Are RVs Really Cheaper at an RV Show?

Find out if your rv will cost less at an rv show

Nobody wants to get ripped off, especially buying something as big and expensive as an RV. So, if you’re buying in 2024 you are probably wondering, Are RVs really cheaper at an RV show? 

A show is a great time to learn and see new RVs, connect with other RVers and dealers, and shop for your next camper. Many RVs are priced to sell at RV shows, but you won’t always get the best deal at the show. 

Bish’s RV has been part of and put on more RV shows than we can count! We’ll share our insider knowledge on what goes on at an RV show and whether or not you can expect good deals. With this information you can decide if an RV show is where you want to buy your next RV. 

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Why Your RV May Cost Less at a Show

Dealers need to sell RVs in the off-season:

  • Shows are usually held during dealers’ slow season when sales are down and they need to get rid of extra inventory to make room for next year’s models. During these slow months dealers may be more willing to accept less for an RV.
  • Dealers also have less traffic and fewer opportunities to sell RVs in their dealerships during this time. They make drop their prices at a show while they have more traffic to sell more RVs quickly. 

Learn more about the benefits of buying your RV in the “off-season”

Dealers need to cover show costs and compete with other dealers:

  • Transporting RVs and show costs can be expensive. Dealers at a show may need to lower the prices on their RVs to make sure they sell enough to cover their show costs. 
  • Dealers are competitive! Dealers at an RV show are forced to compete, so even the more “boutique” dealers will drop prices to sell more RVs. 

Learn more about different types of RV sellers so you can make sure you’re getting the right dealer for you – at a show or anywhere! 

Manufacturers may help lower prices:

  • Manufacturer representatives are usually at a show. These reps often get involved in a sale to help make a good deal happen for the customer.
  • It’s not uncommon for a manufacturer to lose some of their margin on the sale to give the dealer a one-time rebate or incentive to close a sale.

TIP:  Manufacturer reps are able to provide very specific knowledge on their product, which can make a show a good time to learn about the RVs you’re interested in – even if you don’t buy it then.

Why an RV May Cost More at an RV Show:

Some dealers raise prices to cover show costs

Dealers spend a lot on advertising, transporting units, renting the space, and paying to participate in the show.

They may drop prices to sell more RVs or they may charge more than they would at the dealership to make the show worth their time and money. 

Tip: Visit or talk with a dealership before a show. Ask the salesperson about the RVs they’ll have at the show. There is a good chance they’ll be willing to charge less than show price if they won’t need to transport and use show space for that RV.

Learn more tips to get a pre-show deal on your RV!

See upcoming RV Shows and contact a Bish’s dealer to ask about pre-show prices.

It’s harder to compare prices

At a show you won’t be able to compare prices on specific brands between dealers. 

Only one dealer will usually represent the brand you’re seeing at the show. One dealer will have Jayco RVs, for example. Because only one dealer has Jayco, you can only compare prices and features of the Jayco you like with a different RV brand. 

This may make it harder to know if the price you’re getting is the best price.

Tip: If you find an RV brand that has the model or floor plan you like, you can look online to compare the cost of that RV at different dealers. If you find something for less, use this to negotiate, especially since the manufacturer is likely to get involved to help close the sale.

When you compare prices online, keep 2 things in mind: 

  1. Some dealers show low list prices upfront and add hidden fees at closing. Learn more about how to shop online for the best price and how to avoid hidden fees
  2. Some RVs have to be listed at MAP (minimum advertised price) online. You’ll need to actually contact the dealer to get their real, lower price, if it’s an RV with MAP.

Is Buying at an RV Show Best for You? 

Before you buy anywhere it can be helpful to understand what an RV costs and what factors can make yours more or less expensive

Understanding the regular price range of your RV can help you decide if buying at a show is the right choice for you. Price shopping pre-show at dealers and online can also help you know if the price you get at the show is a good deal for your RV. 

It’s also helpful to figure out what type of RV you need and what features you want it to have before you shop. Ask yourself these 10 questions to find the best RV for you

You can also download the questions, answer them, and bring them along to a dealership or show. Our outfitters can use these questions to narrow your RV search down to 3 RVs, or let you know quickly if we don’t have what you’re looking for. 

Download the 10 questions you need to ask to find the right RV for you:

answer these questions to find your next rv
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If you know what you’re looking for, you may want to check out our RV cost guides for the type of RV you’re looking to buy. This can help you make sure you get the best price for what you need. 

Is Bish’s the Right RV Dealer For You?

Reach out – we would be happy to give you specific information about pre-show RV prices at Bish’s RV. We’d love to let you in on a deal before the show, but we’d also love to see you at the shows – if that’s what’s best for you! 

We aim to be a different kind of RV dealer. We want to build a relationship with you so you can trust us with your RV needs.

Whether you buy from Bish’s RV at a show or one of our locations, you’ll get these benefits and more:

Bish's RV is different than other RV dealers, find out how
  • No hidden fees – the price you see is our low price
  • 72-hour love your RV or return it guarantee
  • Free yearly winterization, inspection & more service benefits

Learn more about how Bish’s does business to decide for yourself if we’re the right RV dealer for you. 

Exploring your options? Read the comprehensive guide on where to buy your RV to decide what’s best for you.

Next Steps to Get the Right RV for the Best Possible Price

Now that you know what you can expect from RV show prices you’ll have a good idea if the RV you see at a show is less expensive than it normally would be. 

Reach out to us at Bish’s RV with any questions about price, shows, specific campers, or anything else RV related! Our RV outfitters love to help you find the right RV for you. 

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