Liquid Propane in RVs is on the Decline

By Greg Long



Fading Flames: The Transition Away from LP Appliances in the RV Industry  

“The Only Constant in Life is Change”

         – Heraclitus   The Bish-Blog Guy

In the world of travel trailers and RVs, things are always changing. Just like the way seasons change the landscape, the way people use RVs changes. This changes the standard features RV manufacturers decide to put in their campers. So what’s changing in the world of RVs? The big changes we’re hearing about now are all about Liquid Propane (LP).

This month Bish’s RV and Josh the RV Nerd have some big news that’s starting to transform the RV world in September 2023. The topic of the month: Liquid Propane.

A Paradigm Shift: Rethinking Propane Appliances

king of hill

Like it or not, the RV world is getting a makeover. The stuff that used to rely on LP is changing quickly. This big change is making a lot of people – the ones who love RVs and the ones who make them – really excited. It’s like a whole new chapter is being written in the big story book of RVs. (And if you’re like our team at Bish’s RV, your RV story is a love story!)

Instead of always having to rely on LP, some RV manufacturers are trying out new ways to make things work without it. These changes are a big deal, and they’re making everyone look at RVs in a new and exciting light.

So, let’s dive into what’s happening with LP and what it means for you.

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Farewell to the Gas-Electric Refrigerators in RVs

One of the most noticeable changes we’re seeing is the decrease in gas-electric refrigerators. You may have heard them called “two-way fridges.” They run on standard electric AC power and Liquid Propane.


Traditional RV 2-Way Fridge with LP

If you’re like most RVers, you know you can pretty much count on having a two-way fridge in your camper. If you don’t have AC power, your food won’t go bad ‘cause you can still run the fridge on LP until you get your rig hooked up to power at the campground.

Not having an LP option could cause some potential backlash in the RV community. Imagine if you got your favorite snack from your friendly neighborhood snack shack, but suddenly the snack shack stopped carrying it. That’s a bit like what’s happening with these refrigerators.

There aren’t many places that sell the parts to make these refrigerators, and some of the two-way fridge makers are not able to meet the demand from RV manufacturers. This is making it harder to make these refrigerators, and they’re not as easy to find as before.

So, a lot of RV makers are deciding to use something different called 12-volt refrigerators. It’s like switching to a new kind of yummy treat when your favorite one is not available. Some RVs are still using the old refrigerators, especially the ones that go off the grid, but many are trying out these new refrigeration options. Think of it like trying a new flavor of ice cream – it might be different, but it’s still cool!

12 volt fridge

12-Volt RV Refrigerator

Embracing a Propane-Free Oven Landscape


The departure from propane is not confined to refrigeration alone. RV manufacturers are reimagining the role of propane ovens within their offerings. This trend is particularly evident in the price-sensitive segment of stick and tin travel trailers.

The traditional oven, once a hallmark of RV kitchens, is becoming an option rather than a staple. Instead, convection microwaves are taking center stage, often boasting innovative features like air fryer capabilities. This shift is not only reshaping the RV landscape but also influencing the overall pricing dynamics of RV models.

Trailblazing the All-Electric RV Frontier

The winds of change extend even to the concept of all-electric RVs. While departing from tradition, several manufacturers are embracing the cost-effective prospects of all-electric systems. An intriguing example is the Cherokee RV group, which is pioneering all-electric, propane-free units with impressive affordability. However, this choice comes with trade-offs, tethering the RV to power sources or generators, and potentially compromising off-grid capabilities.

wolf den

Forest River Cherokee All Electric Travel Trailer: Wolf Den 16EV

Shop Forest River Cherokee RVs

A Dynamic Journey into the Future

As we navigate this transformative landscape, it’s evident that the RV industry is embracing innovation with open arms. From 12-volt refrigerators to convection microwaves and all-electric RV models, manufacturers are redefining the parameters of comfort and style.

Yet, for those who cherish tradition, some brands are preserving the essence of propane-powered appliances. This transition brings forth an era of options, and as the 2024 models roll out, we’re poised to witness a pivotal period in the RV industry.

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