Is Bish’s RV Right For Me?

If you’ve done much RV shopping then you know finding the right RV dealer can be as stressful as finding the right RV. Every dealer offers different services and perks that will affect your whole RV experience. 

If you’ve heard of us or read reviews about Bish’s RV you may be wondering if we’re the best dealer for you. 

is Bish's RV right for me

We know your time is precious and limited, so we don’t want you to waste it with us if we’re not a good fit for your RV buying and owning experience. Here we’ll share some of the reasons you may want to buy from Bish’s and the reasons we may not be the best dealer for you so you can make a fully informed decision about where to buy your RV.  

Bish’s RV is Right for You If…

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You live in the continental United States

 You want faster, easier RV service wherever you live or camp

You appreciate upfront pricing with no hidden or surprise fees

You need the peace of mind of a 72 hour return guarantee 

You want lots of brand and floor plan options 

You want help finding the best RV for you at the right price

Bish’s RV is Not the Best Fit for You If…

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We don’t carry the RV you’re looking for

 Service isn’t a top priority

You want the absolute lowest list price

❌ You want a dealer located nearby or you’re not in the USA

You Live in the Continental United States

Bish’s RV has many locations throughout the United States. 

Each location doesn’t carry the same RVs. If you find an RV you like at a location further from you than you’d like to travel, we can ship the RV to a closer store. 

We also have many customers who choose to buy from Bish’s even though they don’t live close to one of our stores. Some choose to travel to the store and pick up the RV. Others have the RV shipped directly to their location.  

Learn more about the distance buying process to find out if it’s a good fit for you.

You Want Faster, Easier RV Service Wherever You Live or Camp

Don’t live near a Bish’s or like to travel far from a dealer? BishFix makes it possible to get faster, better RV service anywhere in the country. 

For no extra fee BishFix gives you unlimited access to virtual master RV techs who, in 40% of first calls, can walk you through a simple repair or order parts and warranty authorizations, if needed, before you ever step foot in a service center. 

A free year of BishFix is included with every RV bought at Bish’s. 

Bish’s RV customers also get free winterizations and yearly check-ups, plus parts discounts. 

You Appreciate Upfront Pricing with no Hidden or Surprise Fees

The RV industry is well-known for the bait and switch tactic of getting shoppers in the door with a low price and tacking on thousands of dollars of fees when you’re trapped in a closing situation. 

Bish’s is taking a stand against this predatory practice. Any extra fees, like state fees, will be discussed well before closing. 

Learn more about our no hidden fees promise

You Need the Peace of Mind of a 72 Hour Return Guarantee 

RV buyers are known for doing their research before they buy. Still, sometimes an RV just doesn’t work out. You aren’t going to get hung out to dry with an RV that’s not right for you when you buy from Bish’s. 

We want to know you’re in the right RV for you, so we’ll take back any RV for any reason within 72 hours. 

Bish Jenkins believed in doing right by the customer, we stand by that today. We will do what is best for you, and your RVing lifestyle.

Don’t just take our word for it though – check out this online review.

Don’t know where to start with this AMAZING dealership and team! A few weeks ago, my husband and I made the 780m trip from Tacoma, WA to Idaho Falls to pick up our new Jayco 25RB.

 We had been working with Riley as our sales rep. From states away we worked out all pricing, add ons, protection items, hitch, you name it! Running on 5 hours of sleep over 2 days, we made the drive out. The team had it ready to go, full detailed walk thru and ppw basically read to sign. 

Once we were all hooked up and ready to go, we did not get far from the lot before we realized that our old truck said “Um, nope!” (even though all specs and weight checked out). We had no choice but to turn around and take the RV back. 

Riley and Reggie met us and didn’t want to see us leave disappointed and empty handed after all of that. We looked at a smaller, lighter RV (the Imagine 17MKE) and even with 30 mins to closing time, they hooked it up to our truck and let us do an entire tow test. 2nd time was the charm!! We decided that the Imagine was the right RV for us. 

Riley, Reggie, Chad, Jericho and Cherokee stayed 2 hours AFTER closing to re-do all ppw, prep the RV for delivery, spray all protection items and reinstall hitch. I was almost in tears as we left! Riley even then communicated with us all the way to our campsite that night to ensure we had no other issues at all. The rest of the drive was crazy…. 27mph side winds, crazy elevation climbs, a legit blizzard over a WA state pass and that isn’t even everything. We just cannot be more thankful to Bish’s of ID Falls and the team mentioned above. Your guys ROCK and will ALWAYS be our #1! Recommending you to everyone we know!!! Thank you for all you did for us!

You Want Lots of Brand and Floor Plan Options 

You can find thousands of new and used travel trailer, 5th wheel, toy hauler, motorhome (Class A, Class B, Class C), and truck camper floor plans from most every major brand. 

rv brands

Our nationwide locations provide lots of options for you to find the just right RV for you. We can deliver nationwide or you can travel to pick up to save on delivery fees. 

Feel free to browse our inventory to see the options we have across the country. 

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New RVs for Sale
shop for a used travel trailer at bishs rv
Used RVs for Sale

You Want Help Finding the Best RV for You at the Right Price

Once I watched a woman at an RV show stop in the middle of the aisle, look at her husband and say “there’s just a lot of options. It’s kinda overwhelming, you know?”

It really can be. Making RV shopping simpler is Bish’s specialty!

Instead of hundreds or thousands of options our outfitters can ask you a few questions then direct you to a few options that fit your lifestyle and budget.

rv lot options

A lot of RVers buy one RV and learn from it what they really want. Our RV Outfitters are pros at understanding your needs and helping you find that second, ideal RV the first time around. 

Our outfitters are also not paid commission based on the price of your RV, so they aren’t incentivized to upsell you past your needs and aim to help you find the right one.

Bish’s May Not be the Best RV Dealer for You if:

We Don’t Carry the RV You’re Looking for

If you’re looking for a particularly specialized adventure or custom RV then a boutique rv dealer may be a better option for you. 

rv availability

Service Isn’t a Top Priority

If you want to do repairs and service yourself and service perks aren’t something you’ll factor into your final price, you may prefer to buy a used RV from a private seller or feel comfortable with RV dealers who don’t have great reputations for follow up service.

You Want the Absolute Lowest List Price

At Bish’s we’re upfront with our prices. We have wiggle room depending on factors like trade ins, financing, etc, but overall we price our RVs close to the final, out the door price. 

We work hard to keep prices low, but other dealers may have a lower list price. 

These dealers may not provide follow up service, as mentioned above, so keep that in mind as you search. We also recommend you keep an eye out for hidden fees, so your final price doesn’t end up higher than you expected.

Read our guide on how to avoid hidden fees no matter where you buy.   

You Want a Dealer Located Nearby or You’re Not in the USA

Bish’s has dozens of locations throughout the country. But there isn’t one on every corner! 

We can and do fix RVs nationwide, but if you want the traditional RV dealer experience and Bish’s isn’t near you, consider another dealer. 

Check out our list of the most popular RV dealers in each state* to see if there is a closer option for you. 

Also, if you’re not in the continental USA, we may not be the RV dealer for you. 

*This list includes the 35 states who report data on RV sales

 Ready to Shop?

It’s intimidating choosing an RV dealer when you don’t know much about them. Now that you know more about Bish’s you can decide for yourself if we have the options, pricing, service, and follow up care that you need from an RV dealer. 

Feel free to reach out with any questions you have about RVs or RVing. Our outfitters love to help! 

If you’d like to buy from Bish’s you can work with an outfitter or shop our inventory to see if we have the brand and floor plan you need.

Want to Learn More? 

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