Which RV is Better: Grand Design Transcend Xplor or Jayco Jay Flight?

With so many options out there for RVs, choosing the perfect one for your next adventure can be extremely hard. Two popular choices among RVers are the Jayco Jay Flight and Imagine Transcend models. In this article, we will compare these two RVs so you can decide which is best. Let the clash of the campers begin!

Jay Flight VS Transcend side by side comparison

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Jay Flight vs Transcend a Side By Side Comparison

Overview of Jay Flight and Transcend Xplor Travel Trailers

Jay Flight

Jay Flight Travel Trailer


grand design transcend travel trailer

Top Features

  • Ideal family choice, ranking as one of our most popular models
  • Renowned for reliable performance and sturdy build quality
  • Plywood construction for floor, roof, bed, and bunk bases ensures durability
  • Equipped with top-quality Goodyear® tires
  • Spacious, open floorplans designed for functionality
  • Engineered for adventure, suitable for towing by many of today’s half-ton trucks and SUVs
  • Unparalleled quality construction
  • Supported by a top-tier industry warranty

Price of the Jay Flight and Transcend Xplor Travel Trailers

There are currently 16 Transcend Floorplans and 21 Jay Flight floorplans. Instead of going through each and every floorplan we’ve broken them out into three categories below.

Budget-friendly Bunkhouse RV Floorplans from Both Brands

$$37,538 (MSRP) – Get Our Lowest Price Here

Transcend 247BH floorplan
$33,279 (MSRP) – Get Our Lowest Price Here

Top Affordable Floorplans for Couples from Both Brands

Jay Flight 212QB floorplan
$32,232 (MSRP) – Get Our Lowest Price Here
Transcend Imagine 200MK floorplan
$34,757 (MSRP) – Get Our Lowest Price Here

Feature Loaded Floorplans from Both Brands

Jay Flight 340RLK floorplan
$55,035 (MSRP) – Get Our Lowest Price Here
Transcend 331BH floorplan
$46,851 (MSRP) – Get Our Lowest Price Here

What goes into the price of both RVs and why is one RV more expensive than the other?

Let’s talk features.

Highlighted Features of the Jay Flight and Transcend Xplor Travel Trailers

Jay Flight Interior

Jay Flight Highlighted Features

  • Rooftop Solar
  • Galvanized Steel Wheel Wells
  • Plywood Roof Construction
  • Magnum Truss Roof System
  • G20 Dark Tinted Windows
  • Goodyear Tires
  • Easy-Lube Axles w/ Self Adjusting Brakes
  • 5/8″ Tongue & Grooved Plywood Floor Decking
  • Strong Foundations
  • Integrated A-Frame

Jayco also offers a 2+3 year warranty, which is rare in the RV industry.

Transcend Interior

Transcend Highlighted Features

  • Rooftop Solar
  • 43 CU. FT. Pass Thru Storage
  • Galvanized Steel Wheel Wells
  • Vents With Fan
  • Tankless Water Heater
  • Black Automotive Door
  • All-In-One Utility Station W/ Battery Monitor
  • Air Fryer/Convection Microwave
  • Black Glass Refrigerator Door
  • Tuff-Coat Exterior Finish

Grand Design also has a 3-year structural warranty, which shows their commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction.

You can see that a lot of the highlighted features by both brands are very similar to each other. There are slight differences such as a better solar package in the Jayco (200 watts versus 180 watts in the Transcend).

You can get a closer look at how those features have been placed by taking a virtual tour of two similar floorplans (Jay Flight 212QB & Transcend 200MK) below. 

Transcend 200MK
Jay Flight 212QB

Construction of the Jay Flight and Transcend Xplor Travel Trailers

In many cases, the quality of an RV is determined by the things that you can’t see. Let’s compare the construction and see if there are any differences in “what lies beneath”.

Grand Design’s Transcend Construction

“The Transcend Xplor features a unique, industry-exclusive StongWall Aluminum Exterior. This innovative, industry-exclusive sidewall design is 25% thicker than the competition, giving it the strength and durability to hold up to years of use.” – Grand Design

Grand Design Residential Insulated Walls

Residential Insulated Walls

Exterior walls and slide rooms are framed with studs set 16”, and residential fiberglass insulation is adhered in place between each stud.

Grand Design Insulated Floor & Enclosed Underbelly 

Insulated Floor & Enclosed Underbelly 

The main floor is insulated with a layer of residential fiberglass insulation. The coach underbelly is also fully enclosed and heated with a dedicated duct.

Grand Design Double Insulated Roof

Double Insulated Roof

A layer of fiberglass insulation and a layer of radiant foil insulation covers the full length of the roof.

Grand Design Insulated Front Wall

Insulated Front Wall

The residential fiberglass insulation layer from the roof continues all the way around to the bottom of the front wall.

Jayco’s Jay Flight Construction

Jayco Jay Flight Construction

Jayco uses plywood in its 5/8″ Tongue & Grooved Plywood Floor Decking and Roof Construction vs. OSB or other materials because it is more eco-friendly (no formaldehyde), handles moisture better, is lighter in weight, and has better screw retention.

The Magnum Truss™ Roof system is one of the strongest roofs in the industry. It’s capable of withstanding 50 percent more weight- up to 4,500 lbs.- than the competition so that you can safely perform maintenance and avoid costly structure damage from debris, branches, or snow. 

An integrated A-frame runs through the main frame, preventing the hitch from buckling like competing tack-welded frames can.

So far we’ve compared the price and the features and construction of the Transcend and Jay Flight RVs. Your RV could have all of the bells and whistles inside it, but if you can’t get it from point A to point B easily then why would you want to own it? It’s a travel trailer after all right? Let’s talk about towing each of these RVs.

Towing the Jay Flight versus Towing the Transcend Xplor

The longest and heaviest Jay Flight is the 340RLK. It has an exterior length of 37’ 10” and an empty weight of 8,890 lbs. In contrast, the longest and heaviest Transcend is the 331BH. Interestingly, it has a shorter exterior length 37’ 3, and an empty weight of 9,400 lbs. 

What does weight and length have to do with the overall towing experience? Well, Josh the RV Nerd has put together a great video that explains exactly that. 

The Transcend weighs about 600 lbs more than the Jay Flight. On average, an RVer brings about 1,500 lbs of stuff with them on any camping trip. 

What does this mean? 

If you own a 2023 Ram (1500 Crew Cab 5ft-7in Box) with 11,470 lbs towing capacity you might get away with towing the Jay Flight 340RLK depending on how much you load it up with personal gear. But, you definitely wouldn’t want to try towing the Transcend 331BH with that same vehicle (unless you don’t plan on bringing anything along for the trip). 

You can see how the towability of each travel trailer is different because some RVs are simply built with different materials and more or less additions.

What Do Users Say About the Transcend Xplor and the Jay Flight?

According to RV Insider Reviews, the Jayco Jay Flight has an average review score of 3.6 with 134 total reviews. The Grand Design Transcend has an average review score of 3.8 with 23 total reviews. 

Transcend Xplor Reviews

#1: “I was looking for an RV that wasn’t too big for two but would also accommodate adult guests and grandchildren, occasionally. This fits the needs perfectly. I like the layout with a large bathroom and living area and plenty of storage and sleeping room. The modern look of the exterior is also a plus. We dry camp a lot and the solar package is a huge plus for us. The price point was on a budget for what I needed”. 

Grand Design Transcend Hero Image

#2: “Pros – tall enough for my 6″2″ husband. True queen bed great fit for us. The second entry door in the bedroom is nice. Armoire is huge and has mirrors as well as 2 closets (one on either side of the bed). The shower fits him comfortably. Passing through the bathroom (2 doors – one at the bath/bedroom and one at the bath/living room) allows me to get up early and go into the living space without waking him up. Seating is great for entertaining friends – we can sit across from each other. The kitchen layout makes sense and is perfect. The living area has comfy recliners and faces the dinette and TV. Cons – After buying a new mattress, not a lot of room between the end of the bed and the door. The bathroom sink needs an upgrade- can barely wash my hands in the low faucet setup. Needs stronger pistons for underbid storage once you upgrade the mattress. Thats it! Not many cons”.

#3: “We are backpackers and car campers and as we age we are looking for a more spacious place to camp with a bed higher off the ground! After many months of research and hunting for the right manufacturer and floor plan for our camping needs we bought the 200MK. GD’s quality was apparent in each trailer we looked at. No cabinet face frames falling off, loose doors or loose wires, etc. The 17MKE was also at the top but the extra 3ft and larger tanks make for better boondocking”.

Jay Flight Reviews

#1: “I lived in this trailer for a year while renovating a home. The livability of this trailer is amazing! I love the layout. The double slides in the living and kitchen make it feel huge. The private master bed and bath make it feel like a true home. I worked from home out of this, cooked, had guests, and watched shows in what feels like a classy theater. The couch bed was great for short-term guests”.

Jayco Jay Flight Hero Image

#2: “We just upgraded to a 5th wheel but we still don’t want to let go of this Jay Flight because It’s been nothing but Gold for us. I can’t speak to the factory warranty/ support because I’ve never had to use them. What I will say is it tows like a dream and we’ve had this rig across the country 2x’s. […]

#3: Reliable, solidly built, very comfortable, can live in it due to all the living/walking space, storage space, and built-in conveniences. We bought it because wanted separate bedrooms to convert 2nd bedroom into a private home office which would still allow the office to be used as a guest room when needed. We had absolutely no mechanical issues with this trailer and were very happy with it. […]

The Verdict – Which is Better? The Jay Flight or the Transcend Xplor?

Jay Flight and Transcend which is better?

If you prioritize modern design, and higher insulation values, and are okay with a slightly higher weight for towing in exchange for those features, the Grand Design Transcend might be the better choice for you.

On the other hand, if a wider selection of floorplans, a slightly better solar package, and a reputation for durability and reliability are more critical, the Jayco Jay Flight could be the winner.

Ultimately, what it boils down to is whether or not you can tow the RV. If your truck can tow 12,000 lbs then go for the Grand Design Transcend. If not, then go for the lighter Jay Flight.

poll jay flight vs transcend

Whether one RV is “better” or not depends on your specific requirements, including budget, preferred amenities, towing capabilities, and aesthetic preferences. Given the close match in features and quality, the decision could come down to which brand’s design aligns more closely with your personal RVing style and needs.

Either way, we invite you to come on out to a local Bish’s and see which one you think is better in person.

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