How Much Does a Class C RV Cost in 2024?

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Have you ever wondered why the prices for Class C Motorhomes swing wildly from easy-to-afford to super-expensive?

Do you know what the differences are between Class C Gas, Diesel, and Super C Motorhomes in terms of value?

If you’re considering buying a Class C motorhome, this article will teach you all the different factors that affect Class C prices, like size, construction quality and how long its been sitting on a sales lot.

Keep reading to become a Class C pricing expert so you can find the perfect match for your adventurous lifestyle without breaking the bank.

Table of Contents

What is a Class C Motorhome?

What is the Price of a Class C RV?

What Drives Class C Prices Up or Down?

Class C Price Ranges

Differences Between New and Used Class C RVs

Getting a Class C RV Loan

Next Steps to Own a Class C RV

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What is a Class C RV?  

There are 3 types of Class C motorhomes:

Class C Defining Characteristics

The 3 types of Class C motorhomes range in sizes between 21′ to 41′ long.

Perhaps the most noticeable trait of class C motorhomes is their overhead cab, which is used for storage or sleeping space.

inside view of Class C storage Cab
Class C Overhead Cab

Class C RVs also have larger holding tanks for water compared to travel trailers and usually include a generator on board.

This allows you to use the appliances in your camper without hooking up to external power and water hookups.

Class C Versatility

The size, shape and features of Class C motorhomes make them a great option if you’re wanting to camp further out in nature’s more remote areas without sacrificing comfort.

Don’t just take my word for it. See for yourself! Class C motorhomes are a top choice for adventure seekers in all parts of the world.

They’re great for both boondocking and long-distance road trips, making them one of the most versatile types of campers you can buy

Read about the Different types of Class C Motorhomes to decide which Class C is best for you.

hand-drawn drawing of class C rv

What is the Price of a Class C RV?

Class Cs — the least expensive type of motorhome — range in price from $40,000 to $300,000+.

Couple with their dog outside their Class C Motorhome

What Influences Class C Pricing?

A Class C RV’s price goes up or down based on its:

  • Age 
  • Condition
  • Desirability (Determined by factors like size, niche, gas type, and chassis)

Every RV manufacturer suggests a price for their new campers (this is called MSRP). A dealership will use the MSRP and what they believe the RV will sell for to set the final price.

A camper’s price will usually be lower than the MSRP, but some manufacturers won’t allow dealerships to advertise prices lower than the MSRP price. This is known as “MAP” pricing (minimum advertised pricing). 

How Age Affects the Price of Your Class C Motorhome:

New Class C Prices:

When a dealership determines a new RV’s list price, they’ll consider what it cost them to have on their lot and how much they can get for it. The older the RV and the longer the dealer has had it on their lot, the cheaper it will usually be.  

If a camper hasn’t sold for half a year or more, you can expect to see serious savings on that RV since the dealer usually needs to get rid of older RVs to make room for newer models.  

Used Class C Prices:

To determine the value of a used RV most RV dealerships use NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) guides for a third-party evaluation. NADA is the most reliable and trustworthy evaluation for trade-ins and campers in the RV industry.  

Note: What you see on NADA will be different from what the dealership sees because they are looking at a different (dealership) version of the website.

Pro Tip: Dealers usually see around 25-35% less value than what you see on NADA.  

Find out how much your current camper is worth.

Insider-Advice: Find out How to Get the Most Money For Your RV Trade

RV finance manager shaking hands with customer

Class C Gas RV Price Range

New: $85,000 – $200,000+  

Used: $40,000 – $100,000  

Gas Class C RVs are built on a truck chassis, basically making them a house on a truck bed. This makes your Class C easier to drive than larger motorhomes.

You’ll usually see one or more slides, an overhead bunk for sleeping space or storage, a dinette set, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and possibly a washer/dryer hookup on most Class C Motorhomes.  

Class C Gas motorhomes are the most common and least expensive type of Class C. Because they are so popular, you’ll find plenty of options in different price ranges among new and used Class Cs.

Jayco Redhawk

Winnebago Minnie Winnie

Forest River Sunseeker

Coachmen Cross Trail

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Jayco Class C RV

Class C Diesel RV (Mercedes C Class) Price Range

New: $150,000 – $200,000+ 

Used: $80,000 – $100,000+ 

Any diesel motorhome will be about 20% more expensive than your average gas motorhome — with interior luxuries to match the luxury price.  

What’s the Difference Between a Gas and Diesel Class C RV?  

The engine in a Class C diesel is more efficient — though considering the cost per gallon of diesel fuel, the overall cost to drive is similar to gas). A diesel engine is not just more efficient, it’s also more powerful, so you’ll get more towing capacity for your dollar.  

Your Class C diesel motorhome will probably have a Mercedes Sprinter chassis and engine, but there are a couple exceptions that use the more powerful Ford-F550 chassis.

The Sprinter engine is more expensive, but Class C diesel RVers say it provides a smoother ride and has fewer issues that require service.  

FYI: If you do have issues with your Sprinter chassis, it will probably cost more than a Ford to repair. A Ford engine can, more than likely, be worked on and repaired at any auto body shop.  A Sprinter may require more specialized labor.

Jayco Melbourne

Winnebago Navion

Thor Quantum Sprinter

Winnebago View

Thinking a Class C Diesel is for you? Stop Dreaming and s!

Class C diesel RV

Super C Motorhome Price Range

New: $200,000 – $300,000+ 

Used: $120,000 – $200,000+ 

Starting at 36 feet long, Super C RVs are usually larger and more spacious than your typical Class C. Super C is a more niche, diesel motorhome built with an even bigger, badder diesel-burning engine on a semi-truck-looking chassis.  

A Super C motorhome can tow upwards of 10,000 lbs. — twice the capacity of the Sprinter chassis — without the inconveniences of buying a larger-class motorhome.

If you’re looking to bring your boat, a few motorcycles, or a car, you may opt for the Super C rather than a regular Class C. Some are enormous and can tow more than 30,000 lbs.! 

Thor Magnitude

Jayco Seneca

NeXus Triumph

Newmar Super Star

Is a Super C Motorhome for you? Start Comparing Prices now!

Thor Magnitude Super C RV Motorhome

Cost Difference Between Used and New Class C Motorhome

There will be differences between brands, but most of the time an RV will lose 5-10% of its value, just by leaving the lot. As it’s owned and driven a motorhome’s age, mileage, and level of wear and tear will also impact price.  

If you take advantage of used prices, you could find a lightly used motorhome for the price of a new 2023 Class C. When you buy used, you also run the risk of inheriting any complications left by the previous buyers. This could leave you with additional costs for repairs and updates.

If you’re careful about the unit you buy, most of those bugs may already be worked out. 

Josh the RV Nerd explains the types of problems you should look out for on a used RV:

Class C RV Cost of Ownership

Keep in mind other costs like storage, insurance, taxes/registration, service, and gas when you buy your motorhome. It may cost more to store a Class C than something smaller, like a travel trailer. You’ll also need to consider the cost of gas/diesel to run your RV.    

Why Do RVs Cost More or Less at Different Dealerships?

An RV’s price will vary from dealership to dealership. Each dealership has its own strategy to sell RVs — some dealers cost more, and others cost less — and each offers different services after the sale. Whichever type of dealership you choose to do business with has its positives and negatives. Read more about dealer strategies, to know what kind of dealership is best for you.

Bish’s RV is a Volume RV Dealer which means we buy our RVs in large quantities so we can offer lower prices for our customers.

Like other volume dealers, we also need to service many units, which can become frustrating for customers when there are waits for service. We are always learning and implementing better solutions to improve your service experience and reduce the time your RV is out of commission.

We aim to provide a personalized service experience while still offering reasonably priced RVs, which is a challenge, but one we are tackling and always improving at.  

Wide shot of a class C in the mountains with sun set behind it

Why are RVs from Some Manufacturers More Expensive? 

RVs from some manufacturers are significantly more expensive than others. You’ll see big price differences between manufacturers like Newmar and Gulf Stream, for example.  

Read more about why some manufacturers are more expensive than others

Getting a Loan for a Class C RV

Motorhomes are expensive, so if you’re like most motorhome buyers, you will be looking to finance your RV. Every RV loan is different because every buyer is different.

A lot of factors go into financing your RV, but the main ones are:  

  • the price of the camper  
  • your down payment and monthly payments  
  • your credit score, credit strength, and credit history  

Read our complete guide on How to get the Best Financing Deal on Your RV Loan

FYI, the bank will likely provide a longer term length the more expensive your Class C is.

The rates and length of your loan will likely be different than you’d expect for a car loan because the bank will view your camper as an enormous, pricey toy (regardless of how much you love it). Banks will naturally assume the first payment you’ll stop making, should hard times come, is the loan on a big toy, so they provide the loan with that in mind.  

Our specialty at Bish’s RV is securing RV loans for our customers. We use several different lenders to get you the best rate, term, and overall deal to fit your budget.  

You can apply for financing with Bish’s to get a better idea what your loan and interest rate may look like.

Class C driving in the desert
The Advantages of the Diamond Club explained by Jake Bartunek

How Does Bish’s Save You Money?

Bish’s RV’s goal is to get you the quality camper you need that will last you for years to come at a great price. Even after the sale is over and you take your RV home, you’ll still have costs–both surprise costs and yearly costs.  

We know these costs can add up and take some of the fun out of RVing, so Bish’s has developed the Diamond Club to reduce your RV expenses. When you buy from Bish’s, you automatically become part of the Diamond Club and receive free annual winterizations, free annual inspections, parts and accessories discounts, labor discounts on service, and even more.  

There is no expiration date on your Diamond Club membership. As long as you own the RV you purchased from Bish’s, you will save money on these costs.  


Next Steps to Find Your Class C

With such a wide range of Class C prices, it’s important you understand what the price differences are, and why they exist in the first place. Now that you know the factors affecting the cost of a Class C motorhome, you’re ready for the next step—finding your perfect Class C.

Nothing makes us happier at Bish’s RV than being able to match a family with the perfect RV.  

We know buying an RV is a big deal, and shouldn’t be rushed—so do your research, take lots of notes, and when you find the perfect match for your family and budget—reach out, we’d love to help.  

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