Your RV, Your Way – 2024 Winnebago 2108 Series Travel Trailers 2108FBS, 2108DS, 2018TB

By Aaron Brunson

2024 Winnebago 2108 Series Travel Trailers Price @ Bish’s RV

 2024 Winnebago 2108 Series exterior

*We aim to provide the most up-to-date pricing in our articles. The quoted price is as of 10/16/2023 from our Kearney, Nebraska location. However, please note that our prices are constantly updated and may have changed since this post. For the most current pricing, please click below.

Today we’re taking a closer look at the 2024 Winnebago 2108 series. This camper offers several different bedroom setups, to meet different needs. 

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Quick Highlights

Tandem Axle
Narrow Body
Torsion Axles
Easy to Tow

*Remember, this is just a general overview. The interior might be different depending on the front-end configuration you go with. The kitchen, bathroom, and entertainment areas remain relatively similar across all configurations.

2024 Winnebago 2108 Series layout

Specifications and Measurements

Weights & Measurements2024 Winnebago 2108 Series
Empty Weight4,142 lbs
Hitch Weight404 lbs
Sleeping CapacityVaries 
Fresh Water Capacity31 gallons
Gray Water Capacity25 gallons
Black Water Capacity25 gallons

Living and Kitchen Area

What’s the point of getting out into nature in an RV if you can’t SEE the outdoors? New models have an improved, larger window so you can get the outdoor vibe even when you’re inside your camper. Winnebago is also transitioning to blackout roller shades that improve privacy and comfort. These shades are also available on the entrance door.

 2024 Winnebago 2108 Series entry

Cleaning is a breeze as there are no floor vents or carpet, not even in the slide – making your floors easy to maintain. 

 2024 Winnebago 2108 Series kitchen

If you’re a tall RVer, keep in mind that the ceiling height is about 6’4″, and the bed is similar to a queen-size at 60” x 74.” This isn’t a concern for every RVer and isn’t a deal breaker evern for every tall RVer, but if it is for you, we want you to have the information you need to know before you step onto the lot to see one in person.

The DS model provides the best TV viewing experience. It features a JBL AM/FM Bluetooth entertainment system and a wireless phone charging pad. TV placement has also improved from previous models.

 2024 Winnebago 2108 Series living

The kitchen’s layout remains consistent across all variations, featuring a large stainless steel farm sink, flip-up extension, and plenty of storage space. While it doesn’t have a propane oven, there’s an option for those interested in a custom DIY oven.


Here you have the option of a murphy bed (2108DS), and twin beds that can convert into a king bed (2108TB). Here’s what that looks like again:

2024 Winnebago 2108 Series layout

The bedroom offers storage under the bed. The DS and FBS models also provide additional hanging storage. If hanging storage is important to you, keep in mind that the TB version doesn’t include these hanging closet wardrobes in the bedroom.

There are household and USB outlets on both sides of the headboard. The RV has also been updated to include many inverter prepped outlets – a recent addition across the lineup.


The bathroom door has been updated to slide open, which is nice for when the slides aren’t out.  It also has storage space and even features a dedicated sink with a deep countertop for even more space.

The toilet is porcelain and has a foot flush.

Be sure to check out the photos by Josh using the shower and toilet below!


You need storage, we know! Check out all of the photos in the gallery below of the storage space on the Winnebago 2108 Series!

Road Mode

Lightweight, but not the lightest campers available, Micro Mini travel trailers are meant to be travel-friendly and a good fit for many types of RVers. Take a look to see if that RVer is you!

 2024 Winnebago 2108 Series road mode

These campers are designed to be travel-friendly. They fall within the category of lightweight but not the lightest, making them suitable for a broad range of campers. The campers feature double Azdel walls for durability and a 7-foot width, which sets them apart from the wider 7.5-foot RVs.

A significant update includes the use of Goodyear tires instead of the previously used import tires, which is a notable improvement.


These campers come with a large awning and are prepped for an outside TV. While outdoor speakers are present, it’s worth noting that other new models are moving away from these as there isn’t a large demand for them from RVers.

 2024 Winnebago 2108 Series exterior

The Micro Minnie has you all set up for success on the outside:

  • Propane Gas Grill Cooker Hookup
  • 200 watt solar panels
  • Water heater
  • Power Tongue Jack
  • 20 lbs propane tanks
  • 4 Corner Independent Push Button Stabilizers
  • Pass-Thru Storage
  • Inverter Prepped

Pros and Cons & Potential Problems


  • Multiple floor plan variations to choose from with different bed and seating arrangements.
  • Small, lightweight, and narrow body design for easy towing.
  • Torsion axles for improved towing stability.
  • Large kitchen window for increased natural light and scenic views.
  • Campsite window coverage throughout the trailer.
  • Blackout roller shades add privacy.
  • Convenient device charging with multiple USB outlets, including type A 2.0 and type C.
  • Consistent cooling with centrally ducted air conditioning.
  • Inverter prepped household outlets.
  • Convection microwave oven for versatile cooking.
  • Well-designed storage and a deep bathroom sink.
  • Enclosed and heated underbelly for extended camping.
  • Micro Mini is manufactured by Winnebago – a top 10 RV manufacturer
  • Easy access and maintenance of various RV components.


  • Lower ceiling height (approximately 6 feet 4 inches), potentially causing some discomfort for taller individuals.
  • Smaller bed size (60 by 74 inches short queen) may be less spacious for some users.
  • Limited TV viewing options in certain bed arrangements.
  • No propane oven, and adding one could be costly and complex.
  • A somewhat snug interior space due to its compact size.
  • Lower ceiling height (approximately 6’4”), potentially causing some discomfort for taller campers.
  • Short queen bed (60” x 74”).
  • Limited TV viewing options with certain bed arrangements.
  • No propane oven, and adding one could be costly and complex.
  • Compact size creates a somewhat snug interior space.
  • Limited space between the slide and the fridge, making it challenging to move with the slide closed. Check out other travel-mode accessible bunkhouse campers
  • Proximity of the gas grill cooker to the speakers may not be ideal for some.
  • Taller individuals may hit the skylight in the bathroom.
  • Gas and electric water heater may not be as efficient as tankless alternatives.
  • No theater seat option available due to the slide design.

Compare RVs Similar to Micro Mini

Comps2024 Winnebago 2108 SeriesJay Feather 24BHImagine 2400BHHeritage Glen 23BHHL
Length22’5”30′ 2″28′ 11″33′ 9″
Empty Weight4,142 lbs6,115 lbs5,725 lbs6,542 lbs
Hitch Weight404 lbs740 lbs505 lbs809 lbs
Sleeping CapacityVaries 688
Fresh Water Capacity31 gallons55 gallons52 gallons49 gallons
Gray Water Capacity25 gallons60.1 gallons82 gallons30+30 gallons
Black Water Capacity25 gallons31 gallons45 gallons30 gallons

Potential Problems

The size of 2024 Winnebago 2108 Series Travel Trailers is a potential problem for some. 

The low ceiling height (6’4) may be a problem for you. I personally stand at around 6 feet 2 inches, so if I were to stand in the RV, I would probably be hunched over slightly out of fear of hitting my head. If you’re shorter, well then you have nothing to worry about.

The body width is also 6” smaller than some similar travel trailers. This can be a benefit as it makes the camper lighter and easier to tow, but if you’re looking for a lot of space while you’re in the RV, this may not be the right series for you. 

Final Thoughts

With tons of bedroom options, window coverage, at least one of the Micro Minis could make your lifelong campfire dreams a reality. 

We know you have a lot of options when you purchase a travel trailer. Here at Bish’s RV we’re working hard to make RV buying a better experience. We never have hidden or surprise fees, have a 72 hour return guarantee to  make sure you love your RV, and we include free service perks (free yearly winterizations, anyone?) with the purchase of any RV. 

If you’re interested in seeing a 2108 series travel trailer in person at Bish’s or have any questions contact one of our RV Outfitters below, they’re happy to help! If Micro Mini isn’t quite right for you, reach out, we can help you find your perfect fit. 

While I mainly focused on the Winnebago Micro Mini 2108FBS in this article, I invite you to check out some other variations as well. 

Here those are: 



2024 Winnebago 2108 Series Travel Trailers Price @ Bish’s RV

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