The Best Starter Camper in 2024! Go Play 26BH Family Bunkhouse

By Greg Long

2024 Wayfinder RV Go Play 26BH

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Table of Contents

Price of a 2024 Go Play 26BH

What is a Go Play 26BH?

2024 Go Play 26BH Overview and Specs

2024 Go Play Living Area Update

2024 Go Play Kitchen Refrigerator Update

2024 Go Play AC Update

2024 Solar Power Addition

The Best Starter Bunkhouse Camper Just Got Better in 2024.

Are you searching for a new family bunkhouse travel trailer? If so, you’re not alone. But finding a camper you actually like — that also fits into your family’s budget — is not easy.

Great News! Your search may be over, because the Wayfinder RV Go Play 26BH family bunkhouse travel trailer just got better. It’s not the most fancy travel trailer you can buy, but it has all the features you need without any unnecessary extras. And its price is $20,995.

The Go Play 26BH is a fantastic camper for families looking for a bunkhouse so they can start RVing with their families. But don’t take my word for it, check out what RV reviewer, Josh the RV Nerd, has to say about the 26BH.

Making Improvements to the Go Play 26BH Family Bunkhouse

Bish’s RV has been selling campers for nearly 40 years, helping countless families find the perfect RV for their outdoor adventures.

Over the years we’ve learned what people are searching for when it comes to finding the perfect family camper. That’s precisely why we decided to create Go Play RVs and introduce the Go Play 26BH family bunkhouse model.

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When the Go Play 26BH first rolled out in 2023, we asked for your feedback on how to make it better — and we received thousands of ideas.

We took your suggestions, and though we couldn’t use them all, we made some significant improvements. We are proud to present the all new 2024 Go Play 26BH family bunkhouse travel trailer!

In this article, we’ll go over the exciting upgrades and changes we’ve made to the 26BH model, so you can decide if it’s the right camper for your family’s outdoor camping fun.

So, let’s dive in and explore what’s new with the Go Play 26BH family bunkhouse.

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Go Play 26BH Specifications

Go Play 26BH Floor Plans

Go Play 26BH


  • Hitch – 615 lbs.
  • Max – 6,500 lbs.
  • Empty – 4,740 lbs.
  • Cargo – 1,760 lbs.


  • Fresh – 42 gal.
  • Gray – 39 gal.
  • Black – 39 gal.


  • Length – 29’6″
  • Height – 10’7″
  • Width – 8′
  • Awning – 18′

For a Full Review of the 2024 Go Play 26BH, be sure to read our article: The Go Play 26BH: Affordable Family Camping.

Go Play 26BH RV

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26BH Living Area Changes

The biggest change you will notice when you walk into the 2024 Go Play 26BH is the interior has a cleaner, more minimalist look.

Some of the feedback we got was the color pallete we chose for the interior of the 26BH made the inside walls and cabinets look “dirty” even when they were pristine clean — so we lightened the colors.

Now the inside not only looks cleaner, it feels more spacious. It’s a great improvement. Thanks for suggesting it.

Be sure to check out the Full Review of the 26BH Living Area to see all the Living Room features.

26BH Kitchen: More Fridge Space!

The Go Play 26BH has a kitchen that is great for cooking family meals, but storing enough food for a family camping trip requires a lot of refrigerator space. That’s why we upped the size of the Go Play’s refrigerator to 10 cubic feet of space inside.

The less time you have to spend driving to a town that’s 20 miles away for a food run, the more great memories you get to make camping with your family!

You can learn more about the 26BH Kitchen in the Full Review of the 26BH

Start Cooking in your new Go Play 26BH Kitchen!

Go Play 26BH Keeping Cool in Summer Heat

People really like the Go Play 26BH’s adjustable ceiling vents throughout the camper. Being able to direct the cool air from the central duct system helps ensure you have complete control of your camper’s AC.

Based on your feedback, tandem axle Go Play travel trailers, like the 26BH. have even more powerful Air-conditioning output. We raised the power from 13,500 BTUs all the way up to 15,000.

If you plan on camping in the summer, having control of a powerful AC will make your 26BH a comfortably cool homebase.

For more information on the 26BH air-conditioner, be sure to check out the article on the Go Play 26BH Climate Control.

26bh solar panel

Go Play 26BH 200 Watts of Solar Power

Another new feature added because of YOUR feedback is: Go Play 26BH bunkhouse travel trailers now come with 200 watts of solar power.

What can I power with 200 watts of solar power?

200 watts is not a huge amount of power, so you will not be able to run everything in your camper using 200 watts of solar power.

The solar package is intended to provide you with a power solution for when you need to power just a few components of your RV for a short period of time and you don’t have access to electrical hook-ups.

Some common things you can run with 200 watts of solar power:

  • LED Lights
  • Laptop
  • Phone/Tablet Charger
  • Mini-Fridge
  • Coffee Maker
  • Blender

For a Full Review of the 2024 Go Play 26BH, be sure to read our article: The Go Play 26BH: Affordable Family Camping.

How to buy a Go Play 26BH

The 26BH is available nationwide, exclusively through Bish’s RV.

Only a limited number of Go Play 26BH models were made to keep the price low.

Walk Through a Go Play Travel Trailer

You can also see and buy a Go Play 26BH at these Bish’s RV Go Play Distribution Stores:

Do you like the Go Play 26BH, but want a spacious slide-out for extra room? Check out the Wayfinder RV Go Play 26BHS!

Josh the RV Nerd Video Review of the Go Play 26BHS Travel Trailer with Slide-Out

Do you have questions about the 2024 Go Play 26BH? Talk to a Go Play Expert.

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