Built for Families! — 2024 Arctic Wolf 278BHS Fifth Wheel Review

By Braden Price

2024 Arctic Wolf 278BHS at Bish’s RV

2024 arctic wolf 278bhs

We aim to provide the most up-to-date pricing in our articles. This price is as of 11/3/2023 from our Kalispell, Montana, location. Please note that our prices are regularly updated and may have changed since this post. For the most current price, please click above or contact an outfitter below.

The New 2024 Arctic Wolf 278BHS

Pack up the kids, the dog, and your sense of adventure because the 2024 Cherokee Arctic Wolf 278BHS 5th wheel RV is ready to become a beloved member of your family. 

Many families struggle to fit in the average RV due to a lack of space, privacy, hot water, or storage. The Arctic Wolf 278BHS solves all of those problems and provides a tranquil environment for everyone during laughter-filled evenings and cozy mornings. 

Could the 278BHS be the key to helping your family make unforgettable memories? Keep reading or check out Josh the RV Nerd’s video below to find out!

Table of Contents

278BHS Layout & Specifications
Living Area
Travel Access & Towing
Pros and Cons
Similar RVs Compared
Arctic Wolf 278BHS Pricing
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Layout & Specifications

278bhs layout


  • Hitch – 1,245 lbs.
  • Max – 10,295 lbs.
  • Empty – 8,293 lbs.
  • Cargo – 2,002 lbs.


  • Length – 34’2″
  • Height – 12’11”
  • Width – 8′
  • Awning – 20′


  • Fresh – 81 gal.
  • Gray – 70 gal.
  • Black – 35 gal.
  • Solar – 100W standard
278bhs exterior
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Let’s take a look at the various features, the good and the bad, of the Arctic Wolf 278BHS.

Living Area

Living Area

Step into the living area and you’re stepping into your family’s cozy den. It’s a haven for board games, movie nights, and storytelling.

Most RVs place the theater seating directly across from the TV for maximum viewing comfort with a small breakfast dinette in the corner, the 278BHS goes in the complete opposite direction. 

Forest River was worried the traditional layout wouldn’t create enough seating around the dinette for the whole family, so they switched the theater seating and dinette and made the dinette much larger. 

Plus, with the dinette directly across from the TV, each family member will have a great view of the TV. 



The 278BHS does not have a traditional pantry, but it does have an exceptional amount of cabinet space. You’ll find cabinets in the kitchen, above the fridge, below the dinette, behind the optional TV, and above the theater seating. 

Not having a pantry is a common deal breaker for RVers, so you’ll have to decide for yourself whether all of this storage is a good enough replacement for your family.

Here are a few more features of the 278BHS kitchen:

  • 12V compressor fridge with reversible doors 
  • Impressive counter space
  • Household outlets
  • Central Vac system



This traditional bathroom features plenty of space to make sure you don’t have a cramped experience. 

It is completely accessible during transit, so you’ll have easy access on the road when the kids have an emergency. 

A tankless on-demand water heater means that everyone in the family can have hot water for their showers. Keep in mind that there may be a bit of a wait before the hot water makes its way to the shower head because the water heater is in the back of the RV. 

One unique feature of the 278BHS is a removable drip-dry bar in the shower to deal with swimming suits or wet towels. Perfect after a day at the lake.



The 278BHS provides everyone in your family with their own private space to unwind after long days of adventuring. The master bedroom and the bunkhouse both have doors to separate them from the main RV space. This way everyone gets adequate alone time. 

Everyone will also stay charged with the household and USB outlets by each bed. The parents even get a 150W inverter outlet that will run off the RV’s battery. 

Here are a few other highlights of the bedrooms in the 278BHS

  • True queen bed
  • Plenty of storage under and around the bed
  • Prepped for a second 15,000 BTU A/C
  • Optional TV in the master bedroom
  • Dinette folds out into an additional sleeping area if needed

Road Mode: Travel Access & Towing

Travel Access and Towing
Travel Access

Travel Access

During transit, the majority of the 278BHS is completely accessible as there is only one slide to bring in. 

The kitchen remains partially accessible for impromptu snack times or quick lunches on the go. However, accessing the full capabilities of the refrigerator may require a bit of maneuvering.

Keep in mind that when the slide is in it does block off access to the bunkhouse.

Towing Requirements

You’ll need at least a ¾ ton pickup to tow this 5th wheel.

Your safety on the road is important to us. Use Bish’s towing guide or watch Josh the RV Nerd explain how to find out what your truck should tow, to make sure this RV is a good fit for your truck:



The expansive awning becomes your family’s outdoor living room. And, with the leash latch and outdoor kitchen, you can keep the dog from running off while you’re cooking up bacon in the morning.

If you like to have a TV outside your RV, the 278RBS is prepped with a TV hookup in the passthrough. There is also a spot for the cord to run through the wall so you don’t need to keep the passthrough door open just to have the TV plugged in. 

There is plenty of storage all around the exterior of the RV, and it is prepped for additional accessories like security cameras, a telescopic ladder, and additional solar past the standard 100W.

Potential Problems

Potential Problems

No RV is perfect, and it is important to realize the potential drawbacks and limitations of an RV so you can know if it is the right fit for you and your family. 

The 278BHS is a very well-made RV, so many of the potential problems simply come down to your preferences. What downsides can you expect if you buy a 278BHS?

  • You might have to wait a bit for hot water in the shower due to the distance of the water heater mentioned earlier.
  • The dual-headed sewer setup might be an inconvenience, and you might struggle to reach the hookup under the slide if you have it extended.
  • The standard solar package is only 100W, which may not be a problem for some, and if it is a problem, you can always add more as it is prepped up to 450W. 

If any of these are deal breakers for you, we’ve got plenty of other options. 

Our main priority at Bish’s RV is to help you make the best choice for yourself, whether that is buying a 278BHS, a different RV, or not buying an RV at all

With that in mind, below we have a few RVs that are similar to the 278BHS if you like what you’ve seen but want to check out something slightly different.

Arctic Wolf 278BHS Compared to Similar RVs


Click the model below to check out pricing for each!

Comparisons2024 Arctic Wolf
2023 Arctic Wolf
2023 Eagle HT
Length34’2”▲ 35’2”▲ 34’5”
Hitch Weight1,245 lbs▲ 1,325 lbs▲ 1,745 lbs
Max Weight10,295 lbs▲ 11,525 lbs▲ 11,250 lbs
Cargo Capacity2,002 lbs▲ 3,157 lbs2,010 lbs
Bish’s Price$48,995▼ $44,995▲ $55,000
*Prices vary depending on location and time

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Arctic Wolf 278BHS Price at Bish’s RV

2024 Arctic Wolf 278BHS

*We aim to provide the most up-to-date pricing in our articles. This price is as of 11/2/2023 from our Kalispell, Montana, location. Please note that our prices are regularly updated and may have changed since this post. For the most current price, please click above or contact an outfitter below.

Buy Your Arctic Wolf 278BHS

When you purchase an RV, you’re not just getting another vehicle, you’re getting another home to help you make memories with the people you care about most. It’s a space where meals become banquets, sleep is sound, and every destination is filled with potential.

Now that you know more about the Arctic Wolf 278BHS, if you believe it is the right RV for your family, we’re here to help. Click below to see what we have in stock, and if we don’t have one near you, contact an expert RV outfitter below and learn more about your options so we can help you get the RV you want.

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