Modern Trailer Sales is now Bish’s RV – Why the local Kinsey family chose Bish’s RV to carry on the 70 year legacy

Indianapolis, Indiana is a wonderful place to call home if you’re someone who enjoys spending time in nature, The area’s breathtaking natural scenery, lakes and forests provide limitless opportunities for outdoor exploration.

RVs have become the preferred camping choice for many outdoor enthusiasts in Indiana. They provide a convenient and thrilling way for families to enjoy the state’s natural beauty.

But let’s face the facts. RVs can be expensive. It’s getting harder and harder for outdoor-loving families in Indiana to decide if they are able to buy an RV.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an RV dealer in Indiana who put people over profits and actually sold campers at prices Indiana families could afford?

Great news! There is!

Modern Trailer Sales, located in Anderson, Indiana, is a family-owned RV dealership that is committed to the goal of providing affordable RV camping experiences for families. Known as the oldest RV dealership in Indiana, they’ve been helping families find great campers at great prices for more than 70 years. That’s a long time!

Recently Modern Trailer Sales made the decision to become part of a larger family-owned business —and will soon be known as Bish’s RV of Indianapolis.

Modern Trailer Sales in Anderson, Indiana

The Search for Affordable RVs

If you’re a loyal Modern Trailer Sales customer, you may be thinking, “That’s terrible news! Why is Modern Trailer selling out and joining a large RV Chain Dealership?” I know I’d be thinking that — if I didn’t know all the amazing similarities between Modern Trailer and Bish’s RV.

Did you know that both Modern Trailer Sales and Bish’s RV got their start because their founders were searching for affordable Rvs so they could go camping with their families?

True story.

From Boating Enthusiasts to RV Experts

Ma and Pa Kinsey’s Trailer Court

Way back in 1951 Charles and Voleta Kinsey, or as everyone lovingly called them, “Ma & Pa Kinsey” opened a small mobile home park and café in Anderson, Indiana, helping folks find affordable housing.

Outside of work, Ma and Pa Kinsey really enjoyed boating their local lakes together, but eventually, they had “been there; done that.”

They wanted to explore new lakes and see more of Indiana. So, they thought, “Hey, why not get a travel trailer to make our adventures even more epic?”

But here’s the twist – to get the one they really wanted at a price they could afford, they had to become distributors — and buy not one or two, but three trailers! Talk about seizing an opportunity, right? They kept one for themselves and put the other two up for sale at their mobile home park.

And guess what? People went absolutely bonkers for those travel trailers! The demand skyrocketed like snow cones in the desert. That’s when the Kinsey family decided to say farewell to mobile homes and dive headfirst into selling RVs for good.

Modern Trailer Sales was born, marking the beginning of their extraordinary journey as RV dealership owners.

An Old School View of the Modern Trailer Sales RV Lot

Keeping RVs Affordable in Indiana

For more than 70 years Modern Trailers has been helping Indiana families find quality campers at affordable prices. Their incredible journey from a tiny mobile home park to becoming the oldest RV dealership in Indiana shows just how devoted they are to making your camping dreams a reality.

As economic conditions become more challenging Modern Trailer sees a great opportunity to keep their camper prices low by joining forces with Bish’s RV. They both have similar histories. They both are family-owned — and together they can bring you great campers at great prices.

You can read about Bish’s similar affordable RV search story in what we jokingly refer to as our Bishtory, as well as in the Wayfinder RV Origin story.

RVs Bring Families Together

The Family that Works Together, Stays Together

Ma & Pa with Ron and Brenda Kinsey, receiving a Community Excellence Award

Ma and Pa’s son, Ron Kinsey, practically grew up in the business, learning the ins and outs since he was a little kid. Ron had plans to attend Purdue University, but circumstances led him to stay in Anderson and work full-time at the dealership. And boy, did he make an impact!

Ron and his wife Brenda took the reins of the dealership, working tirelessly to grow the business by leaps and bounds. From operating on a mere 4 acres of land, they expanded Modern Trailer Sales to occupy over 20 acres. Talk about some serious growth!

As the business flourished, they realized the need for additional support. That’s when their daughter, Tami Sturgeon, agreed to step in and lend a hand while she was on summer break from her job as a teacher. But guess what? She fell in love with the dealership and never left!

But the story doesn’t end there. Ron’s other daughter, Christy Kirk, also joined the team during a challenging time after a blazing fire ravaged the property. Just like her dad and sister before her, she found her place in the dealership and stayed for good. Today, Christy is at the helm of sales operations, leading the charge and ensuring that Modern Trailer Sales remains a force to be reckoned with.

Sharing Family Values

At Modern Trailer Sales, you’re not just another customer. You’re part of the family. Just like Bish’s RV, they understand the importance of your camping dreams and work tirelessly to make them a reality.

Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joys of camping without breaking the bank.

When the Kinsey family and Modern Trailer join forces with Bish’s RV, you will get access to a bigger selection of campers at prices that fit your budget. Your family just got bigger!

The Kinsey Family: 3 generations of serving RV Families in Indiana

The Value of Values and Putting Others First

The Golden Rule: A Key Value at Modern Trailer Sales

Bish’s RV has been around for over 30 years. Modern Trailer is more than double our age— being in business for over 70 years. Wow!

When we got a chance to sit down with Modern Trailers we had to ask, “What’s the secret to your 70 years of success?” The answer was quite simple: They are committed to following the Golden Rule: “Treat others as you would want to be treated.”

Tami Sturgeon, emphasized, “The Golden Rule has always been our compass. We believe in treating our employees, customers, and everyone we encounter the way we want to be treated.”

This value has been at the core of their operations since day one, shaping their interactions with people and fostering a culture of respect and kindness.

The Kinsey Family understands the importance of the people who contribute to the dealership’s success. Their leadership style is rooted in servant leadership, where their primary role is to support and provide for their team.

The Impact of Female Leadership at Modern Trailer Sales

Ma Kinsey, Strong Woman, Big Heart

This philosophy has been upheld by Modern Trailer’s strong women leaders, starting with Ma Kinsey, who played an active role in the business for many years.

In the 1980s, Ron’s wife, Brenda, became deeply involved in the dealership, not only handling bookkeeping and administrative duties but also personally connecting with every employee and their families.

This tradition continues today with Tami and Christy, who carry forward the legacy of prioritizing the well-being of their employees. The people who work at Modern Trailer Sales can attest that the Kinsey family genuinely cares about their interests and supports them in every way possible.

Tami and Christy will continue to take care of their employees and their customers when they become Bish’s RV of Indianapolis.

Modern Trailer Sales Becoming Bish’s RV

When the Kinsey family began looking for a partner to grow their business with they had several offers from larger RV companies, but they turned these offers down. They only wanted to work with a family-owned dealership that shared the same values and was just as committed to serving others.

Bish’s RV was a perfect fit.

Christy Kirk explains why Modern Trailer chose to team up with Bish’s RV. “It was never about who could help us make more money. Our family is about people, not profits. We asked ourselves who could help us serve our customers better. When we saw how closely Bish’s RV shares the same values and commitment to serving others, we knew we wanted to be part of their team.

What Can You Expect when Modern Trailer Become Bish’s RV?

More Choice, Lower Prices

Bish’s RV is a family-owned large-volume RV dealer. When Modern Trailer Sales becomes Bish’s RV of Indianapolis they will gain access to a wider selection of campers. More campers for Modern Trailer means more choices for you.

And because Bish’s RV has the buying power to purchase lots of campers at one time, we’re able to get big price breaks on our purchases— and then pass these savings onto you. You can expect to see some great money-saving deals at Modern Trailer Sales.

Bish’s also has strong relationships with RV manufacturers, allowing us to offer amazing financing options, warranties, and even after-sales services to ensure a smooth RV ownership experience for the lifetime of your camper.

Different Name, Same Values

When Modern Trailer becomes Bish’s RV of Indianapolis, the name will be different but you can count on seeing the same great people and receiving same great service.

When asked what Modern Trailer Sales will look like once it becomes Bish’s RV, Tami replied, “I guess the store sign will be different. And we’ll have more campers for our customers to choose from. But other than that — we’ll still be here when you need us.”

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