What is the Price of a Brinkley RV G 3950 5th Wheel Toy Hauler?

Written by Greg Long

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Finding the Best Price for Your Brinkley RV G 3950 5th Wheel Toy Hauler

Are you looking for a 5th Wheel Toy Hauler like the Brinkley RV G 3950, but finding it hard to figure out the best price? When you only see the big price tag (MSRP) that the RV makers suggest, it’s tough to know which dealer offers the best deal.

Here at Bish’s, we’ve been selling RVs for nearly 40 years. We get it, it’s really frustrating not knowing the true best price of a camper. That’s why we want to help you understand all about these price rules and how you can still find the best price.

After reading this article, you’ll know how to get a great deal on a Brinkley RV G 3950 5th Wheel so you can decide if it’s the perfect Toy Hauler for your next outdoor adventure!


  1. What is the Price of a G 3950?
  2. What Drives the Cost Up or Down?
  3. Are there Hidden Fees When Buying a G 3950
  4. Where to Buy a G 3950

Floor Plan of G 3950 5th Wheel

How Much Does a Brinkley G 3950 Cost?

MSRP: $206,100

The MSRP price for the G 3950 is set by Brinkley RV. 

RV Dealers are only allowed to advertise the MSRP price, but you will be able to buy the G 3950 for less than the advertised price from dealers like Bish’s RV because even though it’s the “advertised price” it’s not the RV dealer’s best price.

To see a dealer’s best price, you must go to their website and click a button like this:

call to action button, "Get Show Price"

Once you click the button you will be able to see the dealers true best price for the G 3950.

G 3950 Manufacturer’s Pricing Restrictions

– MSRP Only
– Minimum Advertising Price (MAP)
– No Restrictions

All RV Manufacturers set pricing guidelines that RV dealers must follow. The G 3950 has a “MSRP Only” pricing restriction set by Brinkley.

This means RV dealers, like Bish’s, are only allowed to advertise the MSRP price. (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price — a price set by Brinkley RV) 

The actual sales price for the G 3950 at most RV dealerships will be less than the advertised MSRP price. 

Give it a try!

Go to our website, find the button, then click to see the best price.

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— OR —

Skip all of those steps and just give us a call!


Dealers are allowed to tell you their true best price if you call, text or email them as well.

Check out Josh the RV Nerd’s video review of the Brinkley RV G 3950 5th Wheel.

What Drives the Cost of Brinkley G 3950 Up?

If you’ve seen Josh the Rv Nerd’s video or read our review of the G 3950 you know just how feature-packed this prestige 5th wheel is. 

But if all of these high-end features aren’t enough for your discriminating tastes, Brinkley offers over $20,000 worth of additional options you can add to your purchase.

Optional Upgrades for the G 3950

  •  Residential Style Wire Patio Railing, Power Awning, & Steps $3,613
  •  Slideout Toppers $2,020
  •  Dual Pane Euro Square Frameless Windows w/ 6″ Openings $2,600
  • Residential 9” Memory Foam Queen Mattress (60”x80”) w/ Nightstands $428
  • FlexPower 5500 w/ Dual Fuel Inverter Generator (Gas or LP) $6,220
  • Happijac® Sofa & Bed Lift System w/ Independent Sofa Operation $4,048
  •  3x Heavy-Duty 8k lbs. Axles w/ 8k lbs. Leaf Springs w/ Disc Brakes $7,088
  • 25k Gen-Y® Executive Torsion Flex Pin-Hitch Box (Gooseneck) $399

What Drives the Cost of Brinkley G 3950 Down?

When you are buying a G 3950 from an RV dealer, there are several things you can do when you’re negotiating with the RV dealer that will lower the final price you end up paying for the camper. 

How to get a lower price on a G 3950 5th Wheel

Trade in Your RV

A sure way to pay a lower price for the G 3950 is to trade in your current camper when you are buying from an RV dealer. 

The dealers will deduct your camper’s trade value from the sale price, resulting in a lower price for the G 3950.

See the trade value of your camper now.

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RV Insider Tip: Do your research and learn How to Get the Most Money For your Trade

Finance with an RV Dealer

Most people wrongly think they will get a better deal if they pay with cash than if they choose to finance their RV purchase. 

You will usually end up getting a lower price when buying a G 3950 if you finance with an RV Dealer

Financing an RV loan gives you negotiating power when buying an RV because RV dealerships often consider the potential profits they can make when you finance through them.

When you secure a loan through the dealership, they earn money from the interest and fees associated with the financing. Knowing this can work in your favor during price negotiations.

If you decide to use available financing options, it shows RV dealers that you’re a serious buyer. This can help you negotiate a better price when buying your Brinkley G 3950.

Thinking about Financing your Brinkley G 3950?
Find out how much your monthly payments will be.

cta calculator-payment calculator

RV insider Pro-Tip: Find out How to Get the Best Financing Deal

Does the Brinkley G 3950 Have a Good Warranty? 

The Brinkley G 3950 has the industry standard 1 year limited / 3 year structural warranty PLUS a 20 year limited roof warranty.

  • Limited Warranty: Covers all the products and accessories that are part of your RV, like appliances and furniture, that were not built by Brinkley RV.
  • Structural Warranty: Covers all the main structural components in your RV that were built by Brinkley RV.
  • Roof Warranty: Covers the roof from damage caused by deterioration or dry rot

Are There Hidden Fees/Costs When Buying a Brinkley G 3950?

Watch out for Hidden Fees!

In the RV Industry, a lot of dealers will quote you a price that is super-low, but when you are signing the final paperwork you discover the actual price you are paying is a lot higher than the price they told you. 

That’s because they have fees they charge you in addition to the price of the RV.

Avoid these Hidden Fees

1. Freight/Delivery Fees
2. Prep Fees
3. Advertising Fees
4. Admin Fees

These fees can stack up to thousands of dollars. The most common undisclosed fees are freight and prep. 

This is so common in the RV industry that we put together a guide on how to avoid hidden fees.

At Bish’s RV our low price is the price. The only additional fees you pay are those that vary by state such as: Sales Tax, Document, Title and Registration. 

Once we know where you are located we would be happy to calculate those fees for you.

Remember: To see a dealer’s best price, you must go to their website and click a button like this:

call to action button "Get Show Price"

Once you click the button you will be able to see the dealers true best price for the G 3950.

Rear exterior of G 3950 with text "3000lb rated ramp door"

Types of 5th Wheels and their Costs.

There are 2 types of 5th wheels:

  1. Standard 5th Wheels
  2. Toy Hauler 5th Wheels

The Brinkley RV G 3950 is a Toy Hauler 5th Wheel. A toy hauler is a type of 5th wheel that is designed to haul motorized vehicles like snowmobiles, golf carts, motorcycles, quads, and dirt bikes — however, some people use their toy hauler’s garage space as a bonus room or remote office.

What is the Price of a Typical 5th Wheel

5th Wheel prices vary, but range from: $39,000 – $215,000

Five factors that affect the price of a 5th wheel are: 

1. Floor Plan: A fifth wheel’s floor plan is one of the greatest contributors to its cost

2. Materials: The materials used to construct an RV affect the final cost

3. Add-ons and Upgrades: Additional features will drive up the cost

4. Location and Time: Where and when you buy your Fifth wheel matters

5. Financing and Insurance: It’s important to factor these in when determining the total cost

To learn more about how these 5 factors affect price, read our comprehensive article: What is the Price of a 5th Wheel.

How does Brinkley G 3950 compare to other 5th Wheel Options?

5th wheel Toy Haulers are priced in groups (or tiers) by their features and pricing loads. Bish’s RV has 5 tiers of 5th wheel toy haulers.

The Brinkley Model G 3950 is a Prestige-Tier 5th wheel toy hauler.

To compare this Brinkley to other Prestige-Tier Toy Haulers, click Prestige below:

Pricing Tier Price Range (MSRP)
⬜ Comfort   —  Less than $54,000
⬜ Comfort+  —  $54,000 – $80,999
Premium   —  $81,000 – $107,999
⬜ Luxury   —  $108,000 – $134,999
Prestige   —  $135,000 or more

You can compare the G 3950 to 5th wheel Toy Haulers in other pricing-tiers by clicking on the links above.

Good fit/bad fit of the Brinkley G 3950

Choosing the right RV is more than just choosing the one that has the most bells and whistles. It’s important to understand whether a particular model fits your needs and preferences. 

With the Brinkley G 3950 Toy Hauler making big waves in the RV community, it’s time to decide if this prestige 5th wheel is good for you, or if it’s time to to look elsewhere.

The Brinkley G 3950 is Ideal For:

  • Luxury Seekers: The G 3950 is a pinnacle of luxury in RV design. Its over-the-top amenities, like a 14-foot garage, high-efficiency heat pumps, and a dual heating system, cater to those who want the finest living experience on wheels.
  • Tech Enthusiasts: With features like a 3000W inverter, whole-house inversion, and internet connectivity enhancements, this RV is a tech lover’s dream. It’s perfect for those who appreciate advanced features and connectivity on their journeys.
  • Big Toy Owners: If you have large toys like side-by-sides with custom wheels, the G 3950’s spacious garage and half bath design make it an ideal choice. It’s built to accommodate big toys without compromising on luxury.
  • Long-Term Travelers: The RV’s extensive cooling and heating capabilities, along with its comprehensive power system, make it suitable for long-term travelers who value comfort and self-sufficiency in various climates.

The Brinkley G 3950 is Not Ideal For:

  • Budget-Conscious Travelers: The Brinkley RV G 3950, with its high-end features and luxury amenities, comes with a price tag to match. Those on a tighter budget might find it beyond their financial comfort zone.
  • Travelers with Limited Towing Capacity: The Brinkley RV G 3950 is notably heavy, requiring a vehicle that can handle its significant weight. This makes it unsuitable for those who do not have access to a heavy-duty towing vehicle, like a duly truck
  • Small Trip Enthusiasts: For those who take short trips or don’t require extensive living space and amenities, the G 3950 might be more RV than necessary. Its size and features are tailored more towards extended living than short jaunts.
  • Solo Travelers or Small Families: Given its size and capabilities, the G 3950 might be excessive for solo travelers or small families who don’t need the vast space and extensive features it offers.
Brinkley G 3950 5th Wheel Toy Hauler

Find a Brinkley Model G 3950 Near You


You may be surprised to learn that the average distance someone travels to come to Bish’s RV for fifth-wheels is up to 200 miles. Here’s a list and view of what cities fall within this distance from our facilities.

 Map of where to buy a Brinkley G 3950

Not close enough to just pop in, NO PROBLEM, you’re not alone – People come from all over the nation to purchase from Bish’s.

We have sold RVs to customers to every state in the United States. Crazy right? It might seem crazy, especially if you see our RVs loaded on a ferry to Hawaii – but hey, it’s happened. Here’s why:


  1. Availability: Bish’s strives to carry industry leading brands and floorplans and to stock them at appropriate levels to ensure availability as much as possible

  2. Our Low Price Is the Price: While many competitors may lure you in with a really low price, but add thousands of additional dollars in charges for things like Freight & Prep.

    The price you see on our RVs is the price you pay. The only fees not represented in our prices are fees that vary by state, like Sales Tax, Registration, title and documentary fees. Once we find out what state you are from, we will gladly figure that out and get you an all inclusive price!

  3. Industry Leading 72-Hour Guarantee: – Get your RV and figure out quickly it’s not for you? No WORRIES, you can bring it back – no questions asked within 72 hours of your delivery.

  4. Exclusive BishFix RV Service: The traditional RV Service model is broken and leaves customers’ RVs tied up in service centers for far too long. Our exclusive industry-first service solution allows us to service your RV needs quickly, coast to coast and anywhere in between.

These are just the 4 main reasons people travel long-distances to buy from us.
Find out more money-saving reasons why you should buy a G 3950 from Bish’s RV.

View through the back garage door of the Brinkley G 3950

Next Steps to Buying a Brinkley G 3950 5th Wheel Toy Hauler

Now that you understand that the MSRP price of the Brinkley G 3950 is not the actual lowest price dealers are selling it for, you are ready to take the next step to find your G 3950.

At Bish’s RV, we’ve been in the RV game for years, and we’re all about making your experience as smooth as possible. Got questions? Need some guidance? We’re here for you every step of the way, helping you make choices you’ll be happy with for years to come.

Although the BrinkleyG 3950 is just being shown to the public, you are still able to pre-order one through RV dealers like Bish’s RV.

Get the Best Price

As mentioned, the MSRP is $206,100, but you can get a special introductory price if you pre-order one from Bish’s before inventory becomes available in March 2024.

Remember: To see a dealer’s best price, you must go to their website and click a button like this:

Call to action button "Get Show Price"

Once you click the button you will be able to see the dealers true best price for the G 3950.

Got Questions? We have Answers!

If you have questions to ask before you click that Get Show Pricing Button, talk to one of our outfitters. We’re always happy to answer your questions and guide you in the right direction.

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Brinkley 5th Wheel Video Reviews

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