Brinkley Model G 3500 Review

You’re not alone if you’re intrigued by the new manufacturer Brinkley but want to know more about the 3500, the first RV in the Model G line. You need to know all the details so you can know if it’s the RV to get you out living adventurously. We understand it’s important for you to get this information now, so you can decide if you should pre-order before it’s too late. 

Bish’s own Josh the RV Nerd was given first access to the Model G 3500 prototype and many Bish’s locations will be selling Brinkley RVs. Now we can share all the details with you! 

Here we’ll provide the information you need to know if the model G has the features and design you want, so you can decide not only if this RV is right for you but also if it’s one you want to pre-order.

What is the Brinkley Model G 3500?

The Brinkley Model G 3500 is a luxurious, 40’2” long, 16,660 lb (dry), fifth wheel toy hauler. 

Luxury and Versatility

Brinkley makes luxury their standard, so expect a jaw dropping interior and innovative, game changing features on this RV.

Not only is the Model G luxurious, but it’s incredibly adaptable for many different living or camping situations. Brinkley has taken versatility so far in the flex space/garage of the 3500, that the phrase toy hauler doesn’t do this RV full justice. This one stands in a class of its own.

This model is currently in prototype, so some features may change.

How Much Does a Brinkley Model G Toyhauler Cost?

The MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price) is $183,000 – $195,000 for a Model G 3500.

The actual sale price may be lower than this, because dealers aren’t allowed to show prices below MSRP for Brinkley RVs.

The Model G was priced at $149, 995 at the 2023 Utah Sportsman, Vacation and RV Show in Salt Lake City, Utah in mid-February. So what you actually pay could be closer to this price, though show pricing can be lower than average. Learn more here about how RV list prices work.

Check out this article if you want more information about what a Brinkley fifth wheel will cost and why.

Model G Specs

Brinkley Model G Specs

Find all the specs for this model here.

Is the Model G Right for Me?

This RV is perfect if you have luxury in mind, love to have some space while you live and camp, and appreciate the flex space created by the garage. 

If you’re looking for a toyhauler because you need to load the garage full of this, that and the other, yes, you can definitely do that with the model G. 

If you don’t need to load the garage, however, this could still be the right RV for you. The garage creates options for adult-sized sleeping quarters, theater and entertaining space, or even office space if you need a quiet place to work.

The Model G is ideal if you want to park long-term at your destination, if you’re a road warrior who is out and about regularly, or if you’re someone who loves the very latest RV and all the new features.  

Why This May Not be the RV for You

This fifth-wheel is not for everyone. There is a lot of upfront investment with the Brinkley Model G that may not be worth paying for if you only plan to RV for a couple years.

You may want to consider a less expensive camper with fewer bells and whistles if you think you’ll want to RV for a short time before you resell your RV. 

The Model G also may not be the right fit for you if you are looking to casually RV for a few weekends a summer. You may want to try a less expensive and/or smaller camper for irregular, short weekend getaways before committing to something as big and expensive as the model G.

Model G 3500 Toyhauler Pros:

Dual Fuel Generator

True to form, this RV is all about flexibility and giving you options. Even when it comes to the generator. 

The flex power 5500i generator can run off gas or propane. With the flip of a lever inside the RV, the generator can even change fuel sources while it is running.

Brinkley has added a pull start option to give you flexibility even when it comes to firing up the generator. If you’re out away from civilization this means you don’t need to use your RV’s battery to start the generator.

Factory Standard Solar Package

The model G comes standard with 800w on the roof, a 60amp mppt charge controller, and 2000w inverter.

Josh the RV Nerd has seen a lot of RVs with solar and says the Model G has “one of the most aggressive standard solar packages [he’s] ever seen.” 200 watts is fairly commonplace, but the Model G comes with 4x that! 

The inverter enables you to use your household plugs without running the generator. Once again, this RV is all about giving you the freedom to camp where you want how you want without depending on hookups or needlessly using your battery.

Meticulously Designed, Incredible Kitchen

This is not just the best kitchen for this type of RV, but a contender for best kitchen in any RV. The whole thing is a star. Here are some of its best features. 

A countertop level kitchen island flips up to become a kitchen peninsula. This allows you to choose more countertop space without losing room to move around inside your RV.

There is a ton of storage space in this fifth wheel kitchen (and in the whole RV, while we’re at it.). You’ll find a pull-out pantry with fully adjustable shelves, drop down silverware and knife storage and plenty of cabinet and drawer space. 

Don’t feel bad if you also want to take a minute to drool over the cabinets themselves. Brinkley dialed the style factor up to 11 with this one.

Flex Space/Garage

Garage only sort of describes this space, since it can be used in so many different ways. Here are some of its best features:

Tie down system:  With 3 rows of tie downs that connect to a steel structure in the floor every 5 inches there is no need to fight for tie down space. You’ll find more than enough for every use case. Motorcycles, dog kennels, kayaks? If you’re carrying it, you can tie it down.

A fully enclosed garage floor:  This is the best weather barrier on any toy hauler garage. Because the floor is enclosed you’ll have better climate control that gives you the flexibility to really USE the space however you want. 

Better climate control means more options (did I not mention this RV is all about options, options, options?). A comfortable office, a spare bedroom, a fun hangout space? All possible and possible for most of the year. You won’t be sweating in the summer and freezing in the fall and spring with the Model G.


Yeah, the bathroom is pretty, but it looks like most RV bathrooms at a glance. Look a little closer and you’ll find the obsessive Brinkley attention to detail. Every little thing is just done better than the rest. These little benefits make a big difference as you use the RV.

The indirect lighting, for example, is placed above the shower so you aren’t dependent on a skylight in the day and never have to shower in the dark at night.

The mirror is a medicine cabinet, but it’s also recessed to be flush with the wall, giving you more storage space without making the bathroom feel cramped.  

Speaking of storage space, just like the amazing kitchen pantry, the bathroom has a pull-out linen storage cabinet full of all adjustable shelves and you’ll find extra storage in the bathroom cabinet. 

Exterior Storage

Just because there is a garage, doesn’t mean Brinkley skimped on exterior storage. You’ll find extra space to keep things packed a little more comfortably.

Function AND Form

The model G is sleek and clean to look at, but Brinkley didn’t choose form over function. When you get this RV home you’ll find little surprises you didn’t even realize it offers. These hidden perks make it extra functional. 

The speakers, for example, are all hidden from plain sight, but we challenge you to find a better sound system on any RV. The exterior has a hidden outdoor fridge drawer perfect for relaxing outside with a drink. You’ll also find helpful pull out trays for things like pet dishes or as a place to put wet/muddy shoes. 

These features are a sampling of what’s available on the model. Check out Josh the RV Nerd’s video walkthrough to see the bedroom, living space, construction quality and other features of this RV.

Brinkley Model G Problems

Some of the Model G’s biggest assets are also its biggest liabilities.


All the luxury and careful quality and design features of the Brinkley model G come at added cost. Many RVers are priced out of this toy hauler. If this is you, we would love the opportunity to help you find an RV priced in your range. With so many fifth wheels available, we can find your perfect fit. You can also read more here to learn about what a fifth wheel costs and why.


This puppy is going to require the right RVer with the right truck. At minimum you’ll need a 1 ton dually built to handle heavy duty towing to pull the Model G. 

There are also some places you can’t take this RV because it’s just too big. If you’re planning to take your Model G to a park and keep it there for a while you won’t need to worry about its size too much. But, if you plan to be pretty mobile, you’ll want to keep the size in mind when you decide if it’s the right fifth wheel for you. 

You’ll also find added costs to park at a RV park or to store this fifth wheel while not using it.

How Does the Brinkley Model G Compare to Other Luxury Fifth Wheels?

This RV is so unique that it’s hard to compare it to other fifth wheels or toy haulers. Brinkley is trying to carve out their own place in the industry by really creating their own class of RV and they’ve been quite successful at it with the Model G. There are, however, other great fifth wheel options available. 

You may also want to consider a Grand Design Momentum

The Momentum is also a luxury toy hauler. Watch Josh the RV Nerd’s video walkthrough to decide for yourself if the Momentum is a better fit for you:

You may also consider these fifth wheels as you make your decision:

The Alliance Valor ($95,000 – $150,000) is less expensive, a similar length at 39′ 8′”, but quite a bit lighter with 13,903 lb. dry weight.

The Jayco Seismic ($80,000 – $130,000) is 45′ 7″ long—even longer than a Model G. Though it is still lighter at 14,215 – 16,000 lbs dry weight.

What if I Don’t Want to Tow?

If you’ve decided you want luxury similar to what you see in a Brinkley Model G, but you don’t want to tow an RV, you may like a motorized Class A Diesel. When you factor in the cost of a truck to tow a luxury fifth wheel, you’ll be at a similar price point with this type of RV. 

Newmar is a respected, high-dollar luxury Class A Diesel manufacturer. 
Check out Newmar inventory here or check out this Newmar video walkthrough.

Should I Trust a New Manufacturer Like Brinkley?

Brinkley hasn’t been time tested yet, so we understand you may have concerns. You may worry about a new RV manufacturer and how service will be after the sale. These are valid concerns and if you’re not ready to try something brand new just yet, that’s okay!  

Keep in mind, however, that while Brinkley is new, the people running it are not new to RVs. The owners of Brinkley have been in the industry for decades. You’ll be dealing with very experienced manufacturers, even if the company itself is new. Some of Brinkley’s founders have even founded other RV companies (Grand Design, as an example) that have developed a reputation for excellent customer service.

Do Brinkley RVs Have a Good Warranty?

All Brinkley RVs offer: 

  • 1-Year Bumper-to-Bumper Transferable Warranty
    • A 1-Year Bumper-to-Bumper Transferable Warranty covers most RV components for a year and can be transferred to new owners.
  • 3-Year Structural Warranty
    • A 3-Year Structural Warranty covers the structural integrity of the RV for three years, usually excluding normal wear and tear.
  • Warranty for full-time RVing
    • A Warranty for full-time RVing provides coverage for a recreational vehicle used as a primary residence, often with extended coverage options.
  • 20-Year Roof Membrane Warranty & 25-Year Seal Warranty
  • 5-Year Limited with 1-Year No Questions Tire Warranty.

Brinkley’s warranties demonstrate the manufacturer’s confidence in this camper. They also protect you from potential defects or issues with your RV. A Brinkley may cost more upfront, but their comprehensive coverage means you can enjoy your RV with confidence.

When Can I Buy a Brinkley Model G?

Production for the Brinkley 3500 Model G toyhauler will begin in late spring. Models should become available by the middle of this year (2023). If it’s the right RV for you, it’s available for preorder now.

Final Thoughts

You weren’t totally sure if the Brinkley Model G is the right RV for you, but now you have the information you need to decide if this dreamy RV is what you’ve been waiting for or if it doesn’t quite hit the mark. 

We know a purchase like this requires a lot of research. Take your time, shop around and find the dealership that can best help you. Bish’s RV is taking pre-orders for the Brinkley Model G at many of our dealerships. We’d love to have the opportunity to help you buy your Model G or answer any questions you may have.  

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