A Nifty RV Waste Valve to Help You Empty Your Camper Sewer Tanks and Get Away Clean

Hands up!  Who loves dumping the black and gray tanks on your RV?  No one?  Shocking.  As with all things in life, you take the good with the bad and if you make a mistake dumping your camper tanks, it’ll go so very, very bad.

RV Sewer Anatomy Lesson 1

The sewer pipes under many campers have a valve with a release rod you can reach through a docking station, an exterior access panel or underneath the trailer. These valves keep your black and gray holding tank contents under your control. This is one time when being a control freak is a positive.

RV Anatomy Lesson 2

The valve attached to the release rod and the actual end of your sewer pipe can be anywhere from a few inches to many feet worth of pipe and that’s the area where yuck can happen. 

Ponder if you will, you’ve pulled the release valve, all the contents have gone into the dumping station, you flush the tank, close the valve and pop the cap back in the end. What’s still in that sewer pipe and where will it go?  Residual yuck is still in there and it’s waiting for you, silently and without remorse about the mess it’s going to unleash when you take the sewer cap off the next time.

So how do you empty your RV sewer tanks without creating a mess?  

According to Josh the RV Nerd, you can take a step in the right direction by installing a simple sewer valve, like the Valterra Twist-On Waste Valve or the Camco Ready to Use Gate Valve with Built-in Clear Adapter, at the end of your black/gray tank pipe.  Hook your sewer hose onto the valve, pull the handle and anything left behind in the pipe from the last time you used it is safely contained in the sewer hose, not dribbling out the moment you pop the cap.

Here’s his super short video explaining what an RV waste valve is, how it works, the brand he likes and a deeper explanation on why he feels this is worth the money.

The Perks and Potential Problem for this RV sewer part:


  • Inexpensive – About $20 in 2023 for the simplest valves.  Prices vary with different configurations.
  • Widely available –  Can be purchased in most RV dealerships, online and at some big box stores.
  • Easy to install and remove – Does not require a technician to affix.
  • Flexible Orientation – You can install it with the handles pointing in any direction that fits your preference.
  • Fits Your Cap – No need to replace your existing cap, it will fit on the end of the new valve.
  • Multiple Brands – This camper part is manufactured by multiple companies.
  • Different Configurations – The RV waste valve Josh talks about is straightforward and simple to install and use, but there are many configurations available for your RV.

Potential Problem:

  • Exposure – This part is always exposed to the elements.  It may eventually become stuck, could suffer road debris damage, and might deteriorate if it’s left exposed when it’s in storage.  
He seems very impressed

This handy aftermarket RV sewer waste valve offers additional peace of mind when it comes to keeping yourself, and the area where you’re dumping your tanks, clean.

RVing is all about creating memories!  Let’s make sure those memories are not about playing poop roulette with your sewer pipe. That’s a game no one wins. 

Have fun, stay safe and keep clean!