The 2024 Jay Feather 19MRK NAILED IT!

By Aaron Brunson

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Have you ever stepped foot into a building, or maybe got into a car that looked super tiny on the outside, but on the inside it was super roomy?

This is what you’ll experience when you first step into the 2024 Jay Feather 19MRK Travel Trailer.

Obviously Jayco used the space wisely, but let’s talk about how they did it by first taking a look at the


2024 Jay Feather 19MRK layout



Hitch 485 

Empty 4,775 

Cargo 1,475 

Max 6,250 


Length 24′ 0″ 

Height 10′ 9″ 

Width 8′ 0″ 

Ceiling 6′ 6″ 

Awning 15′ 0″ 


Fresh 55 

Gray 30.5 

Black 30.5 

LP 40-60 

Solar 200w

2024 Jay Feather 19MRK specs

Table of Contents

Highlights at a Glance

2024 Jay Feather 19MRK highlights

200w Solar Package Now Standard

No Floor Vents or Carpets

Heated Underbelly

New Larger Fridge

One Level XL Counter

Easy Reach Outlets

Superior Stabilizers

Dual Azdel Walls

Living Area and Kitchen: Bigger Than it Looks

There are so many positives to how the living area is set up that I’m not exactly sure where to start – but here it goes: 

The mounted TV in the kitchen does have a pivot function – it might seem like it’s a little high but the RV ceiling is 6’6” tall. Having a TV that pivots helps with viewing and dusting. 

Check out the view from the seats across the way.

2024 Jay Feather 19MRK kitchen

In a lot of RVs you’ll see one big kitchen window. Here with the 2024 Jay Feather 19MRK, they opted for four smaller windows which allow for more of a view wherever you might be in the trailer. 

The Counters and Cabinets

One awesome feature on the kitchen counter is the power towers on either end. 

The upper cabinets are a decent height from the counters which hopefully will prevent any unwanted head bonks as well as allowing you to store taller items or countertop appliances. 

Speaking of the counters. Check out how long they are! Can you picture yourself doing food prep on them? What about that corner? What do you think you would store back there?

Josh said that in all of his years in the RV industry he has NEVER heard anyone complain about having too much counter space. 

Check out the rest of the photos below.

Theater Seating With Options

Moving further down the travel trailer and on the opposite side you’ll see the leather theater seating. There’s two outlets:

One is on the small table next to the seats and the other is on the wall next to the other side. You might need a longer phone cord to plug and play at the same time, but if you decide to go with one of the other options, the positioning of that outlet might actually prove to be more convenient. 

2024 Jay Feather 19MRK living area

Oh and by the way, the small table’s top actually flips up for some small added storage.

The seats do have those swing out dinner trays which is extremely convenient! 

You can swap the theater seats for a dinette, or a hide-a-bed sofa. Depending on your chosen set up, you might actually make good use of that outlet on the wall. 

Window Seating

Did you notice the pocket of windows there? Those are called cross breeze windows because if you have them all popped open you really can get some air zipping through there. 

Bedroom: Murphy Magic

2024 Jay Feather 19MRK bed

The sofa here is also decked out with two powered “night stands” – we can call those night stands right? Whatever you’d like to call them, they’re perfect for keeping devices charged on the go. 

Now, addressing the elephant in the room, the murphy bed does stick out from the top a little bit. You can make it work by matching the bedding with the décor or by creating an “accent” to it. A little creativity will help here, but hey – if it’s just you that’s seeing the RV who the heck cares what the bed looks like on vacation?

An awesome feature that’s hidden under the sofa is a table that can easily slide in and out. If you didn’t go for the dinette option, well, you now have a table, and it’s perfect for TV dinners inside and outdoor patio meals too. 

2024 Jay Feather 19MRK bed

The sofa even comes with two drawers underneath for even more storage!


2024 Jay Feather 19MRK bathroom

Compact trailers often struggle in the bathroom department, but not the 19MRK. Josh felt that the positioning of the toilet was well done – check out the photo proof below!

2024 Jay Feather 19MRK toilet

There is open pocket storage meaning loose items may or may not be a good idea here – especially if the trailer is on the road. However, it’s perfect for rolling up towels, clothes, and other items that won’t easily slide around. 

The shower overall was well done. There is some head room. However, there wasn’t a ton of space for Josh as you can see in the photo below. He’s just over 6’ tall for reference.

2024 Jay Feather 19MRK shower

There is a fan which is great since the living area and kitchen are right around the corner there.

You can see that and more in the gallery below.

Road Mode: Towing Made Easy

2024 Jay Feather 19MRK road mode

Towing this feather-light beauty is a breeze. You don’t need a beastly truck; a half-ton pickup or a robust SUV will do the trick. Its dual Azdel walls, Goodyear endurance radials, and TPMS ensure you’re safe on the road.

2024 Jay Feather 19MRK road mode

Fun fact: there’s enough room even with the slides in to leave the bed down (assuming you didn’t upgrade to a true queen bed).  

The Exterior

2024 Jay Feather 19MRK exterior

On the outside, just under the Jay Feather logo you’ll see a stove-top vent exhaust that allows the hot air to escape. Surprisingly, this is not something that you’ll find on a ton of RV models out there. 

There is backup lighting to help you position yourself safely as well as keep others safe that might be near you when backing up in the dark. 

If you are familiar with the Jayco brand you might have heard of the Smart Lighting option on the rear lights, well, you won’t find them on this model. The Smart Lighting provided extra turn signal lights to make your intent to turn more visible. Fortunately, they aren’t as critical with a shorter RV like the 19MRK. 

The Jay Feather has just one sewer outlet, a hot/cold utility shower, and a black tank flush. 

Now from the outside looking in – it’s easy to do. So at night, be sure to let those blinds down – unless of course you’re wanting to host a campground movie night from your RV, then by all means, go for it! 

An enclosed and heated underbelly keeps things toasty, and two 20-pound propane tanks mean you won’t be left out in the cold

In a nutshell, the 2024 Jay Feather 19MRK Travel Trailer is a compact miracle, meticulously designed to maximize space without sacrificing comfort. Its living area, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom all come together like pieces of a delightful RV puzzle. Whether you’re a solo adventurer, a dynamic duo, or a small family looking for a cozy escape, the 19MRK might be just what you need for that next trip.

Oh, did it sound like we were done? Not quite. I said it might be what you need. It could very well not. Let’s break down some of the pros and cons and potential problems. 

Jay Feather 19MRK Pros and Cons

Jay Feather 19MRK Potential Problems


  • Lightweight, coming in at under 5,000 pounds.
  • Updated interior and exterior with a bright, open, and airy design.
  • A spacious kitchen area that’s bigger and better than expected for an RV of this size.
  • Double Azdel walls for improved insulation and durability.
  • Factory-standard solar.
  • A decent 55-gallon fresh tank for a small camper.
  • Travel-friendly design with a Murphy bed, versatile seating options, and ample storage.
  • Quick drop stabilizers for easy setup.
  • Underbelly is enclosed and heated.
  • A good layout with useful features like a stovetop vent exhaust hood.


  • The bathroom is a bit tight.
  • The Murphy bed may not be to everyone’s liking.
  • The positioning of some features like the TV and vent fan may not be ideal.
  • The Jay Smart lighting is no longer included.
  • Single sewer outlet.

Potential Problems

  1. May or may not be ideal for boondocking:  
    1. Some RVs have larger tanks all around. When you want to have an extended stay in the great outdoors you don’t necessarily want to have to worry about your next dumping or refilling session
  1.  Too small for the family
    1. There’s virtually no personal space to be found here. If you don’t mind living stacked on top of each other, then by all means, take the family!

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Hitch Weight485 lbs577 lbs480 lbs545 lbs725 lbs517 lbs
Sleeping Capacity444444
Fresh Water Capacity55 gal40 gal43 gal49 gal55 gal56 gal
Gray Water Capacity30.5 gal40 gal45 gal30 gal35 gal39 gal
Black Water Capacity30.5 gal30 gal37 gal30 gal35 gal39 gal


Well, what do you think? Did Jayco nail it? Are you just biting at the bit to get your hands on the 2024 Jay Feather 19MRK Travel Trailer? If so, reach out to an outfitter below. 

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