Unlocking Your Career Potential at Bish’s RV: A Journey Towards Leadership

Written by Greg Long

Looking for a Dead-End Job?

If you answered “Yes! I want a dead end job!” then you won’t need to read any further.  Move along!

If you said “Nope, I want great pay and opportunities to build an awesome career,” then read on!

The RV industry remains a hidden gem in the job market.  While most people are familiar with RVs, few have experienced the vibrant and rewarding world of working in the RV industry. Bish’s RV offers an exciting, lucrative, and innovative path with endless possibilities for creative advancement in your career.

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Onward and Upward

Motivated job-seekers should seek out companies like Bish’s RV, which prioritize career growth programs for their employees.  These programs enable team members at all levels to build a path to a rewarding career with great income potential. 

At Bish’s RV, we view leadership through a unique lens, valuing coachable, self-motivated individuals who aspire to outperform the competition. 

This article explores what sets Bish’s RV apart, a firm commitment to developing and hiring leaders who are motivated, critical thinkers, who are committed to making a positive impact on our business, our customers, and their colleagues.

Ready to answer the calling of your inner leader? Get started on your Leadership Journey!

Boss vs Leader: Which Do You Want To Be?


At Bish’s RV, our philosophy revolves around nurturing leadership rather than simply having bosses. We believe that in our evolving industry, we need innovative and tech savvy leaders to lead the way.

Leaders, in our view, are not just authority figures who issue directives; they are motivators, growth promoters, and champions of open communication. They are vital team members who guide us toward collective goals, rather than dictating orders.

Defining “Boss” vs “Leader”

The terms “boss” and “leader” signify distinct styles and approaches to guiding a team or overseeing work. While both carry authority and responsibility, their manner of exercising authority and interacting with teams can differ significantly.

At Bish’s RV, we seek employees who aspire to be leaders rather than bosses.

Our definition of a leader includes someone who doesn’t always wield authority but can drive results and foster positive interactions within the team and with customers.

We believe that to improve Bish’s RV and the industry, we must continually experiment, even if it means occasionally failing. Our leaders are tasked with creating an environment where failure is viewed as a positive learning experience.


Are you a boss or a leader?
Join the Bish’s team and help lead the way.

Unlocking Your Potential through the Accelerated Management Path

Bish’s RV offers employees at every level an opportunity for growth through our Accelerated Management Path.

This path is more than just a program; it’s a trajectory designed for those who consistently meet performance goals, demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of their role, and exhibit unwavering motivation to help Bish’s RV achieve its organizational objectives.

We believe that a career path is about growth, not just climbing a ladder. Success in the next stage within the organization requires a deep understanding at every level.

At Bish’s RV, motivated employees find themselves in an environment where their ambitions are recognized, valued, and shaped into confident leadership.

By showcasing your knowledge, aptitude, and determination, you become an integral player in shaping the future of our company.

How Bish’s RV Builds Leaders

As you navigate our Accelerated Management Path, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the specific skills needed for success at the next level by participating in in Bish’s Leadership Development Program.

This program is not just a training course; it’s a hands-on experience where leadership skills are forged and refined.

Designed to enhance and build upon your existing leadership capabilities, the program introduces you to skills and techniques that elevate your managerial proficiency and empower you to uplift others in achieving their goals.

It provides a structured environment where emerging leaders can learn, innovate, and apply various leadership strategies and styles, ensuring that when you step into a leadership role, you do so with confidence and competence.

While you’re in the Bish’s RV Leadership Development Program you will:

  • Regularly meet 1:1 with their Store and Regional Managers to discuss progress and receive personalized guidance
  • Successfully complete on-the-job leadership activities
  • Participate in virtual and classroom leadership courses
  • Demonstrate leadership behaviors while on the job

Bish’s RV Accelerated Management Program

AMP Your Future from AdFire Creative on Vimeo.

Upon Completion of the Leadership Development Program

  • You will work with mentors to ensure a comprehensive understanding of RV dealership operations
  • You will demonstrate your newfound knowledge and skills in a final RV dealership operations knowledge assessment


How to enroll in Bish’s Accelerated Managment Program?

Kickstart your journey by joining our team at Bish’s RV.  Your Accelerated Management Path (AMP) can begin from roles in Sales, Service, or Parts – all positions within the dealership can start you on the path to leadership!

Take the next step on your Leadership Journey!
Learn more about how to apply at Bish’s RV and start making your dreams a reality.

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