Minnie RV, Big Surprises | 2024 Winnebago Minnie 2301BHS Travel Trailer

By Aaron Brunson

Are you looking for a travel trailer that is great for couples and has some optional upgrades? The 2024 Winnebago Minnie 2301BHS might be what you need.

At Bish’s RV we know that not every RV is the right fit for every person. We love helping people find an RV that meets their needs. 

We know that not everyone is looking for something just right for a couple, and not everyone is interested in upgrades, but if you are, keep reading to learn more about this RV’s features so you can decide if it’s right for you.

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Minnie 2301BHS Walk Through With Josh the RV Nerd

How Much Does the 2024 Winnebago Minnie 2301BHS Cost?

Learn more here about what a travel trailer will cost and what factors affect its price. If you’re confused about the range of online prices, read our handy guide on how to get the actual best price when you’re shopping for RVs online

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2024 Winnebago Minnie 2301BHS Floor Plan & Specs

2024 Winnebago Minnie 2301BHS Floor Plan

Winnebago, one of the  top 10 RV manufacturers in America, has been building RVs since 1958. They offer travel trailers and motorhomes

Check out their new 2024 Winnebago Minnie 2301BHS floor plan to see if it could be the right lightweight travel trailer for you!

Specifications and Measurements

Specification2024 Winnebago Minnie 2301BHS
Empty Weight (lbs)6,773 lbs
Cargo Weight (lbs)2,027 lbs 
Max Weight (lbs)8,800 lbs
Hitch Weight (lbs)668 lbs
Length29′ 9” 
Height11’ 5” lbs
Width (body)8’
Fresh Water Capacity (gal)60 gallons
Gray Water Capacity (gal)49 (1) gallons 47 (2) gallons
Black Water Capacity (gal)49 gallons

Check out all the Minnie 2301BHS Specs

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Living Area Features

Open Floor Plan 

This floor plan is perfect for family gatherings or entertaining friends. 

The living room slide-out creates a roomy space. There is also an option to upgrade to a sofa instead of a dinette, if you’d rather use the space that way. 

The TV is conveniently placed across from the seating area. 


Winnebago has removed the pleated blinds with strings that were sometimes problematic. They’ve added blackout roller shades with better control of the light instead. 


Winnebago has jumped on the convection microwave trend. These microwaves also work as an air fryer. They’ve added this rather than a traditional propane gas oven. 

There is a gas hookup, even without the built-in oven, in case you want to add an oven later.  


The bathroom has a porcelain flush toilet, a mirror above the sink, and a heat vent in the bathroom floor. The shower height can be a little tight for taller individuals.


The 2301BHS bedroom has a true queen-size bed with storage options. Under the bed, there’s plenty of room for storing items like wicker totes or baskets. 

The bed area also features individual blackout roller shades. 

There is not a second entry door to the bedroom, but a nice breeze window provides good airflow. 

Winnebago has hidden the furnace vents cleverly behind the kitchen toe kicks. This gives you the central heat you need without floor vents that make cleanup more difficult. 

Road Mode: Is it ½ Ton Towable? 

One common question is whether a half-ton truck can tow this travel trailer. The answer will depend on your ½ ton’s specific details. Generally speaking, if you have a late-model half-ton truck with a tow package, it can handle this RV for flat land and shorter-distance travel.

Learn more about towing an RV from Josh the RV Nerd before you buy your next camper. 


The Winnebago Minnie 2301BHS is equipped with a 50-amp electrical service as standard. If you want to add a second air conditioner, it’s prepped for easy installation.

This Winnebago has Goodyear Endurance radial tires for stability on the road. 

The underbelly is enclosed and heated, with a radiant barrier and holding tank heaters to keep you comfortable whether it’s hot or cool outside.

You’ll have more cooking options with the 2301BHS outdoor camp kitchen. This includes a gas grill hook-up. 

The large power awning gives you lots of shade Plus, the cargo door system makes loading and unloading gear a breeze.

Potential Problems

You won’t have access to the bedroom with the slides closed. This could be a drawback if you prefer having bedroom access while you’re on the road.

Compare Other RVs to the 2024 Winnebago Minnie 2301BHS

Specification2024 Winnebago Minnie 2301BHS 2024 JAYCO JAY FEATHER 24BH2023 GRAND DESIGN IMAGINE 2400BH
Empty Weight (lbs)6,773 lbs↓ 6,115 lbs↑ 5,725 lbs
Cargo Weight (lbs)2,027 lbs ↓ 1,385 lbsunavailable 
Max Weight (lbs)8,800 lbs↓ 7,500 lbs↓ 7,850 lbs
Hitch Weight (lbs)668 lbs↓ 740 lbs↓ 505 lbs
Length29′ 9” ↑ 30’ 2”↓ 28’ 11” 
Height11’ 5” lbs↓ 10′ 09”↑ 11′ 02”
Width8’→ 8’→ 8’ 0”
Fresh Water Capacity (gal)60 gallons↓ 55 gallons↓ 52 gallons
Gray Water Capacity (gal)49 (1) gallons47 (2) gallons↓ 61 gallons↓ 82 gallons
Black Water Capacity49 gallons↓ 31 gallons↓ 45

Good Fit or Bad Fit?

If you’re looking for something that you have full access to even in road mode, this RV isn’t for you. If not having access to the queen bed while on the road isn’t a big deal and you’d like to get more information, click the buttons below.

Buy Your 2024 Winnebago Minnie 2301BHS

Well, what do you think? Does the Minnie have what you’re looking for in an RV? Is the road mode access a deal breaker? If not, and you’re interested in learning more about this RV click the buttons below. 

At Bish’s RV we know that no one camper is perfect for every RVer. If this Minnie isn’t quite right for you, we’d love to help you find another option just right for you! 

Feel free to visit our inventory to check out other options or contact one of our expert RV Outfitters anytime for help finding your next camper. We’re here to help you get to your next adventure!

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