating8,600 lbs
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity1,731 lbs
  • Exterior Height11′ 1″
  • Fresh Water44 gal
  • Black Water30 gal


2024 Catalina 263FKDS kitchen stove

Now, you might be wondering why I’m not beginning with the kitchen. Well, this Catalina surprises you by offering a superb direct viewing entertainment center. While the RV doesn’t come with a TV by default, I recommend picking your own, giving you more options for size and quality. Plus, the living area features a cozy and spacious atmosphere with the taller six-foot-nine-inch ceiling and a light, bright color palette.


2024 Catalina 263FKDS Wash Here

Moving on to the bathroom, you’ll find it has plenty of room to stretch out. The radius shower might take some getting used to, but it’s a smart design choice to save space. The pass-through bathroom design provides privacy, even when guests are sleeping in other areas of the RV. And yes, there’s ample space to do your business comfortably.

Writing about the bathroom just wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t include the pictures of Josh testing out the toilet and shower.

2024 Catalina 263FKDS Josh shower
2024 Catalina 263FKDS josh toilet


Pay close attention to the bedroom’s thoughtful design. While it comes with a short queen bed from the factory, there’s enough room for a true queen or even an RV King if you prefer. And let’s not forget about the massive closet across from the bed, which gives you tons of storage space.

Road Mode

2024 Catalina 263FKDS road mode

Before we hit the road, let’s talk about road mode. This Catalina has a two-stage travel access system. When the slides are closed, you’ll need to use the exterior doors to navigate through the RV. It might not be the most convenient, but it’s a small compromise for the floor plan’s spaciousness. Just remember that the bed might be supported when climbing over it while the slide is retracted, but it’s not officially tested, so use your best judgment.


2024 Catalina 263FKDS exterior

Stepping outside, you’ll notice the unique custom-built front end, which sets this Catalina apart. It provides extra storage space, a front window, and of course the two entry doors. It also boasts a sturdy cargo rack and an optional 200-watt solar package.

The 2024 Catalina 263FKDS Travel Trailer by Coachmen RV is a fantastic choice for RVers looking for a spacious and well-thought-out floor plan. While it has a few quirks, like the radius shower, it more than makes up for them with its comfortable living area, versatile bedroom, and practical features. Whether you’re a full-time RVer or a weekend warrior, this Catalina is worth a closer look.

2024 Catalina 263FKDS Bish’s Price