The Smallest Grand Design 5th Wheel Yet! 2024 Reflection 100 Series 22RK Review

2024 Grand Design Reflection 100 Series 22RK review

Finding the right 5th wheel can be frustrating – there are a ton of options and they all have different features that are good for different types of camping. If you’re looking for a lightweight, practical option with great features check out the brand new 2024 Grand Design 100 series 22RK 5th wheel. 

Bish’s RV has been guiding RVers to their ideal RV for more than 30 years and we know that different types of RVers need different RVs. We want to take the guesswork out of picking your next RV so you don’t end up wasting money on an RV you regret.

Here you’ll find the details you need to know – and maybe a few you didn’t know you need to know – about this RV. With this review, you can decide if a 2024 Grand Design 22RK is right for you or if another 5th wheel would be best for your next camping trip 

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Inside the 2024 Grand Design Reflection 100 22RK 5th Wheel

See a full video walkthrough with Josh the RV Nerd:

How Much Does a 2024 Reflection 100 22RK Cost?

Reflection 100 series fifth wheel from Grand Design

*New Grand Design RVs have to be listed at a minimum advertised price (MAP). This means they can’t legally be listed online for less than their MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price). Contact an outfitter to get Bish’s true, lower price.

Learn more about MAP pricing and how to price shop for an RV with MAP in our article that explains the ins and outs of online RV pricing

Is The 2024 Reflection 100 22RK a Good Value?

The 100 series is full of smart features that make it a good value for a reasonable price. No, it’s not the least expensive 5th wheel, but you get a lot for your money.

You’ll also pay less for this than a Grand Design 150 series. This 100 series is similar to the Cougar Sport Series – another bang for your buck option compared to the more expensive Cougar line.

Grand Design’s RVs may be more expensive than some options, but they are also known to be well built. Read more about Grand Design’s manufacturing and inspection process for more details.  

Does Grand Design Build Good RVs? 

Why Do Some Manufacturers Cost More? 

Reflection 100 22RK Floor Plan & Specs

The blend of quality, great features, and a reasonable price make Grand Design Reflection 5th wheels the most popular 5th wheel in America.

Check out the floor plan and specs for the 22RK to see if this option is right for you. 

22RK 5th Wheel Floor Plan 

22rk 5th wheel floor plan layout
2024 22RK Floor plan

22 RK 5th Wheel Specs


UVW:6,930 lbs
Hitch:1,086 lbs
GVWR:9,995 lbs


Length:26′ 11″


Fresh Tank:55 gal.
Grey Tank:78 gal.
Black Tank:39 gal.
Sleeps:4 adults

See full 2024 Grand Design 100 Series 22RK Specs

2024 Reflection 100 22RK Interior

The 22RK interior has a modern, practical interior. You’ll find storage space and a layout that allows you to move throughout the RV with the slide closed. 

The kitchen, living and sleep space also use space efficiently, so your RV feels cozy, not cramped.

22RK interior kitchen, living, and dining areas


22RK Kitchen
  • 12V Compressor Fridge: Going off grid? This fridge isn’t dependent on propane. 
  • Under-Cabinet Outlets: Conveniently located for your kitchen appliances.
  • Full-size sink with dual purpose cover/colander
  • Overhead cabinets for extra storage
  • Spacious Countertop
  • 180 Watt Solar Panel

Living & Dining Areas

The living and dining space in the Reflection 100 Series RV is designed for convenience, comfort, and social interaction. Plus, they’ve paid extra attention to practical details like heating, storage, and using space well.

22RK Dinette

Theater seat: 

The sofa faces the dinette so you can see and talk with family and friends. 

No floor vents: 

If you’re bringing along pets, kids, or you just like an easy to clean floor – ventless floors are a big win. It’s easier to sweep and keep your vents clean. Besides, it looks better! 


The TV is mounted pretty high up. The space below the TV is empty, so you could possibly add a drop-down TV mount if the higher up TV is a problem for you.

Storage and Utility Spaces: 

This 5th wheel has extra cabinets to store your stuff. Since the slide-out is on the smaller end, this is even more helpful.  

The overhead cabinet in the living space also has a power outlet beneath it. 


2024 22rk main bedroom
22RK Main Bedroom
  • True, 60” x 80,” queen-size bed with plenty of space to get around the bed. 
  • Storage! Including a large closet and dresser drawers down to the floor, so you’ll have room for your clothes and necessities.
  • TV hookup in the bedroom if you want to install a TV
  • Convenient charging and power for your devices with USB plugs in a small shelf above the bed
  • Windows on both sides for a nice cross-breeze and more natural light
  • The main AC unit is a 15,000 BTU, centrally ducted system. It’s also wired for 50 amp service, so it could support a second air conditioner, if you need one for the bedroom. 
  • Watch your feet! There is an extra step, or, as Josh says an “ankle breaker step of death.” This step is actually needed to make the upper deck structure stable. So, it may not be ideal, but it makes the overall RV better and safer. 


Grand Design Reflection 22RK Bathroom
22RK Bathroom


Plenty of headroom in the 22RK shower! Josh is over 6’ tall and still had plenty of headroom.

The shower is rectangular so you’ll have more elbow room in the shower, especially compared to the more standard radius RV showers. 

You’re probably used to seeing a skylight in an RV shower – but not this one! Instead of a skylight the bathroom uses recessed lighting. Cutting the skylight cuts down the risk of roof leaks/seal issues. It also means the temperature in your bathroom will be more like the rest of the RV – instead of getting too hot or too cold. 

Sink & Counter Space

Here you’ll find a large sink with a good amount of counter space. This also leaves room for extra drawer storage below. 

Bathroom Heat Vent

Just above the floor you’ll find a heat vent. This will keep your bathroom warm, even when it’s chilly out. 


This porcelain foot flush throne is not crowded. RVers come in all shapes and sizes and this is a comfortable fit for most. Well done, Grand Design. 

100 RK 5th Wheel Exterior Features

  • Solar Panel and Controller: The 22RK includes a 180-watt solar panel on the roof, and a 60 amp MPPT solar charge controller for expanded solar capacity – if you choose.
  • Tires and Suspension: This RV uses Goodyear endurance radials and includes a MORyde suspension upgrade package to improve your ride quality and how this 5th wheel handles the road.
  • Towing Package: A 3,000 lb towing package on the back of the RV adds to its utility and functionality.
  • Pass-Through Storage Compartment: The full pass-through storage includes forced air heating and TV hookups. Versatile and convenient! 
  • Gas Grill Quick Connect included for outdoor cooking
  • Auto-Leveling System: The auto-leveling control system is easy-to-reach, but high enough to avoid accidental damage.
  • Docking Center
  • Dual sewer system: We call this the “two-headed sewer monster.” It has separate gray tank outlets for the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Battery Disconnect and Storage Mode Features: The RV includes a battery disconnect system to prevent your battery draining when the RV is in storage mode.
  • Roof Designed for More Solar: The roof is built to support more solar panels if you want to add more.

Road Mode:
Towing & Travel Access in a 100 22RK

What You Need to Tow a 22RK:

You may be able to tow this smaller, more versatile 5th wheel with a half-ton truck. But, a ¾ ton truck will be an even more comfortable fit. Always find out what your truck can tow and handle before you buy a 5th wheel. 

Check out Josh’s video guide to figuring out what you should tow, for more info:

Can You Access a 100 22RK With the Slides In?

The slide in floor plan has been reworked to allow access to the bedroom and bathroom when the slide is closed. The travel access is a standout feature for this RV. If you plan to be on the road quite a bit, you’ll likely appreciate the travel layout. 

Pros and Cons of a Reflection 100 22RK 5th Wheel

Overall the Reflection 100 Series as a well-rounded RV with many features that make it especially usable. But, no RV is perfect for every RVer, so you’ll want to consider the pros and cons before you decide if this RV is what you’re looking for. 


  • Light Weight with Plenty of Cargo Capacity: This weighs less than 7,000 lb dry and has about 3,000 lb of cargo carrying capacity. For an RV of this type, it’s relatively lightweight, but still able to carry a significant load.
  • Great Travel Access: The closed slide still allows access to the bedroom and bathroom. This is a unique feature not usually seen with this floor plan on other RVs.
  • Solar Power Included: The 180-watt solar panel and 60 amp MPPT controller support off-grid camping and there’s room for more solar.
  • Auto Leveling: Even though this is a more budget-friendly model, it still includes an auto-leveling system. A notable feature for an RV in this class!
  • Interior Layout: The social seating arrangement and practical kitchen and bedroom designs emphasize comfort and function.
  • Pass-Through Storage: A full pass-through, heated storage compartment with TV hookups is convenient and usable.
  • Possible Half-Ton Towing: With less than 1,100 lbs of hitch weight, it may be suitable for some half-ton trucks.


  • High TV Placement: The high-mounted TV might not offer the best viewing angle, although there is potential to swap for a drop down mount.
  • Bedroom Storage Access: Some of the storage in the bedroom might require a step stool to access. The higher cabinets may especially be hard to access if you aren’t very tall.
  • Dual Sewer System: The dual sewer system (“two-headed sewer monster”) could complicate your setup and maintenance processes.
  • Exterior Sewer Hose Storage: The placement and necessity of a sewer hose caddy tube may not appeal to you.

Is This the Right 5th Wheel for You?

The 22RK is a good fit if you want: 

Full access with the slide-in: If you’re on the road a lot or just want to be able to get to the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, this is a great option. 

To go off-grid: The 180-watt solar panel and a 60 amp MPPT controller make it possible to get off-grid when you camp. 

To use a smaller truck: If you don’t have a heavy-duty tow vehicle and don’t want to put too much burden on your truck, the 22RK’s lower hitch weight and lighter design may be the right answer.  

Comfort and amenities at a reasonable price point: With higher end features like auto-leveling, the thoughtful interior layout, ample storage, and comfortable sleeping arrangements – this 5th wheel hits a high-value sweet spot for many 5th wheel buyers. 

To camp with your kids or pets: The vent-free floors make this safer, and easier to clean. A great combo for pet owners or families on the go. 

Practicality over luxury: The focus of this RV is more on essential features and efficient use of space than luxury additions. If you’re practical-minded and need the necessities without a lot of frills, this may be your RV. 

This RV is not ideal for: 

First-time RV owners: The RV’s features, such as the dual sewer system and the specific towing requirements, might be overly complicated if you’re starting to RV. 

RVers wanting ultra-luxurious features: If you’re looking for high-end luxury you might find this RV’s focus on essential and practical features a bit underwhelming.

Large families or groups: This RV sleeps 4 adults, so it might not be spacious enough for very large families or groups who need a lot of living and sleeping space.

Owners of smaller, less capable tow vehicles: Yes, it’s lighter weight, but the 22 RK still requires a truck with a decent towing capacity. If you own a half-ton, it may be possible to tow this RV. But, if you have a smaller truck, this isn’t a good fit. 

A more traditional camping experience: Nothing wrong with being a little old school! If you like a little less technology and fewer amenities while you’re in nature, you may find this RV a little too much for your taste.

A tight budget: While this 5th wheel is a good price for the features, it still includes some advanced features like auto-leveling and a solar power system that might put it out of reach if you’re on a tight budget. You could consider a less expensive 5th wheel, a travel trailer, or wait to buy if this is out of budget. 

Similar RVs

If the 22RK is close, but not quite right you may want to consider these RVs: 

23LDE Grand Design Imagine Travel Trailer:

The Reflection 100 series is a lot like the 23LDE Imagine, just on a 5th wheel platform. If you like the features you’ve seen here but are leaning toward a travel trailer, check out the Imagine.

23LDE exterior
23LDE interior
Imagine 23LDE Floor Plan

See full 23LDE Specs or browse Imagine 23LDE campers for sale.

Read these to decide whether a 5th wheel or travel trailer would be better for you:  

Which is Best: 5th Wheel vs. Travel Trailer

The Differences Between Grand Design 5th Wheels and Travel Trailers

Cougar 5th Wheel:

The Keystone Cougar is the 2nd most popular 5th wheel brand. If you want to shop around, check out their 2024 lineup for more options. 

Cougar Sport 5th Wheel
Cougar Sport Interior
shop for a 2024 cougar 5th wheel

Arcadia 5th Wheel

Arcadia, another Keystone brand, may also have options you’ll want to consider. 

Arcadia Super Lite 5th wheel
Arcadia Super Lite Interior
buy a keystone arcadia 5th wheel rv

How to Buy Your 2024 Reflection 100 22RK

Finding the right lightweight 5th wheel at a good price can be a challenge. Now that you know the details of the 2024 Grand Design 100 Series 22RK you can decide if this high-feature, high-function RV is right for you. 

The perfect RV for you is the one that feels like home, wherever your journey takes you. If the 22RK has sparked your interest, or you’re curious about other options we’re here to help.

Have you decided this is the RV for you? Take a look at our 3011CK inventory or swing by Bish’s RV, send us a message, or visit to take the next step to find and buy this or another RV.

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