Catalina’s Expedition Series: Adventure-Ready and Feature-Packed!

By Aaron Brunson

Josh the RV Nerd is back with a sneak peek at the newly revamped Expedition Series from the Catalina lineup. You might have heard about the Summit 7 Series, which is all about budget-friendly, single-axle trailers. But now, get ready to dive into the world where the fun factor goes up another notch!

This is a brand new model and not a ton of information has been released yet, but you can get update alerts from Coachmen! Or you can shop similar models below:

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Table of Contents:

A Sleek New Look

The Expedition Series comes with a cool twist – say goodbye to the old tin skin and hello to the sleek fiberglass exterior. It’s not just any fiberglass; it’s a rugged hung fiberglass, kind of like what you’d find on a Cherokee Wolf Pup Black Label. This change not only makes your RV look smexy but also makes it incredibly hail-resistant and a breeze to clean.

192BHS Exterior

Plus, it comes with a built-in bike rack up front and a kayak rack on the roof.

192BHS roof

Sure, you can remove them if they’re not your thing, but these are factory standard features that scream “Let’s have some fun!” While this rig might not be your go-to for rock crawling, it’s perfect for those well-established off-road adventures.

192BHS Layout


Weights and Measurements

Empty4,536 lbs
Cargo1,246 lbs
Max 5,838 lbs
Hitch638 lbs
Fresh44 gal
Gray30 gal
Black30 gal

Powered for Adventure

The Expedition Series is equipped with 200 watts of solar power on the roof and a 1000 watt inverter. It gives you just the right amount of juice to power household outlets for lights, fans, and more. Plus, the carpetless interior makes for easy cleaning, so you can leave the stress of the mess behind and focus on your adventure.

Room for Improvement

While this RV offers tons of value, there are a few areas that might need some tweaking. The kitchen counter space is on the small side, but you can always use the spacious dining table nearby for prep work. Plus, there’s only one drawer in the kitchen, which might leave some of you wanting more.

192BHS Kitchen

Convenient Features

The Expedition Series packs in some neat extras, like an inverter remote, a multitude of household and USB plugs, and handy storage organizers. It’s the little things that can make a big difference in your RV experience.

Bedroom Innovation

The Expedition Series features a Murphy sofa that cleverly converts into a bed. And guess what? You can leave it down even with the slide closed during transit. Plus, there’s room to upgrade to a queen-sized bed if you desire.

Bathroom and Shower

The bathroom comes with a nifty shower water recycler system for dry camping, helping you make the most of your fresh water. It’s the little details that make a difference, like the towel hook hanger on the door. Check out the staple Josh toilet and shower photos below. Keep in mind, Josh is over 6 feet tall!

Added Bonus! Check out the exterior’s changing lights!

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Catalina Expedition Series offers adventure seekers a fantastic option for hitting the road with style and functionality. It’s loaded with features and options, making it an excellent choice for those who crave outdoor fun and comfort in a compact package.