Are you looking for something that’s easy to tow with the basic necessities you need for weekends or weeks on the road? A travel trailer is too big and a pop-up needs too much maintenance and doesn’t provide as much protection. Well, Goldilocks, a teardrop trailer may be just what you’re looking for. 

We’ve seen many RVers find and fall in love with the flexibility of a teardrop trailer. So, if quick, low hassle camping trips are what you’re after, then you may want to consider the Braxton Creek Bushwhacker 10HD teardrop trailer.  

We’re here to provide you with the information you need to decide if the Bushwhacker 10HD is or isn’t the right teardrop trailer for you, so you can get out on the road making memories! 

What is a Bushwhacker 10HD Teardrop Trailer?

The Bushwhacker 10HD Teardrop Trailer is a compact, lightweight travel trailer manufactured by Braxton Creek

See Josh the RV Nerd’s full 2023 Bushwhacker 10HD video walkthrough:

Bushwhacker 10HD Price:

A new Bushwhacker 10HD will cost between $11,000 and $16,500. The price will depend on the options you choose and where/when you buy it. Learn more here about why a new RV’s cost will vary.

10HD Specs:

  • 13’2” long
  • 6’9” wide
  • 1,300 lbs unloaded weight / 2,200 lbs. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)
  • 24 gal. fresh water capacity

3 Awesome Bushwhacker 10HD Features

Outdoor Kitchen

This Braxton Creek Bushwhacker offers a full kitchenette with a sink, a cooktop, and an ice chest. There’s a 24-gal. fresh water tank to make it easy to wash all the dishes, and the Shurflo 12V water pump gives you the water pressure you need.

Interior Features

The interior of this RV is designed to give you plenty of space for you and your loved one to get a great night’s sleep. There’s a cozy queen mattress with room for two and enough storage to help you easily pack what you need. 

Built in Bluetooth speakers will also allow you to listen to all your favorite tunes. 

Additional Features:

  • Hidden, padded storage boxes under the bed
  • 4-Inch, deluxe comfort, quilted bed mattresses
  • Multiple 110V, 12V & USB Outlets throughout the camper
  • Bluetooth compatible stereo w/interior speakers
  • 5,000-BTU wall-mounted A/C

Storage Space!

Braxton Creek has carefully added extra storage space to the Bushwhacker 10HD teardrop trailer. You’ll find overhead cabinets throughout the RV, as well as under-bed storage and more. There’s room for all of your clothing, outdoor gear, and other necessities. 

Why Should I Buy a Bushwhacker 10HD Teardrop?

Comfort + Convenience

The Bushwhacker 10HD makes adventure possible with added comfort and convenience.

Say you love an off-grid camping adventure, but are also a sane adult who values sleeping off the cold, hard ground, a/c for hot nights, and a kitchen for meal prep – the Bushwhacker 10HD is a great way to go.

Unlike a pop up, a teardrop handles the elements – wind, rain, heat, cold – better. You’ll be more comfortable and won’t have to worry about the canvas on a pop up. 

Easy to Tow Anywhere

A teardrop trailer, like a pop up, has more tow vehicle options. Just because you love to get out in nature doesn’t mean you have a big ol’ pickup in your driveway or the money to make that happen. That shouldn’t keep you from getting out doing what you love. You can even tow this Bushwhacker 10HD camper with a jeep, or even a minivan! 

Not only can you tow it with a smaller vehicle, but because it’s small and lightweight, it’s easy to tow for short, weekend getaways without a lot of extra hassle. You’ll be able to tow it most anywhere, since it will be under most (if not all) size limits for parks and campgrounds. 

Problems With Bushwhacker 10HD? 

It’s easy to tow and convenient, but the Bushwhacker is not the right fit for every RVer. It’s important that you evaluate what it is you need from a camper before you make your decision. 

Small Living Space

If you’re planning extended RV stays, for example, you may want to try something with more living space. A travel trailer or fifth wheel will provide more living space – though they will also be more expensive, especially a fifth wheel. Learn more here about the difference between a fifth wheel and travel trailer

No Bathroom

This teardrop camper also doesn’t have a bathroom, so you’ll definitely need to decide if that’s important to you. If you still want a small teardrop option, but you’re not sure about the no toilet situation, you may prefer the Bushwhacker Plus 15K.

Less Storage

If storage is a main concern, keep in mind that the 10 HD will be less compact than a pop up. If you have very little space to keep your RV, you may prefer a pop up.


The Bushwhacker 10HD is easy to tow and built to be aerodynamic, but because it is less compact than a pop up it will be slightly harder to tow. Make your decision with that in mind. 

Unlike a pop up with expandable canvas a teardrop trailer is what it is, sizewise.  You may have less space on the trailer to store supplies than you would with a pop up or a larger travel trailer. Though, as you’ve seen above, the Bushwhacker 10HD does have space built in for storage. 

Keep these issues in mind when you decide if the 10HD is right for you.  

Now that you know what to expect with the Bushwhacker 10HD, you can decide if it’s the right teardrop camper for you. 

We share information about RVs because we want you to find the best RV for you and your travel dreams – no matter where you buy it. Shop around and make sure you find the right RV for you. You can check out our Bushwhacker 10HD inventory to see if we have the right trailer for you. 

One of our no-pressure RV outfitters is always ready to help if you have more questions, or would like to come see a Bushwhacker 10HD (or another RV) in person.