How Much Does a Brinkley Fifth Wheel cost?

It seems as though the new kid on the RV Industry’s block, Brinkley RV, has hijacked the internet with bedazzling walk-through videos plastered across social media platforms. Like any product launch, there’s no shortage of groovy hype footage broadcasting the sleek and clean lines of the Model Z. If you’ve seen what Brinkley has to offer, you’re probably wondering, what does a Brinkley Fifth Wheel really cost?

We get it, it’s frustrating when you are eager to purchase your RV but need an accurate price range before you get too invested.

You deserve the information you need to decide if a Brinkley Fifth wheel is right for you. As a dedicated Brinkley expert at Bish’s RV, I’m here to give you answers. This article will explain what a Brinkley RV Fifth Wheel will cost and the factors that could make your RV more or less expensive, so you can decide for yourself if it’s the best RV for you.

What is the price of a Brinkley Fifth Wheel?

MSRP of the Brinkley Model Z is $100,248. MSRP of the Brinkley Model G is between $183,000 – $195,000. But is this what you’ll actually pay? 

The short answer is, in most cases no, but it depends on the type of dealer you purchase from. When you look for an RV price online you’ll probably run into MSRP and MAP pricing. 

Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. RV dealerships will use this number to determine their final price. Some dealer prices will be more than MSRP, some will actually be less. 

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) is the lowest price a manufacturer will allow a retailer to advertise for their product. Some websites will show a price that’s “too low to show.” This happens because the dealership can’t show you their lower price unless you contact them directly. 

Brinkley RVs can’t be advertised for less than their MSRP price. This means dealers are legally obligated to use this list price even though they may have an even lower price. If you reach out to a dealership they can give you a more accurate estimate. 

We always suggest shopping around to check the actual price at several dealerships.

Who is Brinkley RV?

Brinkley is owned by 5 seasoned RV MVPs. Some of these owners have devoted the past two decades to creating the most thriving brands and businesses in the industry. The 5 founders noticed a shift away from customer experience and product design in the RV industry. 

Brinkley RV’s goal is to provide great customer support and quality RVs, so you can use your RV to make lasting memories. You’ll find obsessive attention to detail in a Brinkley RV. A top-notch RV expert designs every Brinkley RV with the goal of making your RV experience unforgettable. 

What RVs Does Brinkley Make?

Currently, Brinkley RV has two fifth wheel lines. The Model Z fifth wheel and the Model G fifth wheel toy hauler.

The Model Z

The model Z is a midsize luxury fifth wheel with all the features you’d normally find in a full size fifth wheel. Production of the Model Z is in full swing and these RVs are hitting dealer lots all over the country.

The Model G

Brinkley recently revealed the prototype for the Model G. This luxury fifth wheel toy hauler is in pre-production. Brinkley plans to have units ready to deliver in May 2023.

Why the Price Difference Between a Model G and Model Z Brinkley Fifth Wheel?

A Brinkley Model Z will cost around $100,248 while the Model G is between $183,000 and $195,000. You may be wondering “Why do they have such a big price difference?”

Let’s unpack the difference:

The Model Z and G are both luxury options. But they are also two very different types of fifth wheels.

The Model Z is a mid-profile 5th wheel. Mid-profile fifth wheels are easier to tow and store, with lower height, shorter length, and a lower center of gravity for stability.

The Model G is a full-profile toy hauler. Full-profile fifth wheels have more living space and amenities but are also larger and heavier. Toy haulers are very versatile RVs. To accommodate many types of camping they’ll normally feature extra amenities and equipment. These extras can be useful, but they come at an added cost. 

Why Does the Brinkley RV Cost This Much?

Innovative design and technology, quality control measures, adding options, warranties, and dealer selection will affect the cost of your Brinkley fifth wheel. 


Innovative designs and technology make an RV more valuable and useful. They also make an RV more expensive to produce. 

You can expect innovations like these in both Brinkley RV models: 

  • Basement utility access with sliding doors & motion activated lights
  • An automotive-grade sealant package 
  • The industry’s best insulation package: (R40 Roof, R11 Walls, R40 Floors)
  • Bedroom slim rack slide system
  • Automotive style riveted wheel skirts 
  • Low-maintenance roof 
  • Reinforced & walkable slide roofs

Quality Control/Materials

Brinkley RVs use advanced technology, high-quality components, and strict quality control measures. All of which add to the cost of a Brinkley RV. 

During the manufacturing process Brinkley RVs undergo the most extensive PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) process available in the RV industry. This adds manufacturing costs to the RV, but it also increases the value of the RV to ensure you’ll receive a well-made fifth wheel.


Options give you flexibility to customize your RV, but of course, they also cost extra. You can consider these options for your Brinkley fifth wheel:

Model Z

  • Dual Pane Windows
  • Queen Bed
  • 2nd low profile A/C
  • Bedroom TV – 32”

Model G

PREMIUM BUILD OPTIONS (currently standard)

  • Flex Power 5500W dual fuel generator (gas & LP)
  • Gen II 3-season doors with G-20 tinted glass sliding doors
  • 3rd A/C
  • Happi-jac sofa & bed lift system
  • Rear deck system w/awning & steps


  • 8K lb axles w/disc brakes
  • Gen-Y torsion flex hitch (goose version) w/safety chains
  • Queen bed w/nightstands
  • Dual pane windows
  • Slide toppers


A good warranty protects against unexpected costs and gives you peace of mind. 

All Brinkley RVs offer: 

  • 1-Year Bumper-to-Bumper Transferable Warranty
    • A 1-Year Bumper-to-Bumper Transferable Warranty covers most RV components for a year and can be transferred to new owners.
  • 3-Year Structural Warranty
    • A 3-Year Structural Warranty covers the structural integrity of the RV for three years, usually excluding normal wear and tear.
  • Warranty for full-time RVing
    • A Warranty for full-time RVing provides coverage for a recreational vehicle used as a primary residence, often with extended coverage options.
  • 20-Year Roof Membrane Warranty & 25-Year Seal Warranty
  • 5-Year Limited with 1-Year No Questions Tire Warranty. 

Brinkley’s warranties demonstrate the manufacturer’s confidence in their product. They also protect you from potential defects or issues with your RV. A Brinkley may cost more upfront, but their comprehensive coverage means you can enjoy your RV with confidence.

Proximity & Dealer Type/Support

How close your dealer is to the manufacturer and the type of dealer you choose can also affect the cost of your Brinkley RV. 

Generally, the farther away from the manufacturer a dealer is located the more freight charges they’ll have to pay, and those costs will be added to your RV’s price. Ask questions of your dealer to flush out whether they will smack you with a hidden freight charge fee after purchase or if freight is already included in the advertised list price. 

Dealerships use 2 main strategies to sell RVs:  Volume and Boutique. Price tag will vary depending on which one you’re buying from. Learn more about dealer types

We suggest you ask your dealer proactive questions to determine the support they will include in their sales price, i.e., guarantees, benefits, and free services. Many dealers offer after-sale services. Taking these extra support services into account with your RV price can make a big difference long term. Click here to learn more about factors that affect the cost of an RV.

Learn more about how we care for our customers at BISH’S RV to see if we would be a good match!

Secure Your Best Price


When you buy makes a difference in what you pay for an RV. This is especially true for a newly launched product like a Brinkley fifth wheel. As demand for Brinkley RVs increases, we expect the supply to thin out and the price to increase. 

If you are considering a Brinkley fifth wheel you can pre-order your Brinkley fifth wheel [link to how to pre order] to beat the rush. 

Research the market, monitor prices, and take advantage of launch promotions while they are available to get your best price. 

We know you’re busy, so finding time to study the RV market can be overwhelming. Josh the RV Nerd creates a monthly update on the industry to save you time and help you make your buying decisions.

Keep up with RV industry tips, tricks and trends with The RV Nerd on YouTube.


You can lower the cost of your RV and save time when you trade in your previous RV. You may receive less than you could by selling the RV yourself. But you’ll also avoid the hassle of listing, showing, and haggling.

Some states tax the final price after trade in value so trading in may also lower how much sales tax you’ll have to pay. Some dealers can also accept non-RV vehicles as trade-ins towards a new purchase.

Click here to learn more about what else can drive your cost down.

How Does Brinkley Cost Compare to Other Options?

Things to Remember

Yes, Brinkley fifth wheels are a showstopper, but it’s crucial you have the information you need to get the best value. Now that you know and understand Model G and Z prices, you can decide for yourself if one is right for you.

You have a lot of options when you buy a Brinkley. Our experienced outfitters at Bish’s RV would love to help you. If you find Bish’s is a good fit for you, reach out with any questions, we’d love to help.

A Brinkley Model Z/G is not for everyone. If you’re looking for a less expensive fifth wheel option or a time-tested fifth wheel brand then a Brinkley may not be for you, and that’s ok! 

There are fifth wheel options designed to fit your needs and budget. We would love to help you find the right RV for you so you can get the right RV the first time!