Explore the Features of the 2023 Forest River 19FBS Couple’s Camping Off-Grid Travel Trailer

Discover the 2023 Forest River 19FBS Couple’s Camping Off-Grid Travel Trailer, a compact yet comfortable option for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Also known as the Rockwood Geo Pro or Flagstaff E-Pro, this travel trailer offers a cozy living space for two individuals or a solo traveler with pets. Packed with functionality, convenience, and solar capabilities, it stands out in its class. 

Explore its unique features, well-thought-out amenities, and clever interior layout, making it a popular choice for romantic getaways and solo adventures in nature. Join us as we uncover the highlights of this versatile travel trailer.

Cozy Living

  • Seven-Foot Body
  • Sofa Slide
  • Tank Heaters
  • Solar Panels
  • Low-Profile Air Conditioner 
Solar Panels w/ Low Profile Air Conditioner

The 19FBS Geo Pro/Flagstaff E-Pro offers a range of features that make it an ideal choice for those who prefer a smaller RV. With a compact seven-foot body and a sofa slide, this model maximizes living space and provides a cozy atmosphere. 

Sofa Slide

Additionally, this RV offers easy access to the bed, kitchen, and bathroom without the need to activate the slide-out, making it convenient for travelers on the go. 

The inclusion of tank heaters and solar panels as standard features ensures off-grid capabilities, and the low-profile air conditioner allows for a lower overall exterior height.

Innovative Roof Structure and Queen-Size Bed

The 2023 Forest River 19FBS features a unique roof structure consisting of two laminated sections that create a mini-vaulted ceiling. This design not only adds to the RV’s spacious feel but also helps keep the weight down. 

The bed in this model is an East-West corner bed, offering a true 60 by 80 queen-size mattress. This allows for easy customization and the ability to upgrade to a residential-sized mattress or use standard-sized sheets.

Interior Design

  • Hardwood Doors
  • Pocket-Screwed Construction
  • Privacy Shade
  • 12-Volt TV Soundbar

The interior of the 19FBS Geo Pro/Flagstaff E-Pro is thoughtfully designed with practicality in mind. The cabinetry features all hardwood doors, and the pocket-screwed construction ensures durability. 

A privacy shade built into the entry door adds an extra level of convenience. The RV comes equipped with a 12-volt TV Soundbar combo, offering entertainment options while on the road. 

The square kitchen sink and individually controlled lights provide functionality and flexibility.

Abundant Storage Options

Despite its compact size, the 2023 Forest River 19FBS offers ample storage throughout the RV. Under the bed, there is dedicated storage space, and a shallow hanging closet is conveniently located below the TV. 

Abundant Storage

The kitchen area features multiple storage compartments, including a hidden pocket of storage next to the oven. The availability of storage options allows travelers to keep their belongings organized and easily accessible.

Compact Bathroom 

While the bathroom in the 19FBS Geo Pro/Flagstaff E-Pro is compact, it provides all the essential features. 

Compact Bathroom

The bathroom door incorporates a partial peekaboo design, maintaining privacy while still allowing airflow. The shower curtain and double vaulted ceiling help maximize space, ensuring a comfortable showering experience. 

Though it may not be the largest bathroom, it offers sufficient functionality for most travelers.


The 2023 Forest River 19FBS Couple’s Camping Off-Grid Travel Trailer by Rockwood Geo Pro and Flagstaff E-Pro is an excellent choice for couples or solo adventurers seeking a compact and comfortable RV. 

With its innovative features, cozy living space, and thoughtful design, this RV offers an enjoyable camping experience. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or an extended road trip, the 19FBS Geo Pro/Flagstaff E-Pro is worth considering for your next adventure.

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