Brinkley RV G 3950 5th Wheel Toy Hauler: First-Look Review

Finding the Ultimate Luxury Camper Floor Plan

If you’ve made the decision to invest in a luxury 5th wheel, you know they come with a hefty price tag. For the price you’re expected to pay, you want a floor plan that supports long-term camping and is versatile enough to adapt to your busy lifestyle.

The all-new Brinkley G 3950 5th wheel toy hauler could be the perfect luxury camper you’ve been searching for.

As someone who has reviewed hundreds of trailers and motorhomes for Bish’s RV, I thought I’d seen it all. Yet, Brinkley RV consistently surprises me with their innovation and attention to detail. 

They’ve raised the bar again with the G 3950, combining luxury and versatility in ways I hadn’t imagined.

By the end of this review, you’ll have a clear picture of what the G 3950 5th Wheel toy hauler offers, so you can decide if it’s the answer to your dream of the ultimate RV experience.

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Table of Contents

  1. Price of a Brinkley G 3950
  2. Overview and Specs
  3. G 3950 Garage
  4. G 3950 Interior
  5. G 3950 Exterior
  6. G 3950 Road Mode
  7. Pros and Cons
  8. Compare to similar 5th Wheels
  9. Next Steps to Own a Brinkley G 3950

What is the Price of a Brinkley RV G 3950 5th Wheel?

MSRP: $205,158

The MSRP price for the G 3950 is set by Brinkley RV. 

RV Dealers are only allowed to advertise the MSRP price, but you will be able to buy the G 3950 for less than the advertised price from dealers like Bish’s RV because even though it’s the “advertised price” it’s not the RV dealer’s best price.

To see a dealer’s best price, you must go to their website and click a button like this:

⚠️Buyer Tip: Watch out for hidden undisclosed fees

These fees can stack up to thousands of dollars. The most common undisclosed fees are freight and prep. This is so common in the RV industry that we put together a guide on how to avoid hidden fees.

At Bish’s RV our low price is the price. The only additional fees you pay are those that vary by state such as: Sales Tax, Document, Title and Registration. Once we know where you are located we would be happy to calculate those fees for you. Because it is show season we are currently offering show pricing on all inventory. Clicking on the link below will take you to our available Brinkley Model G 3950 inventory. Click on “Get Show Price” to receive our Exclusive introductory price on this new Brinkley model.

Once you click the button you will be able to see the dealers true best price for the G 3950.

To learn more about the cost of a G 3950, read What is the Price of a Brinkley RV G 3950 5th Wheel Toy Hauler

G 3950 Overview and Specs

The Brinkley RV G 3950 is a big stand-out in the luxury RV market, particularly with its spacious 14-foot garage. This area is designed to accommodate large recreational vehicles, and is complemented by a half bath, but its versatility allows it to serve other purposes too, such as an entertainment area, a bunk house or a remote office.

Inside the main cabin, the G 3950 features a large, custom-built power sofa, reflecting a focus on comfort and adaptability. This sofa can be adjusted, offering different configurations for seating or lounging. Additionally, it has a multi-functional sliding table, which can be used for dining, work, or leisure.

The G 3950 is feature-packed — and can be set up in so many ways it’s like having multiple campers for the price of one.

G 3950 Weights and Measures

  • Empty Weight: 18,700 lbs
  • Cargo Rating: 3,800 lbs
  • Max Weight: 22,500 lbs
  • Hitch Weight: 3,450 lbs
  • Total Length: 45’5”
  • Body Width: 8’5”
  • Awnings: 15′, 13’6″, 11′
  • Tires: 17.5″ H
  • Fresh Water: 150 gal
  • Gray Water: 156 gal
  • Black Water: 85 gal
  • Inverter: 3,000 w
  • DC-to-DC: 30 amp
  • Solar: 800 w
  • Lithium: 200 ah

Weight may vary based on options.

Brinkley RV Logo

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Remember: To see a dealer’s best price, you must go to their website and click a button like this:

Once you click the button you will be able to see the dealers true best price for the G 3950.

Brinkley G 3950 Garage

Once you see what Brinkley has done with the garage space of the G 3950, you may never look at toy hauler garages the same again. With so many versatile set up options and the attached 1/2 bath, you can easily customize the space for whatever type of room you need at the moment.

2024 Brinkley Model G 3950 Garage
  • 14-Foot Garage Space: Accommodates large recreational vehicles and equipment.
  • Half Bath: Provides convenience and privacy, featuring a unique folding design.
  • Flexible Seating Options: Includes sofas that can be positioned horizontally or vertically.
  • Bunk Option: The garage space includes a power drop queen bed, offering additional sleeping accommodations.
  • Integrated Storage Solutions: Offers additional storage beneath the dovetail for tools or other items.
  • Entertainment Setup: Equipped with a TV and connected to the RV’s sound system.
  • Ventilation System: Includes a vent fan for air circulation and comfort.
  • Privacy and Security: Features a sturdy, lockable door for privacy and security.
  • Customizable Layout: The space is adaptable for various uses, from hauling equipment to hosting gatherings.

Brinkley G 3950 Interior

The living area of the Brinkley RV G 3950 seamlessly blends comfort and functionality, featuring a custom power sofa and a versatile desk/table, known as the ‘dines’. These elements are designed to maximize both relaxation and practicality within the space.

2024 Brinkley Model G 3950 living room
  • Custom Power Sofa: Offers adjustable configurations for optimal comfort and space utilization.
  • Sliding Desk/Dining Table: Ultra-versatile. Serves as both a dining area and a work desk, easily adjusted to however you need.
  • Kitchen: A fully-equipped kitchen with residential-style appliances, tons of storage, and a spacious island.
  • Bedroom: Features a king-sized bed, plenty of storage and high-quality furnishings.
  • Bathroom: A huge bathroom with a large shower, modern fixtures, lots of storage.
  • 3000W Inverter: Wired to the whole house, supporting most appliances except air conditioners and microwaves.
  • Solar Power Capability: Equipped with an 800 watt solar power system, enhancing energy independence.
  • Lithium Battery Options: 200 ah of battery power provides reliable power storage for off-grid adventures.
  • Integrated Control System: Allows for easy management of the RV’s tech systems and features.

Don’t live near a Brinkley Dealer? No Problem!
We can ship the G 3950 to you.

Find out How to Get a Brinkley if you don’t live near a Bish’s RV by talking to one of our RV experts.

Brinkley 3950 Exterior

The exterior of the Brinkley RV G 3950 combines functional design with durable construction, making it well-suited for various travel environments. Its thoughtful exterior features enhance both the usability and longevity of the RV.

  • Azdel Composite Walls: Utilizes Azdel composite materials for enhanced durability and reduced weight.
  • Multiple Awnings: Equipped with 3 power awnings, providing extended outdoor living space and protection.
  • Exterior Storage Solutions: In addion to its garage, has lots of large storage compartments for additional gear and supplies.
  • Chassis Construction: Features a sturdy chassis with a heated underbelly, designed for stability and reliability on the road.
  • Solar Power 800 watts of solar power, allowing for additional energy options.
  • Outdoor Entertainment Options: Includes external speakers and TV hookup for outdoor entertainment.
  • LED Lighting: Exterior LED lighting for enhanced visibility and safety.
  • Easy Access Controls: External control panels for convenient access to various RV functions.
  • Convenient Hookup Access: Strategically placed hookups for easy and efficient connections to power, water, and sewage systems.
  • Six-Point Hydraulic Auto Leveling System: Provides a stable and easy setup experience with advanced leveling jacks.

PRO-TIP: If you want to see a dealer’s best price, you must go to their website and click a button like this:

Once you click the button you will be able to see the dealers true best price for the G 3950.

Brinkley G 3950 “Road-Mode”

The Brinkley RV G 3950 is packed full of features, which all add to its overall weight.

To tow the Brinkley RV G 3950 effectively, a heavy-duty towing vehicle, such as a dual-rear-wheel (dually) truck, is required.

It is designed for safe travel and provides some great safety features and easy access to essential areas in the 5th wheel’s interior.

  • Streamlined Profile: Sleek, aerodynamic profile, enhancing fuel efficiency and stability.
  • Towing Safety Features: Includes integrated safety systems such as electronic anti-sway and analog braking for improved control.
  • Secure Interior Storage: Internal fixtures and storage are designed to stay secure and intact while in motion.
  • Slide-Out Locks: Ensures slide-outs remain retracted and locked during transit, preventing any accidental extensions.
  • Easy Access to Essentials: Strategic design allows access to essential areas like the bathroom and refrigerator, even when slides are in.
  • External Camera System: Provides enhanced visibility with side and rear cameras, aiding in safe maneuvering.
  • Road-Friendly Lighting: Equipped with appropriate lighting for visibility and signaling to other road users.
  • Robust Suspension System: Designed to absorb road shocks, contributing to a smoother ride and reduced wear on the RV.

Brinkley G 3950 PROS and CONS

Understanding the pros and cons of a big-ticket item like a luxury 5th wheel before you start the buying process is critical for making the best decision that supports your lifestyle and needs.

Knowing what the Brinkley G 3950 offers as well as its limitations ensures you make a decsion you can be proud of.

Pros of the G 3950:

  • Luxury Features and Options: Offers high-end features and finishes for a comfortable and luxurious experience.
  • Spacious Design: Includes large living areas, a sizable garage, and ample storage space.
  • Advanced Technology: Equipped with modern amenities like a 3000W inverter, solar power capability, and lithium battery options.
  • Versatile Living Spaces: Features like a custom power sofa and adjustable desk/table enhance living flexibility.
  • Durable Construction: Built with quality materials, including Azdel composite walls for longevity and reduced maintenance.

Cons of the G 3950:

  • High Cost: Represents a significant financial investment, which might be beyond the budget of some buyers.
  • Heavy Weight: Requires a heavy-duty towing vehicle, limiting its suitability for those without access to such equipment.
  • Complexity of Systems: The advanced features and technologies may be overwhelming for some users, especially those new to RVing.
  • Size Considerations: Its large size might be more than what is necessary for solo travelers or small families, and could present challenges in maneuvering and parking.

How does Brinkley G 3950 compare to other 5th Wheel Options?

Still not sure if the Brinkley G 3950 is right for you? Compare to other 5th wheel toy haulers to see if there is a better fit for your style of camping.

5th wheel Toy Haulers are priced in groups (or tiers) by their features and pricing loads. Bish’s RV has 5 tiers of 5th wheel toy haulers.

The Brinkley Model G 3950 is a Prestige-Tier 5th wheel toy hauler.

To compare this Brinkley to other Prestige-Tier Toy Haulers, click Prestige below:

Pricing Tier Price Range (MSRP)
⬜ Comfort   —  Less than $54,000
⬜ Comfort+  —  $54,000 – $80,999
Premium   —  $81,000 – $107,999
⬜ Luxury   —  $108,000 – $134,999
Prestige   —  $135,000 or more

You can compare the G 3950 to 5th wheel Toy Haulers in other pricing-tiers by clicking on the links above.

If you’d like to compare the G 3950 to the nation’s best-selling 5th wheels, check out the The Top Ten Best-Selling 5th Wheels.

View through the back garage door of the Brinkley G 3950

Next Steps to Buying a Brinkley G 3950 5th Wheel Toy Hauler

Now that you understand that the MSRP price of the Brinkley G 3950 is not the actual lowest price dealers are selling it for, you are ready to take the next step to find your G 3950.

At Bish’s RV, we’ve been in the RV game for years, and we’re all about making your experience as smooth as possible. Got questions? Need some guidance? We’re here for you every step of the way, helping you make choices you’ll be happy with for years to come.

Although the BrinkleyG 3950 is just being shown to the public, you are still able to pre-order one through RV dealers like Bish’s RV.

Get the Best Price

As mentioned, the MSRP is $205,158, but you can get a special introductory price if you pre-order one from Bish’s before inventory becomes available in March 2024.

Remember: To see a dealer’s best price, you must go to their website and click a button like this:

Once you click the button you will be able to see the dealers true best price for the G 3950.

Got Questions? We have Answers!

If you have questions to ask before you click that Get Show Pricing Button, talk to one of our outfitters. We’re always happy to answer your questions and guide you in the right direction.

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