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Schedule your Free RV Winterization - part of your Diamond Club Benefits

RV Winterization

It's crucial that you prepare your RV before cold weather sets in. The winterization process protects your RV's plumbing and other components from freezing temperatures and helps avoid costly repairs.


FREE RV Winterization

For Bish’s Diamond Club Members

When you purchase your RV from Bish’s, you get FREE basic annual RV winterization as a Diamond Club lifetime benefit.* 

To better serve our customers, as of September 1, 2023, an appointment made through a electronic form will be required in order to receive your annual free RV winterization. We've opened up more days and times to get your RV winterization done, making it more convenient for you. Book your appointment by finding the Bish's RV location nearest you below and click on their "Book Appointment" button.

This basic winterization is still free for customers who purchased their current RV from a Bish's RV location or from a dealership Bish's RV has acquired.

*Basic RV Winterization does not include residential refrigerators, icemaker, dishwasher, washer/dryer, etc. Please call your local service department to make an appointment if you have any of these features.
**If your current RV was not purchased from a Bish's RV location or a dealership that was acquired by Bish's RV, the customer will be held responsible to pay the fees associated with a basic RV Winterization.

Annual RV Winterization

During this basic winterization service, we run antifreeze through the system and pour it into the P-traps, perform a visual inspection, including the roof, all seals, and wheel bearings, and make recommendations of any suggested repairs prior to next camping season.

Quick Tip
There may be RV parts on special during the winterization season, so be sure to take advantage! Past specials have included jack stands, generators, water filters, hoses, and more. Check your local Bish's RV Parts Department for their current specials.

What to Expect

Tips & Tasks Before You Arrive

For your scheduled appointment, please come between your designated time (ex: 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. – come anytime between that hour). If there is a winterization line, please get in the back of the line. Please be prepared to stay with your RV during the winterizing process, which can take up to 30 minutes.

If you have specialty features in your RV (residential refrigerator, icemaker, dishwasher, washer/dryer, etc.), please DO NOT book your appointment through the electronic form. Instead call your nearest Bish's RV Service Department to schedule an appointment. Your RV will need to stay at our dealership to properly perform the winterization on these specialty features.

To make the RV winterization process go as quickly and efficiently as possible, we ask that you do the following prior to your arrival.


  • Empty the fresh, grey, and black tanks


  • Open the low-point drains to drain out excess moisture.
  • Confirm that the RV batteries are charged.
  • If the temperatures are cold, please run your furnace on the night before and/or day of your winterization to warm up the plumbing.
  • At a minimum, be sure you have enough propane to power the furnace during the winterization.

If you have any questions, please contact your the Bish's RV Service Department closest to you.


Scheduling an appointment is REQUIRED to receive your annual free RV winterization.
Please find your nearest Bish's RV location below and click the "Book Appointment" button.

*If your current RV was not purchased from a Bish's RV location or a dealership that was acquired by Bish's RV, the customer will be held responsible to pay the fees associated with a basic RV Winterization. Call your local Bish's RV to receive a quote for a basic RV winterization.

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