Exploring the Arctic Fox Truck Camper: The Ultimate Off-Grid Escape 

Hey there, fellow adventurers! It’s Josh, the RV nerd, here with Bish’s RV. Today, I want to dive into the rugged world of truck campers, specifically the Arctic Fox by Northwood. We’ll take a closer look at the impressive features of the Arctic Fox 811 truck camper and why it’s the perfect companion for your off-grid escapes. 

So, grab your sense of adventure and let’s explore the incredible capabilities of this beast on wheels! 

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Arctic Fox 811 Price

New: $50,000-$60,000

Used: $20,000-40,000

The price of your camper will vary depending on the options, features, and location of your trailer. The cost of a used unit will vary depending on age, quality and features.

Built to Last

When it comes to building a robust and reliable product, Northwood has truly earned my respect. The Arctic Fox 811 is a testament to their craftsmanship. This truck camper is built tough, ready to take on any rugged terrain. However, its durability comes at a cost, as it weighs over 3,200 pounds when empty. This means it’s not suitable for half-ton trucks like the Ford F-150 or Ranger. To carry the payload, you’ll need a heavy-duty truck, preferably a dually. 

Escape from the World 

If you’re looking to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the Arctic Fox 811 is your ticket to solitude. 

With its onboard generator and self-sufficiency capabilities, you can venture off to remote locations and enjoy the tranquility of nature for an extended period. It’s the ultimate escape from people and the perfect way to recharge your soul. 

Spacious Interior

  • Fiberglass Shower
  • 60 x 80 Queen Bed
  • Ample Space 
  • Abundant Storage
Arctic Fox 811 60 x 80 Queen Bed

While truck campers are known for their compact size, the Arctic Fox 811 surprises with its ample interior space. The bathroom and shower arrangements are impressive, featuring a one-piece fiberglass shower enclosure that provides enough headroom, unlike many other cramped truck campers. 

Although it’s a wet bath, it offers functionality without sacrificing comfort. Additionally, the front cab bed area boasts a comfortable 60 by 80 pillow-top true Queen-sized bed, allowing you to rest and rejuvenate without feeling cramped. 

Every Nook and Cranny Counts 

Northwood’s attention to detail is evident throughout the Arctic Fox 811. They’ve utilized every nook and cranny to provide ample storage space. 

From pull-out pantry spaces to dresser trunks and well-designed kitchen cabinets, you won’t have to worry about storage in this camper. They’ve made sure not an ounce of space goes to waste, allowing you to bring along everything you need for your adventures. 

Quality and Comfort 

When it comes to comfort, Northwood spares no expense. The Arctic Fox 811 features high-quality bedding, ensuring you have a restful night’s sleep. The dinette cushions and seating areas are plush and comfortable, using top-notch materials. 

Northwood’s commitment to using premium materials extends to the entire camper, from the plywood construction to the thick cushions, ensuring your comfort is never compromised. 

Thoughtful Design 

The Arctic Fox 811 pays attention to the little details that make a significant difference. For instance, they include a side splash in the kitchen to prevent grease splatter—a small addition that goes a long way in improving your cooking experience. 

The ceiling’s fabric liner not only adds a touch of elegance but also helps reduce noise, providing a more peaceful ambiance inside. 

The inclusion of privacy shades on both windows and the addition of windows on the entrance door demonstrate Northwood’s commitment to creating a comfortable and functional living space. 

Embracing the Outdoors 

  • Mini Back Porch
  • Gas-Powered Generator
  • Easy Roof Access

Arctic Fox Porch

With the Arctic Fox 811, outdoor living is a breeze. Equipped with the Northwood exclusive Fox Landing, you have your own mini back porch, offering a comfortable and stable outdoor space. 

The gas-powered generator ensures you have all the power you need to stay off-grid for longer periods. The robust ladder on the back of the camper allows for easy access to the roof, which can serve as an additional outdoor lounging area. 

Whether you want to enjoy a picturesque sunset or stargaze on a clear night, the Arctic Fox 811 embraces the idea of outdoor living to the fullest. 

Off-Grid Capabilities 

  • Solar Panels w/ large battery bank
  • Insulated Walls/Floor/Roof
  • Heated Holding Tanks
Arctic Solar Panel

One of the standout features of the Arctic Fox 811 is its off-grid capabilities. Equipped with solar panels and a large battery bank, this camper allows you to harness the power of the sun and stay off-grid for extended periods. 

The solar system charges the batteries, providing electricity for all your essential needs, including lighting, charging devices, and running appliances. You can confidently venture into remote areas, knowing that you have a reliable source of power. 

Four-Season Camping

Northwood understands that adventure knows no season. That’s why they’ve designed the Arctic Fox 811 to be a four-season camper, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor pursuits in any weather condition. 

The camper features fully insulated walls, floor, and roof, as well as heated holding tanks, ensuring that you stay comfortable even in freezing temperatures. 

So whether you’re chasing powder on a winter ski trip or enjoying the vibrant colors of autumn, the Arctic Fox 811 is built to withstand the elements. 

Durability and Peace of Mind 

Northwood takes pride in constructing campers that are built to last. The Arctic Fox 811 features a sturdy aluminum superstructure, a fully welded thick-wall aluminum frame, and fiberglass siding that can withstand the rigors of off-road travel. 

It also comes with a robust warranty, giving you peace of mind and assurance in your investment. You can focus on exploring and making memories, knowing that your camper is up to the challenge. 


The Arctic Fox 811 truck camper by Northwood is a rugged and reliable companion for off-grid adventures. 

With its durable construction, spacious interior, thoughtful design, and off-grid capabilities, it offers everything you need to escape the ordinary and embrace the freedom of the great outdoors. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a long-term exploration, this camper provides the comfort, convenience, and durability you seek. 

So, pack your bags, hit the road, and let the Arctic Fox 811 take you on unforgettable adventures. Happy trails! 

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