Wildwood 24RLXL: Your Ideal State & National Park Friendly Couples RV for 2023!

By Jackson Nuttall

If you’re in the market for a couple’s camping travel trailer that’s half-ton towable and perfect for exploring state and national parks, the 2023 Wildwood 24RLXL Travel Trailer might be just what you’re looking for. 

With a length just under 29 feet, it offers surprising cargo carrying capacity, making it an excellent fit for many half-ton pickups. 

24RLXL exterior

Features of the RV

  • Half-Ton Towability
  • Max Weight of 7,500 Ib.
  • Cargo Capacity of 2,000 Ib. 
  • King Bed
  • Underbelly Compartments

The 2023 Wildwood 24RLXL Travel Trailer comes with some fantastic features that make it stand out in its category. It’s designed to be towed by half-ton trucks with tow packages, and it boasts a total max weight of approximately 7,500 pounds, including cargo. 

The highlight of this RV is its impressive cargo carrying capacity, offering over 2,000 pounds for all your camping gear and necessities. Inside, you’ll find a private bedroom with an intriguing custom king-size bed, which can be converted into a standard queen bed if desired. 

24RLXL interior

There’s no shortage of storage solutions throughout the camper, including creative storage in the bedroom and underbelly compartments that are enclosed for added convenience and accessibility.

Exterior and Interior Highlights

The 2023 Wildwood 24RLXL Travel Trailer has a light and bright decor, creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. While some may prefer a different color scheme, the interior’s brightness ensures a lively and inviting ambiance. 

The RV is pet-friendly with carpetless flooring and ventless systems, making it easy to clean and maintain. With a length under 30 feet, it’s perfect for state and national parks that often have size restrictions. 

The living area offers versatility with a sleeper sofa and U-dinette that can fold down to accommodate guests, making it a flexible space for various needs.

Fine Fit and Finish Details

Although the Wildwood brand offers many great features and value, it’s essential to be aware of some minor fit and finish details. 

For example, there might be instances where trim caps or plastic parts show signs of heat expansion, but these are generally addressable and won’t affect the RV’s functionality. 

24RLXL exterior side view

While some of these little cosmetic issues may concern potential buyers, it’s crucial to consider them alongside the RV’s overall value and features.

Size Considerations and Convenience

With the 2023 Wildwood 24RLXL Travel Trailer being a couple’s camper under 30 feet in length, it is well-suited for state and national parks, offering easier access and maneuverability in tight spots. 

The inclusion of sleeper sofa and U-dinette provides additional sleeping spaces for guests, making it practical for accommodating friends or family during trips.


The 2023 Wildwood 24RLXL Travel Trailer is a fantastic option for couples seeking a half-ton towable RV for their camping adventures. With its spacious cargo carrying capacity and creative storage solutions, this RV offers a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience. 

While it may have some minor fit and finish details, the overall value and features it provides make it an excellent choice for those seeking an RV suitable for state and national park travel. 

So, if you’re looking for a well-designed, park-friendly RV, the Wildwood 24RLXL might be your perfect companion on the road. Happy camping!


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