2024 Transcend 321BH Travel Trailer Review

By Jackson Nuttall

If you’re on the hunt for a family-friendly and creatively designed RV, look no further! The 2024 Transcend 321BH Travel Trailer by Grand Design RV breaks the mold with its smart bunkhouse layout and innovative features. 

There’s plenty of storage and private bunk spaces in this bath-and-a-half model. The 321BH is sure to impress taller people and families alike. Let’s dive into the exciting features that make this camper stand out from the crowd.

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Full Video Walk Through of the Transcend 321BH

See inside the 321BH with Josh the RV Nerd

Transcend XPLOR 321BH Price

MSRP: $44,595

Grand Design requires their new RVs to be listed for MSRP online. Most dealers’ actual prices will be lower than the list price.

We recommend emailing, calling, or visiting several dealers to get a more accurate price range.

Tip: When you’re price shopping ask for the out the door price to make sure your dealer doesn’t raise the price with hidden fees at closing.

Feel free to reach out to Bish’s for our out-the-door price on the Transcend 321BH.

Grand Design 321BH Specs


776 lbs


7,735 lbs


9,295 lbs







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Smart Bunk House Floor Plan

The Transcend 321BH’s bunkhouse is a game-changer for families.

Grand Design took the traditional concept of a rear bunk slide-out and reimagined it with a focus on functionality and storage. 

Transcend 321BH layout
2023 Transcend 321BH Floor Plan 

The true queen bed is a rare gem in travel trailers, offering parents a comfortable resting place.

The living room has plenty of space and storage, avoiding the cramped feel often seen in bunk models. Instead of the standard entertainment center, this model has a direct-facing entertainment area, making it a haven for quality family time. 

2023 Transcend 321BH kitchen
321BH Kitchen & Living Space

Private Bunk Space

One of the RV’s highlights is its L-shaped bunk configuration, which is perfect for accommodating bigger kids or adult family members. 

The longer bunk beds can comfortably sleep taller folks without sacrificing space or comfort.

8′ Long Bunks

2023 Transcend 321BH Bunk

Bunk House Half Bath

The small half bath in the bunk house is a game-changer, especially when you’re camping with multiple people. 

No more waiting in line for the bathroom; the bath-and-a-half design adds a touch of luxury and convenience.

Thoughtful Storage Solutions

Grand Design carefully planned the storage in this Transcend Xplor!

Grand Design didn’t hold back when it came to storage in the Transcend 321BH. 

You’ll find:

  • Shoe Garage
  • Wastebasket Space
  • Deep Open-Face Linen Tower 

Throughout the RV, you’ll find purpose-made spaces like a clutter cutter shoe garage by the door, a large wastebasket space under the kitchen sink, and cleverly designed dresser drawers in the bedroom. 

Even the bathroom features a deep open-face linen tower, perfect for keeping your essentials organized.

Transcend Xplor 321BH Stylish Exterior

The Transcend 321BH’s exterior is as impressive as its interior. Its unique style sets it apart from traditional stick and tin campers. 

The use of thicker corrugated aluminum enhances the appearance and makes this RV more impact and dent-resistant, adding durability to your investment. 

The factory-installed solar package with a 165-watt roof panel and 25-amp charge controller also provides eco-conscious campers with an excellent power option.

321BH Exterior Features

The Transcend 321BH is designed to make your camping experience more enjoyable and comfortable. 

  • The outdoor kitchenette has a two-burner cooktop so you can prepare meals while enjoying the fresh air.
  • The included garden hose sprayer near the license plate bracket allows for quick cleanups after a day of outdoor fun. 
  • The ladder on the back of the RV provides easy access to the roof, making maintenance tasks hassle-free.

Buy a Grand Design Transcend 321BH Camper

The 2024 Transcend 321BH travel trailer by Grand Design RV is a creative and well-thought-out RV that caters to families and especially taller RV users!

Its brilliant bunkhouse design, private bunk spaces, bath-and-a-half model, and smart storage solutions make it a top choice for families seeking a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience. 

With its unique exterior and functional features, the Transcend 321BH is a true game-changer in the world of RVs. 

So, why wait? Upgrade your camping adventures with this exceptional travel trailer and create lasting memories with your loved ones. Happy camping!