Brinkley RV’s First EVER Travel Trailer Revealed! 2024 Model Z Air 295

2024 MODEL Z AIR 295 review

This is the first-ever travel trailer by Brinkley RV, and it is nothing short of amazing. If you’re reading this article on 12/23/2023 that means that you are seeing Brinkley make history with this new release in real-time – in short, it’s a big deal!

What makes this RV stand out is it’s a travel trailer packed with fifth-wheel features. For example, the fridge size is typically too large to fit in other travel trailers just based on ceiling height alone. But the Model Z Air 295 went bigger in every way.

🚨 Spoiler alert: there’s a brand new coupler that makes hooking up your travel trailer easier – this has never been done in the industry before.

What all of that means is people are going to go crazy (in a good way) when they see that this unit has been released. If you decide that this RV is for you, then you’ll want to get your name in for a Pre-order before the waitlist gets too long by clicking the button below!

MSRP of the 2024 Model Z Air 295:


When Will the Z Air Be Available?

The 2024 Model Z Air 295 is estimated for production in February 2024.

Table of Contents

2024 Model Z Air 295 Full Video Walkthrough

2024 Model Z Air 295 Layout and Specs

Specification2024 Model Z Air 295
Empty Weight (lbs)9,068
Cargo Weight (lbs)2,427
Max Weight (lbs)11,495
Hitch Weight (lbs)~800
Length34′ 09″
Height11’ 7″
Width (body)8′
Fresh Water Capacity (gal)62
Gray Water Capacity (gal)80 (true)
Black Water Capacity (gal)40
2025 Model Z Air 295 Floorplan
2024 Model Z Air 295 Floorplan

2024 Model Z Air 295 Features

Living Area Features of the Model Z Air 295

When you first step into the Model Z Air 295, your gut reaction is, “How big is it in here“? As Josh explains it, that’s because of the 7′ side walls WITH the barrel ceiling. Typically, travel trailer height ranges from about 6′ 6″ – 6′ 9”, but this RV is more than 7 feet tall. That alone makes it feel like a larger trailer – well because it is.

That big TV that you see front and center down there in the photos is on a swivel mount so it can pivot where you need it to. It would make for some awkward TV watching if it couldn’t turn towards the large sofa there – and yes there are RVs out that don’t include swivel mounts.

The sofa itself has a cool feature. Do you see that little bracket at the bottom of the second seat from the right? That secures a removable dining table in place. This has been done before, but in true Brinkley fashion, they did it better.

The table has a support on the base that prevents the table from ripping the bracket out of the sofa. You can watch Josh’s demo of that right here. I’ve also included a photo of the table connected to the bracket below.

In the living area, you will find your main AC flowing at 18k with a variable speed. There’s a second unit in the main bedroom as well. Needless to say, you’ll be able to stay nice and cool on those hotter camp days.

2025 Model Z Air 295 living

There are 14 household outlets and 4 USB/USB-C outlets throughout the RV!

Private Bunkroom

A hidden area for kids or a separate sleeping area for adults, the bunkhouse is a nice addition. Sure, there are hundreds of RVs out there with a bunkhouse but not too many come with a sliding/collapsing barndoor creating a private space.

2025 Model Z Air 295 bunk room

The bottom bunk might feel a little more boxy than the top bunk because there isn’t a window. But this would be a great place for any younger kids that still need that mid-day nap because, yes, it is a little darker in the bottom bunk than in the top where there is a window. Also, in the top bunk, there’s a TV hookup prep if you need it.

Another big difference between the Model Z Air 295 bunkhouse and that of other RVs is the amount of storage space that Brinkley has included here – there’s a ton! Check out all of the drawers below.

2025 Model Z Air 295 bunk room

Kitchen Features of the Model Z Air 295

The kitchen comes decked out with everything you need to serve up some great campside meals. Here’s a breakdown of some of the features:

  • 16 Cubic FT refrigerator
  • No sink in the island to maximize counter space
  • All countertops are solid surface
  • 2 pull-out trash bins
  • Removable paper towel holder in drawer
  • Big walk-in pantry with appliance outlet

A Closer Look at the Kitchen Storage

Brinkley RV took “Pet-friendly” to a whole new level with magnetic dishes. Check them out

2025 Model Z Air 295 kitchen

Bathroom Features of the Model Z Air 295

If it seems you’ve seen the word “storage” a lot throughout this review it’s because every room and every nook and cranny has capitalized on the space! Even the bathroom has a surprising amount of storage – with a large cabinet (that has a door!) and several drawers underneath the sink it’s going to be hard to decide where to put your toiletries just because there are so many places to put them!

The shower doesn’t have a skylight but you can get the “daylight feel” from the lights in the shower itself.

2025 Model Z Air 295 bathroom

Josh who is just over 6 feet tall has nothing to worry about when it comes to standing in the shower.

There is also a ton of space around the toilet!

Bedroom Features of the Model Z Air 295

The bedroom does have a 60×80 true queen bed (no option to swap these out for a king bed yet). Given that Brinkley has gone all out everywhere else, it wouldn’t make sense to just slap a camp queen on there and call it good.

Standing out in the bedroom are the motion sensor lights at the base of the bed. No more walking with your hands out making sure you don’t bump into anything.

There isn’t a windshield behind the bed which will help the room maintain its temperature.

What’s even better about the “headboard” setup is the padding they’ve added. If you’re one of those people that jolts awake and snaps into a sitting-up position or maybe you find yourself getting into fist-fights in your sleep, Brinkley has you covered – the padding will keep you out of harm’s way.

Also, the padding helps dampen any outside sound so this really was a good idea all around.

Traveling in the Model Z Air 295

With the opposing slides closed you lose access to the kitchen and the bunk room. The solid step stairs extend past the slide when you lift them, so if you’re parked in a place that might be a tight fit if you can get the steps down, you can push the slides out.

So, say you do have the living room slide out (same side as the entry steps) and the kitchen slide closed, what do you get access to now? Well, you still can’t get to the bunks, and the freezer door is blocked, but you do get access to the fridge and both of the dining options mentioned earlier (the stools and the table bracket on the couch).

2025 Model Z Air 295 exterior road mode

Goodyear Wranglers help you get to your adventure’s next stop safely!

When it comes to hauling the 2024 Model Z Air 295 you’re going to want to stick with at least a 3/4 ton towing capacity.

To learn more about towing RVs and towing capacities, watch Josh’s video below!

Features on the Outside of the Model Z Air 295

Looking at the outside of the RV you’ll find storage compartments at the front and the rear. A great change Brinkley made was moving the switches in the front compartment higher onto the wall and up off of the floor. There were tons of complaints of the switches getting broken during travel and this little change will help eliminate a lot of these issues.

The rear storage compartment is one of a kind. There’s a large door that can swing down to separate the cargo space into two, as well as a sliding compartment that you can use to store smaller objects.

If you ever do any dirt biking or maybe some mountain biking, you’ll find that the retractable hose is super helpful in getting things cleaned up. Maybe you could use it as a second shower if the indoor one is being used too?

The spoiler alert mentioned earlier is a feature that revolutionizes trailer hookups. It’s called the EZ Latch Coupler and it automatically attaches to the ball when it’s hook up time. No more using a hammer to break down rust or ice in colder weather. It lives up to its name because it makes hooking up the trailer SO MUCH easier.

2025 Model Z Air 295 exterior

Potential Problems with the Model Z Air 295

The only “problem” we found or limitation rather, is the access the RV has when the slides are closed. If you are someone that will need access to the bunks because you have a large family or access to the fridge for on-the-road “snackage”, then this RV isn’t for you.

But if you are looking for a high quality and luxury travel trailer (that really feels like a fifth wheel) then this RV could be the perfect fit for your next camping adventure.

Brinkley RV did a great job of making sure that everything – top to bottom in this RV was well planned and well executed.

Comparing the Model Z Air 295 to Similar RVs

Specification2024 Model Z Air 2952024 ALLIANCE RV DELTA 281BH
Empty Weight (lbs)9,068▼ 6,538
Cargo Weight (lbs)2,427▼ 1,455
Max Weight (lbs)11,495▼ 8,850
Hitch Weight (lbs) 800 ▼ 721 
Length34′ 09″▼ 31′ 11
Height            11’ 7                       ▼11′ 2″            
Width8’▶ 8′
Ceiling Height7′
Fresh Water Capacity62▲ 45
Black Water Capacity40▲ 45 
Gray Water Capacity80 (True)▲ 90
Bish’s Price*$69,900$44,885

* Prices vary by location. Please reach out to a Bish’s outfitter for accurate pricing by clicking below.

What Brinkley Customers Saying About the Brand?

It’s no secret that Brinkley RV is known for their high-quality products. Their Model Z (a mid-sized luxury fifth-wheel) and Model G (a luxury fifth-wheel toy hauler) have gotten great feedback online.

Reading through their customer reviews it becomes even more clear that people are happy with the direction that Brinkley is headed.

Brinkley RV reviews

Not only is Brinkley extremely open about their products online – providing great details into the features and benefits of their RVs, they also open themselves up to the public through their RV Factory Tours.

The 2024 Model Z Air 295 has changed the travel trailer game. With this latest release Brinkley RV has taken the RV industry and raised the bar. If you’re in the market for a brand-new travel trailer built with high-quality and thoughtful features and want to learn more, then click the links below!

2024 MODEL Z AIR 295 review

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