2024 Ember 29RS & 29MRS Touring Edition: Air Flow Maximized!

By Aaron Brunson

Ember’s Star Players: 29RS and 29MRS

In the wild world of RVs, Ember’s been burning up the scene with its cutting-edge designs and thoughtful features. Today, we’re about to embark on a sizzling journey with two of their brightest stars—the Ember 29MRS and the Ember 29RS. These travel trailers are more than just campers; they’re the VIP tickets to your next unforgettable adventure. So, slip on your virtual sunglasses, folks, because we’re diving deep into what makes these models shine.

Ember 29RS and Ember 29MRS Pricing

29RS: Get Lowest Price

29MRS: Get Lowest Price

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Ember 29RS and Ember 29MRS

Alright, before we jump into all of the fun stuff, let’s get the nitty gritty out of the way – specs!

Exterior Length (overall)35’10”35’10”
Exterior Height (with A/C)11’8″11’8″
Exterior Width8′8′
Awning Length9′, 11′10′
Hitch Weight (lbs)1,025935
Dry Weight (lbs)8,1207,995
Cargo Carrying Capacity (lbs)1,3751,500
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (lbs)9,4959,495
Fresh Water Capacity (gals)5555
Gray Water Capacity (gals)7070
Black Tank Capacity (gals)3535
Propane Unit/LP Gas Capacity (lbs)4040

Exterior Features: Strutting Their Stylish Stuff

Ember travel trailers are the fashionistas of the RV world, and the 29MRS and 29RS don’t disappoint in the style department. Picture this: they rock an aerodynamic profile that’s not only easy on the eyes but also flirts with fuel efficiency while you’re towing them. And the secret ingredient in their sleek physique? Azdel, a lightweight but sturdy material that boosts insulation and gives water damage the cold shoulder.

Ember 29RS and Ember 29MRS exterior rear

Both models flaunt the celestial Stargazer Skylight—an overhead window that’s like a backstage pass to the universe. It’s not just for stargazing; it’s also your backstage pass to some primo airflow. And if you’re rolling with the Ember 29RS, you can even throw in dual power awnings for a double dose of outdoor living luxury. Oh, and did we mention the nifty folding table in the front passenger cavity? It’s like having a compact command center for your outdoor escapades.

Ember 29RS and Ember 29MRS storage cavity table

Interior Layout: Where Comfort Meets Convenience

Inside, these models are all about blending comfort with convenience, like a perfect marriage between a lazy Sunday morning and a productive Monday. The Ember 29MRS throws in a Murphy bed option that’s as adaptable as a chameleon at a paint store. Need an office? Check. Crafting space? You got it. Cargo hold? Absolutely. And, of course, it moonlights as a cozy bedroom.

Check out the 29RS Layout:


And here is the similar 29MRS Layout:

Ember 29RS and Ember 29MRS offic espace
Ember 29RS and Ember 29MRS murphy

On the flip side, the Ember 29RS is all about commitment—well, when it comes to bedtime, at least. It rocks a fixed true queen bed, giving you a dedicated sleep nook. And the bedroom in both models is like a walk-in closet for your dreams, with hanging closets and dresser drawers galore. There’s even washer/dryer prep, because who doesn’t love a bit of laundry luxury on the road?

Ember 29RS and Ember 29MRS full queen

Kitchen and Living Area: The Heart of the Action

Masters of living room luxury, these models have expansive living rooms that create a roomier vibe than grandpas’ oversized recliner.

Ember 29RS and Ember 29MRS kitchen and living

And the kitchen? It’s like a mini culinary kingdom. There’s a countertop extension for when you want to whip up a feast, and both models feature residential-style soft-close drawers. Plus, the 12-volt compressor fridge keeps your goodies cold, even when you’re off the grid.

Ember 29RS and Ember 29MRS kitchen

Now, let’s talk windows. Ember’s Euro-style windows don’t just look cool; they’re insulation champs and noise reduction ninjas. They let the breeze in while keeping the elements out. Open these bad boys up and you’ll feel like you’ve got your own climate control wizard onboard.

Ember 29RS and Ember 29MRS windows

Bathroom and Bedroom: Where Luxury Awaits

Both models offer private bathrooms that are more spacious than a Hollywood dressing room. They come with porcelain foot-flush toilets, so you can flush in style. You could also take selfies in style but we usually leave those to Josh.

Ember 29RS and Ember 29MRS bathroom

The Ember 29RS features a plastic sink, but it gets the job done. And if you’re off-grid, don’t worry; the shower Miser system ensures you’ll have hot water quicker than you can say “campfire sing-along.”

Ember 29RS and Ember 29MRS sink

Solar and Off-Grid Options: Charging Up for Adventure

Ember’s got you covered if you’re itching for off-grid escapades. The touring models sport 400 watts of solar power and a 2000-watt inverter. That’s like having your own power station on wheels, so you can run your RV gadgets on battery power. Traditional shore power? Who needs it? And if you’re really looking to max out your off-grid potential, you can toss in some Battleborn batteries for the long haul.

Final Thoughts: Why We’re Fired Up for Ember

the Ember 29MRS and 29RS are trailblazers. These models are built with top-notch construction and innovative features, making them the ultimate contenders for an extraordinary RV experience.

And remember, availability and specs might play a little hard-to-get depending on your location. Now, go forth and conquer your camping dreams. Happy trails! 🏕️✨

Ember 29RS and Ember 29MRS Pricing

29RS: Get Lowest Price

29MRS: Get Lowest Price

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