A Shorter and Lighter RV by Keystone RV: 2024 Arcadia 246SLRK 5th Wheel

By Aaron Brunson

2024 Arcadia 246SLRK 5th Wheel review

How Much Does the 2024 Arcadia 246SLRK Fifth Wheel Cost?

*We aim to provide the most up-to-date prices in our articles. The price above is as of 11/06/2023 from our Anderson, Indiana Location. Please note that our prices are updated regularly and may have changed since this post. Click to see the most up-to-date price.

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Hey, there RVers! One of the biggest headaches people have when on the road is being able to get to the whole RV while the slides are in. That is not a problem with the 2024 Arcadia 246SLRK. You can get to the bathroom, and the bedroom, and fully open the fridge. If you’d like to know more just after that bit of info then stick around!

At Bish’s RV we love matching RVs to the needs of the RVer. We want everyone to be a happy camper – pun intended. But that’s why we do these articles and video reviews, so that you can know you’re going into a dealership with as much information as possible.

2024 Arcadia 246SLRK Floor Plan & Specs

Check out the new 2024 Arcadia 246SLRK floor plan!

2024 Arcadia 246SLRK exterior

Specifications and Measurements

Specification2024 Arcadia 246SLRK
Empty Weight (lbs)7,915 lbs
Cargo Weight (lbs)1,985 lbs 
Max Weight (lbs)9,900 lbs
Hitch Weight (lbs)1,440 lbs
Length28′ 6″
Height12’ 6” lbs
Fresh Water Capacity (gal)54 gallons
Gray Water Capacity (gal)60 gallons
Black Water Capacity (gal)30 gallons

Living Area

The living area of the 246SLRK makes relaxation a priority. A large panoramic window with awesome camp views invites the outside in. 

The TV is smartly mounted on a power “televator” allowing you to “store” the TV when it’s not in use. 

The dining area is set with a lowered countertop that looks more like a table. It’s perfect for meals because it faces the large windows I mentioned earlier. 

Watching a movie isn’t the same without theater seats. 

The built-in charging pad means your devices will stay powered up. 

The flooring throughout is carpetless for easy cleaning and a unified look, complementing the seamless design of the interior.


The kitchen is decked out with an oven, sink, microwave, and a 12-volt compressor fridge. 

The storage is used well in the compact space – everything has its place. You’ll find cupboards that nearly touch the ceiling above the counters as well as drawers and cabinets beneath the counters. 


The bathroom doesn’t skimp on drawer space. There’s enough space to keep essentials at hand and a dedicated spot for a wastebasket to help keep things clean. 

The porcelain foot flush toilet is super convenient and the standard four-inch fan ensures the space is well-ventilated because of well… you know…ventilating and stuff.


The bedroom is decked out with a true queen-sized bed. The stands next to it have inverter-prepped power outlets so you can charge devices overnight. 

The bedroom is still accessible when the slides are in, which is great if you need a place to sleep on the go that isn’t the inside of your truck.

Road Mode

When it’s time to hit the road, the Arcadia 246SLRK is ready. The enclosed underbelly and comprehensive weather package are ready for any climate. 

The automatic leveling system makes getting camp setup a lot easier, while the shock-dampening pin box and suspension offer a smoother ride. 

With an upgradable 220-watt solar panel and 30-amp charge controller, going off-grid shouldn’t be a problem.


The 246SLRK has an awning outside that covers the rear camp kitchen. Now you won’t get roasted by the sun when making and eating meals outside. 

2024 Arcadia 246SLRK exterior

The 300-pound accessory hitch allows you to bring some extra camping gear for your outdoor adventure.

There are separate sewer outlets for the kitchen and bathroom tanks, making any maintenance you have to do straightforward.

A Potential Problem

While the 246SLRK impresses in many areas, there are some minor setbacks:

  • The stationary armrest in the middle of the sofa prevents cuddling
  • The cabinets in the main bedroom would be a little difficult to stand in front of and open given that they swing out and don’t slide

Compare Other RVs to the 2024 Arcadia 246SLRK 246SLRK

Specification2024 Arcadia 246SLRK Cougar 23MLEArctic Wolf 23MLE
Empty Weight (lbs)7,915 lbs↓ 7,480 lbs↓ 7,448 lbs
Cargo Weight (lbs)1,985 lbs ↑ 2,510 lbs↑ 2,452 lbs
Max Weight (lbs)9,900 lbs→ 9,990 lbs→ 9,900 lbs
Hitch Weight (lbs)1,440 lbs↓ 1,200 lbs↑ 1,465 lbs
Length28′ 6″↓ 27’ 1”↑ 29’ 4”
Height12’ 6” lbs↓ 12′ 0”↓ 12′ 11 ”
Width8’unavailable→ 8’ 0”
Fresh Water Capacity (gal)54 gallons→ 54 gallons↑ 81 gallons
Black Water Capacity (gal)60 gallons↓ 30 gallons↓ 35 gallons
Gray Water Capacity30 gallons↑ 60 gallons↑ 70 gallons

Buy Your 2024 Arcadia 246SLRK

Well, what do you think? Does the Arcadia 246SLRK have all of the features that you need? If you’re interested in learning more about this RV click the buttons below. 

2024 Arcadia 246SLRK Fifth Wheel Price @ Bish’s RV

2024 Arcadia 246SLRK 5th Wheel review

*We aim to provide the most up-to-date pricing in our articles. The price above is as of 11/06/2023 from our Anderson, Indiana Location. Please note that our prices are regularly updated and may have changed since this post. Click to see our most up-to-date price.

At Bish’s RV we know that no one camper is perfect for every RVer. If this Arcadia isn’t quite right for you, we’d love to help you find another option just right for you! 

Feel free to visit our inventory to check out other options or contact one of our expert RV Outfitters anytime for help finding your next camper. We’re here to help you get to your next adventure!

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