Exploring the Versatile VIBE 28BHE: Your Cure for the Common Bunkhouse RV

By Koy Blanchard

In this article, we’ll dive into the unique features of the Forest River Vibe 28BHE, which we call the “cure for the common bunkhouse.”

Whether you’re an RV enthusiast looking for the perfect family camper or a solo traveler seeking adventure, the 28BHE offers something exciting for everyone.

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Inside the Vibe 28BHE Travel Trailer

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How Much Does a Forest River Vibe 28BHE Cost?

New: $35,000 – $63,000.

You can pick up a brand new 2023 Forest River Vibe 28BHE at anywhere between 

Your RV’s location, shipping, features, and availability can cause the price to vary. You can learn more about how much a travel trailer costs and why to see how these factors may impact your Vibe 28BHE.

Shop for your Vibe 28BHE Travel Trailer or ask an RV outfitter any questions you have.

2023 Forest River Vibe 28BHE Travel Trailer

2024 forest river vibe 28bhe travel trailer exterior with storage compartments
2024 Vibe 28BHE Exterior
Forest River Vibe 28BHS unique and versatile bunk house
The Vibe 28BHE has a unique bunk house

The Multifunctional VersaBunk System

The standout feature of the Vibe 28BHE is its multifunctional VersaBunk system. This innovative design in the rear bunk room allows you to customize your space.

The top bunks can be moved out of the way, revealing a spacious area that can serve as a second queen bed or fold into a daytime sofa.

This RV also has a dedicated cargo door in the back, perfect for stowing away bikes, totes, or other outdoor gear.

Vibe 28bhe cargo door
Cargo Door

Spacious and Well-Designed Interior

Vibe 28bhe interior and kitchen

This RV has a thoughtfully designed floor plan that maximizes space and functionality.

You’ll have oodles of space for all of your gear with one of the largest hidden storage centers in the industry.

The solid and sturdy design also guarantees long-lasting durability for many years to come.

The Walk Through Middle Bath

Vibe 28BHE has a walk through middle bath for added bathroom space
Vibe 28BHE Walk Through Middle Bath

The walk-through middle bath may not be ideal for everyone, but it creates added space for the full bathroom experience.

The dual entry doors allow easy access to the bathroom during road trips and convenience for when you need it most!

Camp Queen Bed and Bedroom Storage:

Vibe 28bhe camp queen bed
This Vibe model includes a camp queen bed

The front of the RV features a camp queen bed with plenty of room to move around. Unlike some RVs with cramped bedroom spaces, the Vibe 28BHE allows you plenty of room to choose your own mattress for added comfort.

The full-length cabinets on either side as well as the easy-lift under-the-bed storage gives you ample space for your clothing and belongings.

2024 Vibe 28BHE Specs & Floor Plan

Vibe 28BHE Travel Trailer camper RV Exterior
Vibe 28BHE Travel Trailer Exterior

Vibe 28BHE Specs


Hitch: 910 lbs

UVW: 7,298 lbs


Length: 38′

Height: 11’2″

Width: 96″


Fresh: 40 gal

Gray: 60 gal

Black: 30 gal

See full Vibe 28BHE Specs

Vibe 28BHE Layout

Floor Plan of the Forest River Vibe 28BHE Travel Trailer
Vibe 28BHE Travel Trailer Floor Plan Layout

Buy Your Vibe 28BHE

Now that you’ve seen this RV in action you can decide if this easy to tow, functional RV is right for you.

Not sure this is your next camper? No problem! Feel free to check out our travel trailer inventory or message one of our RV Outfitters. They’re trained to help you find the RV that’s best for your needs and budget.

Shop for your Vibe 28BHE Travel Trailer or ask an RV outfitter any questions you have.

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