The 3 Things Creepy RV Dealers Won’t Ever Promise

Written by Greg Long

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There is graphic text that says-- "How to tell if your RV Dealer is a Creep."

Are you ready to buy an RV but getting weird vibes from the dealer? 

Wondering how to distinguish honest dealers from scam artists? 

This article will reveal the THREE BIG PROMISES you should have every RV dealer make before you do business with them. If they can’t make any of these promises, it may be time to look somewhere else.

After reading this article, you will know how to spot reputable RV dealers, so you can buy from the ones who share your same values – and avoid the ones who want to nickel and dime you for as much of your money as they can get.

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Every RV Dealer Should Promise You 3 Things:

  1. No Hidden Fees
  2. Nationwide Repairs and Maintenance
  3. A Solid Return Policy

If a dealer hesitates to promise these three essentials, you’re not getting your money’s worth. 

Sure, you might snag a camper at a seemingly unbeatable price, but the real costs emerge later—hidden fees, slow repair times, and expensive maintenance can quickly overshadow the initial savings. 

While a lower upfront cost might seem appealing, remember that without getting dealer promises, you most likely will pay more in the long run, both in money and convenience.

Promise 1: No Hidden Fees

When you’re excited about buying a new camper, the last thing you want is unexpected costs that weren’t part of the deal. 

The RV industry is well-known for the bait and switch tactic of getting shoppers in the door with a low price and tacking on thousands of dollars of fees when you’re trapped in a closing situation. 

That’s why honest RV dealers make a clear promise: no hidden fees. This means the price you see is the price you pay. No surprises.

guy holding a giant magnifying glass enlarging text that says hidden fees

Hidden fees can come in many forms:

  • extra charges for paperwork 
  • undisclosed service fees
  • added costs for basic accessories that you thought were included. 

These unexpected expenses can quickly turn what seemed like a great deal into a financial nightmare.

Dealing with a dealer who is transparent about costs not only helps you plan your budget accurately but also builds trust. 

It shows the dealer values honesty and customer satisfaction over quick profits. 

Don’t get scammed!
Read our article on How to Avoid Hidden Fees


RV clip art with text- the low price is the price

Bish’s RV will never hide the “true” price of our RVs as a tactic to get you in the door only to spike up the RV’s price with hidden fees to cover our backsides during closing.

You can come to any Bish’s location and know that the price you’ve seen already includes the costs we need to cover – including getting the RV to our store, prepping it for you to buy, etc. 

Our low online price may not always be the lowest list price you can find, but you can always trust it is our real, no-scam price.

Read our guide on how online RV prices work so you can get the best final deal no matter where you shop.

Bish’s Can Sell Your Camper!

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Promise 2: Nationwide Repairs and Maintenance

Low prices are great, but the real value comes from what happens after you buy your camper. 

You shouldn’t have to worry about lengthy waits for repairs or struggle to find service if you’re far from where you purchased your RV. 

A trustworthy dealer will guarantee that you can get your RV repaired anywhere in the country, even if you’re far from one of their dealerships. Even better, starting those repairs should be as easy as making a phone call.

travel trailer with side wall removed. See inside the trailer.

Imagine having access to certified RV technicians ready to help you troubleshoot any issues right over the phone. On top of that, consider the benefits of free winterizations and annual inspections to keep your RV in top shape. And if parts are needed for a repair, you should expect a discount.

If a dealer can’t promise fast nationwide repairs and maintenance, along with price reductions on parts, you might want to consider looking elsewhere. 

After all, the price you pay should cover not just the RV itself, but also the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive aftercare.


At Bish’s, we believe you should spend less time in the repair shop and more time camping in your RV. That’s why we promise fast nationwide repairs and maintenance for your camper year-round.

fast rv repair near you onsite rv service

Introducing BishFix, our quick, new approach to RV repairs that gets you in and out of the repair shop way faster than the traditional, slower service methods used by other dealers.

With BishFix, you gain access to certified RV technicians via video chat, allowing you to diagnose problems and receive guidance on DIY repairs—no matter where you are. As long as you have cell phone coverage, you can start getting help immediately.

We also understand the importance of regular maintenance. That’s why we offer free winterizations and annual inspections for the lifetime of your RV. Regular upkeep helps prevent unexpected issues, ensuring your RV stays in top condition for all your road adventures.

And if something does go wrong, you deserve quick, reliable solutions. With Bish’s, you’ll also enjoy roadside assistance and discounts on parts. 

We promise fast nationwide repairs and maintenance because we want you to focus on what really matters: camping and creating lasting memories.

Promise 3: A Fair Return Policy

Most RV dealers don’t offer a return policy. Once you drive your new RV off the lot, it’s yours. 

If you change your mind, they might buy it back at a reduced price or offer a trade-in for another vehicle, but getting your money back? That’s usually not an option.

However, life is unpredictable. Significant life events can unfold just days after you’ve made a major purchase like an RV. 

You deserve the opportunity to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your new home on wheels. That’s why a fair return policy is non-negotiable. 

A respectable dealer should give you several days to decide if your new RV truly meets your needs and offer a full refund if it doesn’t.

If a dealer doesn’t support this kind of buyer-friendly, multi-day return policy, you might want to consider taking your business elsewhere. After all, flexibility and customer satisfaction should be the cornerstones of any reputable RV dealership.


72 hour love your RV promise

If you aren’t happy with your RV purchase, Bish’s will refund or exchange your RV within 72 hours of the sale for any reason. 

Your preferred bottle of maple syrup doesn’t fit in the kitchen cabinet? We’ll take the RV back. 

You took a Class A Diesel home as a birthday surprise for your wife when all she really wanted was a nice dinner and for you to load the dang dishwasher?

We’ll take it back. 

Got home, looked at the numbers and felt your stomach drop because you felt you’d made a mistake?

If it’s within 72 hours, we will take the RV back. 

No questions asked.

Except maybe to ask about that maple syrup you’re so committed to. 

Finding Your Ideal RV Dealer

Hersey RV Show birds eye view from above. Hundreds of RVs

When you set out to buy an RV, your top priority should be finding a reputable dealer who can provide a great RV and exceptional service after the sale. 

Remember, the best dealers will offer transparent pricing, comprehensive post-purchase support, and flexible return policies.

At Bish’s RV, we understand that you don’t need to live near one of our locations to benefit from our services. Thanks to BishFix and our extensive nationwide network, you can enjoy top-notch repairs and maintenance from anywhere in the country.

Here are three next steps to help you choose the right dealer for your RV needs:

  1. Research Dealer Reputations: Look for reviews and testimonials about the dealer’s service quality and customer satisfaction.
  2. Verify Service Promises: Confirm that the dealer offers nationwide service, transparent pricing, and fair return policies.
  3. Visit and Ask Questions: If possible, visit the dealership in person. Ask about their after-sales services, like BishFix, and discuss how they handle repairs and maintenance.

Choosing the right RV dealer is as important as selecting the RV itself. 

With the right partner, you’ll not only find your perfect RV but also enjoy peace of mind on all your adventures.

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