The Best Rear Kitchen Fifth Wheel: A Deep Dive into Grand Design’s Impressive New Floor Plan

The Grand Design Reflection 270BN

Grand Design Reflection 270BN

Many people are calling the new floor plan by Grand Design the best rear kitchen fifth wheel they’ve ever seen. In this article, we’ll be doing a comprehensive review of the new Grand Design Reflection 270BN. In this deep dive, we’ll explore the features and design elements that make this floor plan stand out from the rest. So, buckle up and let’s see if it lives up to the hype!

Innovative Seating and Entertainment

Innovative seating arrangement in the Reflection 270BN

The feature that stands out the most from this floor plan is the well-thought-out seating arrangement. Unlike other manufacturers who often place a dinette directly across from the entertainment area, Grand Design has taken a different approach.

They’ve incorporated a unique L-shaped mini dinette, which may not be your traditional U-shaped dinette found in similar floor plans, but it offers a cozy space for you to still enjoy your meals and have conversations.

And if you have guests over, you can easily bring in additional chairs or stools to accommodate a larger group. Grand Design has found a way to maximize the functionality of the space while still providing ample seating options.

Gone are the days of awkward seating arrangements in the living area. Grand Design reimagined the seating in this floor plan by placing a big three-seat sofa directly across from the entertainment area. This means that when you’re seated on the sofa, you have a perfect view of the large Smart TV mounted above the counter.

The inclusion of recliners with heat and massage features adds an extra level of comfort and luxury to your relaxation time. Whether you prefer to snuggle up or stretch out, this seating arrangement caters to both needs, ensuring a pleasant living space for couples.

Thoughtful Design Choices

Through paying great attention to detail, Grand Design has incorporated a range of impressive features that prioritize safety and comfort on the road. The inclusion of Lippert anti-lock brake systems, tire pressure monitoring, Goodyear tires, and a factory tow package ensures that you can embark on your adventures with peace of mind, knowing that safety is a top priority.

Not only does this fifth wheel excel in its safety features, but the interior decor has also received a thoughtful refreshment. Grand Design has taken into consideration the importance of creating a bright and inviting atmosphere.

By opting for lighter colors and eliminating carpet, they have successfully achieved a fresh and airy ambiance within the living space that is pet friendly. The result is a truly inviting and comfortable home away from home.

Impressive Kitchen and Dining Area

Kitchen in the Reflection 270BN

The kitchen in this floor plan is a true standout, offering an abundance of countertop space and top-of-the-line appliances that elevate your cooking experience. Grand Design has spared no expense in ensuring that every detail is meticulously crafted for convenience and functionality.

One neat feature is the spacious 22-inch oven, designed to provide even heating for perfect results when baking cookies, casseroles, or whatever else you like to cook on your camping trips.

Another noteworthy aspect is the residential-sized microwave, a thoughtful addition often overlooked in RVs. Equipped with surface lighting, it not only illuminates your cooking area but also adds a touch of sophistication to the kitchen. This attention to detail enhances your overall cooking experience, making it easier and more enjoyable to prepare meals while on the road.

Smart Storage Solutions

Grand Design has taken great care to tackle the perennial concern of storage in RVs. They have implemented a range of features specifically designed to address this issue and provide ample storage space for all your belongings.

The incorporation of tall cabinetry, expertly crafted with pocket-screwed construction, ensures vertical storage opportunities are maximized. Additionally, the utilization of plywood drawers with full ball-bearing glides not only enhances durability but also guarantees smooth and efficient access to your items.

Throughout the RV, you’ll find clever storage solutions seamlessly integrated. From hidden compartments to optimized shelving, Grand Design has gone the extra mile to ensure that no space is wasted.

Every inch of the interior is carefully considered, showcasing their dedication to creating a highly functional and organized living environment. With Grand Design, you can rest assured that your storage needs will be met, allowing you to bring all the essentials for your RV adventures.

Luxurious Bedroom and Bathroom

Bedroom in the Reflection 270BN

The bedroom in this fifth wheel is a haven of comfort and convenience. It features a luxurious queen-size bed with beautiful side tables with storage, allowing you to keep your personal belongings organized and within reach. The large window that overlooks your campsite, provides you with breathtaking views and an abundance of natural light that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

When it comes to the bathroom, Grand Design has gone above and beyond to ensure functionality and comfort. The porcelain foot-flush toilet not only adds a touch of elegance but also offers ease of use.

The spacious shower is thoughtfully designed, complete with a convenient caddy to hold your shower essentials. Additionally, Grand Design has taken into consideration the need for drying clothes on the go by including a clothes drying line, making laundry a breeze even during your travels.

Grand Design Surpassed Expectations

Grand Design has truly excelled in creating a rear kitchen fifth wheel that surpasses expectations. From the innovative seating arrangement to the well-appointed kitchen, luxurious bedroom, and thoughtfully designed bathroom, every aspect of this floor plan has been carefully crafted to provide an exceptional travel experience.

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