The Wildwood 27RK RV: A Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality

By Jackson Nuttall

Today we’re taking a closer look at the Wildwood 27RK RV, which offers a classic rear kitchen layout with a unique twist. 

This RV features the innovative “VersaLounge” system, combining versatility and functionality to create a multi-purpose living space. 

With its spacious interior, panoramic windows, and appealing design, the 27RK is a camper that stands out from the rest. Let’s dive into the details of this remarkable RV.

Wildwood 27RK

27RK Features

  • VersaLounge system
  • Reconfigurable Living Space
  • Ample Storage

The standout feature of the Wildwood 27RK is the “VersaLounge” system, aptly named the Swiss Army super sofa. 

This furniture set can transform from a conventional sofa and dinette into an XL Lounge + Dining Desk, offering multiple seating and dining options. The sofa can be converted into a comfortable L-shaped napkin Lounge, ideal for relaxing and watching TV. 

Moreover, the VersaLounge provides ample storage space underneath and can be transformed into a spacious guest sleeper when needed.

27RK Spacious and Open Interior Design

The Wildwood 27RK boasts extra height and large windows, creating an open and airy feel inside. The panoramic windows in the super slide and the big picture window on the campsite of the RV allow for ample natural light and breathtaking views. 

With a ceiling clearance of six feet nine inches and a single slide-out, this camper feels surprisingly spacious, making it an excellent choice for couples or small families.

27RK Floor Plan

This RV’s layout is designed with people in mind. The rear kitchen and open middle living area provide a perfect space for socializing and entertaining. The rear kitchen features ample counter space, allowing for easy food preparation, while the open living area encourages conversations and gatherings. 

Wildwood 27rk floor plan

The free-floating chairs provide flexibility, allowing you to face the TV or join the conversation, making it a people-centered model.

27RK Thoughtful Storage Solutions

The Wildwood 27RK offers clever storage solutions throughout the interior. The kitchen storage includes drawers inside the doors, maximizing the space’s functionality while keeping costs affordable. 

The cabinets above feature additional shelving, providing extra storage options. The bedroom showcases easy lift storage under the bed, along with CPAP storage cabinets on both sides, complete with USB outlets for added convenience.

Make the Wildwood 27RK Yours

The 27RK, with its unique “VersaLounge” system, spacious interior, and thoughtful features, offers a delightful camping experience for couples or small families. 

The open design, panoramic windows, and people-focused floor plan create a welcoming and comfortable environment. Whether you’re seeking versatility, ample storage, or a camper that encourages social interaction, the Wildwood 27RK is a remarkable choice for your next adventure. 

Explore the possibilities and make the most of your camping experiences with this exceptional RV.

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