Exploring the Jayco Greyhawk 29MV: A Class C Motorhome with Impressive Features

The Jayco Greyhawk 29MV

In this article we will be taking a closer look at the Jayco Greyhawk 29MV, Class C Motorhome. We will delve into the key features and options of this RV based on the insights from our very own, Josh the RV Nerd. Whether you are a seasoned RV enthusiast or new to the world of motorhomes, this article will provide you with valuable information about the Jayco Greyhawk 29MV.

Jayco Greyhawk 29MV

The 29MV follows a popular floor plan that many motorhome builders offer. This makes it an ideal model for comparing different brands. By exploring the features and qualities of the Greyhawk 29MV, you can make an informed decision when choosing your perfect motorhome. So, let’s dive in!

Fiberglass Capped Laminated Roof Structure

The Jayco Greyhawk 29MV breaks away from the norm in the Class C RV market by featuring a fiberglass capped laminated roof structure typically found in Class A motorhomes.

This choice of construction offers several advantages

  • The roof is stronger.
  • You have reduced maintenance requirements.

However, it is important to note that regular roof maintenance is still necessary no matter what type of roof you have.

Optional Second Air Conditioner

One notable feature of the 29MV is the optional second air conditioner. This addition is made possible through a power management system, allowing two air conditioners to run simultaneously on a 30 amp service.

The system intelligently adjusts power allocation to prevent overloading and ensure uninterrupted service. This feature ensures comfortable temperatures inside the motorhome, even in hot weather conditions.

Factory Solar and Dual Charge Controller

200W Solar Panel on the Jayco Greyhawk 29MV

The Jayco Greyhawk 29MV comes equipped with 200 watts of standard factory solar panels on the roof. These solar panels, combined with a 30 amp dual charge controller, provide an efficient charging system for the house batteries.

The charge controller prioritizes power distribution to the house batteries while maintaining a trickle charge to the chassis battery. This intelligent design ensures optimal battery health and eliminates the risk of a dead battery when starting the RV after being stored for long periods of time.

Towing Capacity and Chassis

Built on the Ford E450 chassis, the Jayco Greyhawk 29MV boasts a 7,500-pound tow rating. This capability allows you to bring along your favorite outdoor toys, such as boats or ATVs, providing endless opportunities for adventure. The 29MV is powered by the Ford’s V8 engine, which offers impressive performance and reliability.

Interior Features and Design

Interior of the Jayco Greyhawk 29MV

The interior of the Jayco Greyhawk 29MV is thoughtfully designed to provide comfort and functionality. It features a farmhouse interior theme, giving it a modern and cozy atmosphere.

The motorhome offers a spacious seven-foot ceiling, creating an open and airy feel throughout. The carpetless and ventless flooring is easy-to-clean and makes maintenance a breeze, perfect for life on the road.

Safety and Convenience Features

Extra Seatbelts in the Jayco Greyhawk 29MV

Jayco prioritizes safety in their motorhomes. The Greyhawk 29MV includes seat belts for eight people, inclucing car seat anchors for the forward-facing dinette seats. Even though this RV only sleeps 6 to 7 people, they’ve added eight seatbelts to ensure safe and comfortable travel for all of your passengers.

The addition of a power entry step makes it so you don’t have big hole in the middle of the floor, which reduces the risk of accidents. There is also a privacy shade on the entry door window that allows for discretion when needed.

Storage Solutions

Pocket Screwed Kitchen Cabinets in the Jayco Greyhawk 29MV

The Jayco Greyhawk 29MV offers a generous amount of storage space to accommodate all your belongings. The overhead cabinets, which are pocket screwed, ensuring durability and longevity, provide convenient storage for kitchen utensils, pantry items, and personal belongings.

The deep bedroom cabinets offer ample space for clothing, linens, and other essentials. Additionally, the motorhome features a pantry with adjustable shelves, allowing you to organize and store your food items efficiently. With these storage options, you can bring along everything you need for your RV adventures without feeling cluttered.

Bathroom and Shower

The Jayco Greyhawk 29MV features a spacious bathroom equipped with a residential-sized shower. The shower offers ample room to move around and includes a skylight, providing natural light and a more open feeling. The bathroom also includes a foot-flush toilet, a vanity with storage, and a medicine cabinet, ensuring your comfort and convenience while on the road.

Sleeping Accommodations

750lb. Rated Over Cab Bunk in the Jayco Greyhawk 29MV

After a long day of outdoor adventure, the Greyhawk 29MV ensures a restful night’s sleep for the whole crew. Like most similar motorhomes, the main bed is a short camp queen bed, which is not ideal for those who are taller and don’t like their feet hanging off the end of the bed.

Additionally, the spacious dinette and the sofa can be converted into sleeping areas. The over cab bunk is rated for an incredible 750lbs, top rated for this class of RV! All this ensures you have plenty of sleeping areas for extra guests or family members.

The well-designed sleeping arrangements allow everyone to have a comfortable and enjoyable experience during their travels.


The Jayco Greyhawk 29MV Class C Motorhome offers an array of impressive features and options for RV enthusiasts. From its fiberglass capped laminated roof structure to its optional second air conditioner, factory solar panels, and dual charge controller, the 29MV is designed to provide comfort, convenience, and reliability.

With its spacious interior, thoughtful layout, ample storage, and more, this motorhome is well-suited for both short trips and extended adventures.

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