Best-Selling Class B Camper Vans in 2023

Find out which Class B Campervan Motorhomes are RVer's top picks

If you’ve decided the benefits of an easy to maneuver, compact Class B motorhome are right for you, then you may be wondering “What are the best Class B Camper vans?

Bish’s RV has been selling RV, including Class B motorhomes, for over 30 years. We love to use our expertise to answer all of your RV questions!

Here you’ll find the 11 best-selling Class B camper vans of the last 12 months (as of May, 2023). We’ll share the price and size range of each brand so you can decide for yourself if one of these popular Class B options is right for you and your adventures on the road!

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What is a Class B RV?

Class B RVs are motorized RVs, unlike a travel trailer or towable RV. These small motorhomes, also known as camper vans, are the ultimate adventure vehicle for weekend trips and extended getaways. They strike a balance between mobility and comfort.

Larger motorhomes may be difficult to drive, but the compact size and van chassis on a Class B allow you to effortlessly navigate city streets and winding country roads, while providing all the essential amenities needed for a memorable travel experience.

Every journey becomes an opportunity for unforgettable adventures with cozy sleeping areas, well-equipped kitchens, and compact bathrooms. Class B RVs offers you the freedom to explore and immerse yourself in nature without sacrificing the comforts of home.

Top-Selling Class B RVs in 2023

These are the 11 most registered Class B RVs in the USA over the last 12 months according to data from Statistical Survey.

1 – Winnebago Solis

Solis Camper Van Exterior
Solis Camper Van Interior

Solis motorhomes include the Solis, Solis Pocket, and Solis NPF models.

A Solis camper van offers a comfortable and flexible camping experience. Standard features include a wet bath, kitchen, Onan generator, solar panel fitted, pop-up top roof with bed, and convertible space for eating, sleeping, remote work, or storing outdoor gear make it the top option for Class B RVers in North America.

Solis Camper Van Specs:

New Price:$86,700 – $176,600
Length:17’ 9” – 19’ 9”
Height:9’ – 9’ 5”
Sleeps:3 – 4
Engine & Chassis:280-hp, 3.6L V6 gas engine
Ram ProMaster chassis

Solis RV Floor Plans:

Solis has 2 floor plan options, the 59P and 59PX:

Solis 59p Floor Plan
Solis 59px Floor Plan

Solis Pocket Floor Plan:

Solis NPF Floor Plan:

See a video walkthrough of the Winnebago Solis 59px from Josh the RV Nerd:

2- Winnebago Revel

The Revel Camper Van includes a flexible galley with plenty of storage space, versatile wet bath/gear closet and a Power Lift bed with gear garage below on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis.

Revel Class B Exterior
Revel Class B Interior

Revel Camper Van Specs:

New Price:$140,000 – $225,500
Length:19’ 7”
Engine & Chassis:3.0L 6-cylinder, 188-hp, turbo-diesel engine
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Chassis

Revel Class B Floor Plan:

Winnebago Revel Floor Plan

3- Winnebago Travato

The Winnebago Travato is a sought-after RV because of its compact size, fuel efficiency, and smart use of space. Perfect for adventurous couples, this is a comfortable and maneuverable Class B RV for both urban exploration and off-grid adventures.

Winnebago Travato Exterior
Travato Class B Interior

Travato Camper Van Specs:

New Price:$107,000 – $224,600
Height:9′ 4″
Engine & Chassis:3.6L V6 gas engine
Dodge Ram ProMaster chassis

See full Travato specs.

Travato RV Floor Plans:

Travato Class B RVs have 4 different floor plans, the 59G, 59GL, 59K, and 59KL.

Travato 59G floor plan
Travato 59GL floor plan
Travato 59K floor plan
Travato 59KL floor plan

4- Airstream Interstate

Interstate touring coaches include the Interstate 24X, Interstate 24GL, Interstate 24GT, and Interstate 19.

Airstream Interstate Class B RVs are known for their iconic design, luxurious standard features, and exceptional craftsmanship. They offer a blend of style and functionality that creates a unique and comfortable travel experience.

Airstream Interstate Exterior
Airstream Interstate Interior

Airstream Class B Interstate Specs:

New Price:$170,000 – $287,200
Length:19′ 5″ – 24′ 6″
Height:9′ 7″ – 9′ 11″
Engine & Chassis:
24X, 24GL, 24GT:3.0L V6 Turbo Diesel
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 extended chassis
Interstate 19:3.0L V6 Turbo Diesel
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 chassis

Airstream Interstate Camper Van Floor Plans:

Airstream Interstate 19 floor plan
Airstream Interstate 24GT floor plan
Airstream Interstate 24GL floor plan
Airstream Interstate 24X floor plan

5- Thor Tellaro

The Thor Tellaro camper van has a sleek and modern design, versatile floor plans, and innovative features. If you’re looking for comfort and flexibility on your journey – it may be the perfect class B for you and your weekend camping trips.

Tellaro Class B Exterior
Tellaro Camper Van Interior

Tellaro Class B Specs:

New Price:$90,000 – $156,800
Length:21′ 1″
Height:9′ 5″
Engine & Chassis3.6L Pentastar V6 gas
Ram ProMaster 3500 chassis

Tellaro Camper Van Floor Plans:

You can choose between 4 Tellaro floor plans, the 20A, 20J, 20K, and 20L.

Tellaro 20A Floor Plan
Tellaro 20J Floor Plan
Tellaro 20k Floor Plan
Tellaro 20L Floor Plan

6- Thor Sequence

Thor Sequence Class B RVs provide excellent value for your money. The spacious interior layout, and abundance of storage options make it an ideal choice for RVers seeking a comfortable and functional travel experience.

Thor Sequence Exterior
Thor Sequence Interior

Sequence Class B Specs:

New Price:$95,000 – $165,300
Length:21′ 1″
Height:9′ 5″
Engine & Chassis:3.6L Pentastar V6 gas
RAM ProMaster Chassis

Sequence Camper Van Floor Plans

You can choose between 4 Sequence floor plans, the 20A, 20J, 20K, and 20L.

Sequence 20A Floor Plan
Sequence 20J Floor Plan
Sequence 20K Floor Plan
Sequence 20L Floor Plan

7- Pleasure Way

Pleasure Way Camper Van Exterior
Pleasure Way Class B Interior

There are 7 Pleasure Way Class B options: Pleasure Way Plateau TS, Plateau FL, Ascent TS, Rekon 4×4, Ontour 2.2 AWD, Ontour 2.0 AWD, and Tofino.

Pleasure Way is known for their high-quality, luxurious, and compact van conversions that provide comfortable living spaces, essential amenities, and excellent craftsmanship for travelers seeking a premium RV experience.

With RAM, Ford or Sprinter van chassis options you can choose your preferred class B.

The Pleasure-Way Tofino also offers a lower starting price for those getting into RVing.

Pleasure Way Camper Van Specs:

New Price:$83,000 – $204,300
Height:8′ 2″ – 10′
Length:17′ 9″ – 22′ 9″
Engine & Chassis
Plateau FL, Plateau TS: 3.0L V6 BlueTEC diesel
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 Van Chassis
Ascent TS:3.0L V6 BlueTEC diesel
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Van Chassis
Rekon:3.0L V6 BlueTEC diesel
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 4×4 Chassis
Ontour 2.2 AWD, Ontour 2.0 AWD:3.5L EcoBoost V6 gas
Ford Transit 350 AWD Van Chassis
Tofino:3.6L V6 Pentastar gas
Ram ProMaster Chassis

Pleasure Way Class B Floor Plans:

Plateau FL Floor Plan
Plateau TS Floor Plan
Ascent TS Floor Plan
Rekon Floor Plan
Ontour 2.0 Floor Plan
Ontour 2.2 Floor Plan
Tofino Floor Plan

8- Thor Rize

Rize Camper Van Exterior
Rize Class B Interior

If you’re a new RVer or looking to downsize from something larger, the Thor Rize, a compact adventure van, could be an ideal choice. It offers easy stops, parking, and stress-free driving for a convenient and liberating RV journey.

Rize Camper Van Specs:

New Price:$79,800 – $146,400
Length:17′ 11″
Height:9′ 5″
Engine & Chassis:RAM ProMaster gas
Tall chassis – 1500 XT

Rize Class B Floor Plans:

The Rize camper van has 3 floor plan options: 18A, 18G, 18M.

Rize 18A Floor Plan
Rize 18G Floor Plan
Rize 18M Floor Plan

9- Thor Scope

Scope Class B RV Exterior
Scope Camper Van Interior

A Scope conversion van is a convenient and compact van that effortlessly maneuvers on the road allowing you to embrace simplicity, maneuverability, and a realm of exciting possibilities. It’s ideal if you’re looking to start RVing or need a downsized option.

Scope Camper Van Specs

New Price:$80,000 – $140,000
Length:17’ 11”
Height:9’ 5”
Engine & ChassisRAM ProMaster gas
Tall chassis – 1500 XT

Scope Class B RV Floor Plans:

The Scope Class B Motorhome has 3 floor plan options: 18A, 18G and 18M.

Scope 18A Floor Plan
Scope 18G Floor Plan
Scope 18M Floor Plan

Thor Tranquility

Tranquility Camper Van Exterior
Tranquility Class B Interior

Tranquility includes Tranquility and Tranquility Transit models.

Built on the Sprinter or Ford Transit chassis, you have options to find the best Tranquility motorhome for your needs. This RV has all the conveniences of a larger motorhome while still being easy to maneuver and park.

Tranquility Conversion Van Specs:

New Price:$104,000 – $178,700
Length:19′ 7″ – 19′ 8″
Height:10′ 1″ – 10′ 6″
Engine & Chassis:
Tranquility:Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 4×4 Diesel Chassis
Tranquility Transit:Ford Transit AWD 148-in Gas Chassis

Tranquility Class B RV Floor Plans:

The Tranquility class B RV has the 19L and 19P floor plan options.

Tranquility 19L Floor Plan
Tranquility 19P Floor Plan

The Tranquility Transit Camper Van has the 19LT and 19PT floor plans.

Tranquility Transit 19LT Floor Plan
Tranquility Transit 19PT Floor Plan

Compare the Revel, Tranquility, and Rekon Class B RVs with Josh the RV Nerd:

Coachmen Nova

Class B Nova RV Exterior
Nova Camper Van Interior

The Nova Class B RV is designed to provide a convenient and maneuverable RV experience. Check it out if you’re looking for a compact and efficient motorhome.

Nova Camper Van Specs:

New Price:$103,000 – $191,400
Length:20′ 11″
Height: 9′ 4″
Sleeps: 2
Engine & Chassis:3.6L V6, 24 valve gas 280
Ram Pro Master 3500 Chassis

Nova Class B RV Floor Plans:

Coachmen Nova Class B Camper Van comes in the 20C, 20D, or 20RB floor plans.

More Options

Need a couple more options? You may also want to consider the Coachmen Beyond camper van and Jayco’s Terrain Class B – an up and coming camper van option.

How Much Does a Class B Campervan Cost?

A new Class B costs between $60,000 to $380,000+.

The price will vary depending on the manufacturer, model, options you select, and where you buy it.

Learn more about what drives the cost of a new RV up or down.

A used Class B can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $260,000 depending on its age, condition, and general wear and tear.

What Should I Look for When I Buy a Class B RV?

Thoroughly research and compare different models, read customer reviews, and if possible, visit dealerships or RV shows to see the Class B motorhomes that appeal to you in person.

Take your time and consider the following factors to find a Class B motorhome that’s the right fit for you and your adventures:

Budget and Financing:

Determine your budget for the motorhome purchase and consider your financing options. Compare prices, features, and value for money across different models and manufacturers.

Learn more about finding the lowest price for your RV and getting the best deal on your financing.

Size and Layout:

Consider the size and layout of the Class B motorhome. Make sure your motorhome has the sleeping space, seating capacity, kitchen functionality, bathroom amenities, and storage space you need.

Chassis and Drivability:

The chassis of the motorhome is typically a Ford, RAM, or Mercedes-Benz van platform. Each has different pros and cons you’ll want to consider.

Take into account fuel type and efficiency, engine power, maneuverability, and ease of driving in various conditions.

Interior Features:

Does the van have all the interior features and amenities you want? Check the quality of appliances (stove, refrigerator, microwave, etc.), entertainment systems, heating and cooling systems, and overall comfort.

Be sure you can also access all of the controls and switches required to operate the vehicle.

Bedding and Seating:

Look for comfortable and well-designed beds or convertible seating options. Check to make sure the camper van has all the space to bring along the family or friends you plan to travel with.

Bathroom Facilities:

There are a few different types of bathrooms in Class B RVs.

Dry Bath: A dry bath has separate spaces for the shower, toilet, and sink.

Wet Bath, or Combination Bath: In a wet bath the entire bathroom area acts as a shower stall and the toilet and sink are designed to withstand water. Wet baths maximize space efficiency but may require drying the entire area after use.

Half Bath: These vans have a toilet and sink, but no shower.

Consider the convenience, privacy, and functionality of the bathroom setup before you buy.

Kitchen Facilities:

Look for a functional layout for your cooking needs.

Be sure there is a sink with hot and cold water, a stove or cooktop, a refrigerator, and sufficient storage space for your cooking utensils and supplies.

Storage Options:

Check for storage space both inside and outside the motorhome. Look in cabinets, closets, drawers, and other storage compartments. Be sure the space is sufficient for your belongings and easy to access.

Power and Utilities:

Learn about the power and utility systems of the motorhome.

Check for a reliable electrical system, including batteries and inverters, as well as a freshwater tank, wastewater tanks, and propane system.

Insulation and Climate Control:

Will you travel in the early spring, late fall, or even winter? Consider the insulation and climate control features of the motorhome.

You’ll need adequate insulation in walls and ceiling, double-pane windows, and efficient heating and cooling systems to ensure comfort in different weather conditions.

Exterior Features:

Check for any signs of damage to the exterior of the RV. Look at the condition of the roof, seals, windows, and doors.

You’ll also want to make sure it has the features you need. Things like awnings, outdoor storage compartments, bike racks, and accessibility to utilities may matter to you.

Manufacturer Reputation:

Research the reputation of the motorhome manufacturer. Look for reviews, customer feedback, and the overall reliability and quality of their products.

A reputable manufacturer often indicates better construction and after-sales support.

See the Top 10 RV Manufacturers in America and learn why some manufacturers cost more than others.

Warranty and After-Sales Support

Learn about the warranty provided by the manufacturer and the availability of after-sales support. A good warranty and reliable customer service are very valuable when issues show up – and they almost always do.

Different dealers offer different levels of after-sale support. Ask your dealer what benefits they offer customers.

When you buy your RV at Bish’s RV we include free membership to our Diamond Club which includes these after-sale perks.

Find the Right Class B RV Dealer For You

Take your time and shop around to get a feel for what’s available and what’s the best fit for you. No dealership is perfect for every RVer. Check out this comprehensive guide to the different types of RV sellers for the information you need to decide where you want to buy your RV.

If you decide to purchase from a dealership, you can find out which dealers RVers in your state choose.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re looking to buy a Class B motorhome from a dealership:

Protect Yourself From Surprise Fees

Dealers have different pricing strategies. You can learn more about why dealers have different prices on the same RVs to help you decide what type of dealership is best for you.

Some dealerships price their RVs very low and then tack on extra fees at closing time – even thousands of dollars more. Learn how to avoid hidden RV dealer fees so you don’t get trapped paying more than you budgeted.

Understand Salesperson Commission

You may also want to ask your dealer how the sales commission is paid.

Commission based on how much you pay for your RV can influence a salesperson to push you into a motorhome that is more expensive than what you want to pay or can really afford.

Some dealers, like Bish’s RV, pay commission based on how many RVs a salesperson sales. This can free the salesperson to find the best RV for you without worrying about their own bottom line.

Bish’s also uses RV Outfitters rather than salespeople. Our goal is to make sure you find the RIGHT RV. If you have any questions or want to learn more about buying a class B from Bish’s – reach out anytime. We’d love to help!

Learn some of the other ways Bish’s RV is a different kind of RV dealer.

Understand Financing

Planning to finance your Class B camper van? You’re not alone. 70-75% of buyers finance their RV purchase. Learn the ins and outs of financing an RV to make sure you get the best deal on your RV’s financing.

Next Steps to Buy a Class B RV

Now that you know the top 11 Class B brands from the last 12 months, you can decide if one of them is right for you.

At Bish’s, we want you to have all the information you need because we love RVing and love to see you find your perfect RV – even if it’s not always from us! If we do have what you’re looking for, we’d love to work with you to get you on the road making memories in your new camper van.

If you like something you’ve seen here or have more questions – reach out anytime!

Our RV outfitters are experts at matching you with your perfect RV, so if none of the Class B options you’ve seen here are the right fit, let us know and we’ll help you find a better match.

You can also browse the many Class B RVs available at our Bish’s RV locations across the country.

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