Rockwood 2622RK & Flagstaff 526RK: A Review of Two Popular Rear Kitchen Fifth Wheels

Josh the RV Nerd’s review of the Flagstaff 526RK

Forest River Rockwood 2622RK & Flagstaff 526RK

In this blog article, we will be providing a review of two popular fifth wheel models: the Rockwood 2622RK and the Flagstaff 526RK. Rockwood and Flagstaff are both brands built by Forest River in the same factory with the same parts, so other than the colors of materials, they are built the exact same.

Flagstaff 526RK

These models offer unique features and designs that cater to the different preferences and needs of RV enthusiasts. We’ll cover various aspects of these fifth wheels, including their storage capacity, kitchen amenities, suspension system, and more. So, let’s dive in and explore the features and benefits of the Rockwood 2622RK and Flagstaff 526RK!

Storage Capacity

The Rockwood 2622RK and Flagstaff 526RK are both rear kitchen models that do an incredible job of providing ample storage space throughout the RV. The rear kitchen has a massive amount of cabinet space to store all your kitchen supplies.

In addition to the large storage compartment found in the front of these fifth wheels, the Rockwood 2622RK and Flagstaff 526RK have storage compartments outside.

  • Behind the fridge. This compartment is quite tall if you need a place to store something like golf clubs.
  • Behind the fireplace. Accessible on the door side
  • Beneath the dinette. Only available if you get the dinette.

All this extra storage gives you plenty of room to store your camping supplies.

Additional Storage Behind the Fridge and Beneath the Dinette

However, it’s important to note that since most of the storage is located behind the axles, items stored in these areas may experience more bouncing during transit. That being said, Rockwood and Flagstaff, have implemented improved construction and engineering methods to minimize this issue.

For example:

  • These models feature a tour flex suspension system, offering a smoother ride and enhanced handling.
  • This RV is shorter so there is much less hanging off of the back.

For those planning long trips, these fifth wheels are excellent options, as they offer plenty of storage capacity to accommodate all your belongings.

Kitchen Amenities

Both the Rockwood 2622RK and Flagstaff 526RK boast some impressive kitchen amenities. These models feature an abundant amount of pocket-screwed cabinetry, maximizing the storage potential of the RV. 

Huge Kitchen with Tons of Counter Space and Cabinet Storage

You’ll find a generous amount of solid surface countertop space, allowing you to prepare meals with ease. The kitchen in these models are equipped with:

  • 3 different pop-up power outlet towers, ensuring convenient access to appliance outlets and USB plugs throughout the kitchen.
  • A large farm style sink with drying racks
  • A larger 22-inch oven
  • A spacious residential sized microwave

All these features help make cooking and food preparation a breeze.

Additionally, these RVs come with a 12-volt DC compressor fridge that provides travel-safe, fast-cooling cold storage. As a bonus, the fridge remains accessible even when the slide-out is closed, making it a traveler-friendly feature.

The dinette in these models is directly across from the TV, which some people may not like. To overcome this issue Rockwood and Flagstaff have made it so the dinette can be swapped for a large theater seat. This can provide you with a more comfortable seating arrangement.

With these options available, it’s left up to you to decide which configuration suits your needs best.

Dinette and Sofa

Bedroom and Bathroom Features

The bedroom in the Rockwood 2622RK and the Flagstaff 526RK comes with a 60 by 80-inch true queen bed, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep. However, due to the configuration of the bedroom, it cannot be swapped out for a king bed.

The bedroom includes bedside stands on both sides of the bed with easy outlet access and overhead dresser storage.

Bedroom in the Flagstaff 526RK

The bathroom features a porcelain foot flush toilet, a radial shower area with excellent headroom, and a shower Miser system, which recycles water until it reaches shower temperature when boondocking.

It is important to note that while the shower does have great headroom, the elbow room is a little tight.

The Rockwood 2622RK and Flagstaff 526RK also offer a bedroom closet and a bathroom cabinet combo slide. This provides ample storage for your clothes while you’re out traveling.

It’s also important to note that in road mode, you can still get in and out of your bed and bathroom even with the slides closed.


In conclusion, the Rockwood 2622RK and Flagstaff 526RK are exceptional fifth wheel models that offer a host of impressive features. With their spacious storage capacity and well-equipped kitchens these RVs provide an enjoyable and comfortable camping experience.

Whether you’re a full-time traveler or a weekend adventurer, the Rockwood 2622RK and Flagstaff 526RK are reliable choices.

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