2024 FSX 164BHLE Travel Trailer — Back to Basics Camping

By Braden Price

FSX 164RBLE Price at Bish’s RV

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Is this a Salem or a Wildwood?
Living Area
Pros and Cons
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FSX 164RBLE Pricing
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In a market where many RVs emphasize luxury and come with hefty price tags, this model takes a more back-to-basics approach. If you’re traveling solo or as a couple and looking for a minimalist camper the 2024 FSX 164RBLE travel trailer from Forest River may be just what you need! 

Here we’ll share the ins and outs of this travel trailer from Salem and Wildwood so you can decide if this affordably priced, lightweight camper is right for you!

Is this a Salem or Wildwood?

The short answer is yes. 

The Salem FSX 164RBLE is the exact same as the Wildwood FSX 164RBLE version. The only difference? The name on the RV!

Some dealers or locations may sell Salem while another sells Wildwood. Shop around to see what is available near you.



  • Hitch – 380 lbs.
  • Max – 3,880 lbs.
  • Empty – 2,819 lbs.
  • Cargo – 1,061 lbs.


  • Length – 20′
  • Height – 10′
  • Width – 7’6″
  • Awning – 8′


  • Fresh – 43 gal.
  • Gray – 30 gal.
  • Black – 30 gal.

Ready for a deeper look? Watch the video below or keep reading!

Let’s take a look at the various features, the good and the bad, of the FSX 164RBLE.

Living Area

At just 20’ long, you can probably guess that the living area is pretty compact, as is the rest of the RV. 

Instead of a traditional dinette, which can be too snug for two adults, this camper features a sofa with a floating table, creating an open, more usable space. 

The sofa and floating table set-up make the space much more versatile and comfortable than a traditional two-person dinette you might usually find in an RV of this size.

As Josh points out, the TV hookup location is certainly not ideal for actually watching anything, as it is located on a wall that nothing really faces. 

It definitely reflects this RV’s focus on the camping experience itself rather than screen time. If you’re looking to spend more time in the RV, you may prefer another option.

Kitchen: Right for the Minimalist RVer

The kitchen in the 164RBLE offers essential amenities for meal preparation. You’ll also find  sealed-edge thermal foil counters for easy maintenance. 

A microwave is not standard in this model, which may shock some RVers. Cutting this appliance has made it possible for the FSX to cost less than it would otherwise. 

If you decide you want to add a microwave or other appliances, there are power outlets available.

The FSX 164RBLE also doesn’t include a traditional propane furnace and uses an electric space-heating fireplace instead. There is an option for a propane furnace, it will just cost extra.

Eliminating the propane furnace makes this RV lighter and therefore more compatible with a wider range of tow vehicles. 

The FSX 164RBLE further eliminates a need for propane with its electric-only refrigerator. This could limit off-grid capabilities, so consider your camping style before you purchase.

The kitchen does provide more storage than some other RVs of its size by including a couple of drawers and overhead cabinets.

Bathroom: Surprisingly Spacious

Though this is a small RV, it does not try to cram you into the bathroom. 

The shower is likely the only place you will run into cramping with its limited headroom, necessitating the use of a skylight vent combo if you’re rather tall.

The toilet space, on the other hand, is generous, allowing for a comfortable movement. The bathroom also features a surprising amount of hanging storage with a spacious cabinet. 

One thing to note is that the 164RBLE does not have shower surround panels, which might be unconventional for some campers. 

This design is reminiscent of older camping styles and should not give you any problems as long as you turn on the fan and wipe down the sides of the shower when you are finished.


The bedroom offers a walk-around North-South bed, with storage surrounding the bed. Leaving out the traditional dinette in the living area left room for a larger bed so you can get better rest. 

You’ll definitely want to consider the mattress on your FSX. Josh explains that it’s more like a bunk pad. You may want to upgrade it for better sleep quality.


The lightweight design of the FSX 164RBLE ensures that it is easily towable and accessible to a broad range of tow vehicles. 

With a GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) under 3,900 pounds, this RV may be towable by some tow package-equipped SUVs, a significant advantage over other single-axle RVs that often exceed typical SUV tow capacities.


The exterior of the FSX 164RBLE is pretty straightforward, adhering to its budget-friendly approach. 

There is a decent amount of room in the front pass-through storage, which is welcomed by the RV’s ample cargo-carrying capacity of just over 1,000 pounds.

While it does not include a ladder, the RV does feature a ladder mount, which many RVs of this size might remove to cut costs. 

One area that could definitely be improved is the size of the awning, which is a meager 8 feet wide.

Pros and Cons


Very Small – Though some may see this as a con, others may appreciate the ease of storing, moving, and camping in an RV of this small size. This will fit into any RV spot without problems.

Lightweight – Very easy to tow with a GSV of under 3,900 pounds. Potentially towable by some tow package-equipped SUVs.

Budget-friendly – This RV provides the answer to those who want to buy an RV but don’t find themselves with a lot of disposable income. If you are looking for an inexpensive RV, the 164RBLE has you covered.


Very Small – If you love luxury and spacious RVs, this is definitely not the RV for you. With a length of 20’ and a width of 7’6”, there is very little space in the 164RBLE.

Missing common features – Many common amenities RVers have likely grown accustomed to, for example, a propane furnace, a microwave, and a shower surround. Other features may be due for an upgrade shortly after purchase, like the mattress/pad.

FSX 164RBLE Compared to Similar RVs

Click the model below to check out pricing for each!

Comparisons2024 FSX 164RBLE2023 Wolf Pup
2023 Rockwood
Geo Pro 19FD
2023 Jayco Jay
Flight 195RB
Length20’▲ 21’8”▲ 20’2”▲ 21’10”
Height10’▲ 10’6”▲ 10’3”▲ 10’ with A/C
Width7’6″▼ 7’▼ 7’4”▼ 7’1”
Max Weight3,880 lbs▲ 4,999 lbs▲ 4,409 lbs▲ 3,995 lbs
Cargo Capacity1,061 lbs▲ 2,080 lbs▲ 1,176 lbs▼ 895 lbs
Fresh Tank43 gal▼ 26 gal▼ 31 gal▼ 20 gal
Awning Length8′▲ 12’▲ 14’▲ 10’

FSX 164RBLE Price at Bish’s RV

Buy Your FSX 164RBLE

The 2024 FSX 16RBLE offers a simple and affordable option for couples or solo campers who prefer camping to glamping. 

While it lacks luxuries found in higher-end RVs, this travel trailer compensates with practicality and accessibility to a broader range of tow vehicles. 

If you are seeking a budget-friendly camper that prioritizes the camping experience itself, this RV could be an excellent choice for you. 

If you think this could be the perfect travel trailer for you, or have questions about this RV or any other, reach out to an expert RV outfitter below!

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