Patio, Dishwasher, Washer & Dryer All Under 30ft!! 2024 Timberwolf 16ML Travel Trailer Forest River RV

The price range of the 2024 Timberwolf 16ML usually is $38,995- $44,995

Price of the 2024 Timberwolf 16ML at Bish’s RV:

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2024 Timberwolf 16ML Video Walkthrough

2024 Timberwolf 16ML Layout and Specs

Specification2024 Timberwolf 16ML
Empty Weight (lbs)7,230
Cargo Weight (lbs)4,370
Max Weight (lbs)11,600
Hitch Weight (lbs)1,250
Length29′ 11″
Height13’ 4″
Width (body)8′
Fresh Water Capacity (gal)40
Gray Water Capacity (gal)38
Black Water Capacity (gal)40

Living Area of the Timberwolf 16ML

The 2024 Timberwolf 16ML by Cherokee RV brings a fresh, fun take on the travel trailer concept. It’s not your typical tiny home but a fully self-contained travel trailer packed with home-like features. The living area is surprisingly spacious, offering a recliner and a sofa hide-a-bed. This area can comfortably accommodate guests, making it suitable not only for solo travelers or couples but also for small families. The windows around the RV ensure plenty of natural light, and privacy shades are included for when you need them.

Kitchen of the Timberwolf 16ML

In the kitchen, you’ll find a mix of traditional and modern amenities. This includes a large refrigerator, a full oven, and unique additions like a dishwasher and a combo washer-dryer unit. The kitchen is thoughtfully designed to make the most of the space, featuring a veggie prep station, a rinse basin, and a cutting board cover. The kitchen also boasts multiple power outlets, making it easy to plug in various appliances.

This thing even comes with a combo washer/dryer and dishwasher!

2024 Timberwolf 16ML kitchen

Bathroom of the Timberwolf 16ML

The bathroom in the Timberwolf 16ML is well-equipped, with plenty of room around the toilet and a large medicine cabinet for storage. It features a sizable shower, though taller individuals might find the ceiling height a bit limiting. The shower includes a convenient corner seat and an oxygenics shower head for better water pressure.

2024 Timberwolf 16ML bathroom

Lots of toilet space! (Josh is tall – just over 6ft)

Bedroom of the Timberwolf 16ML

Up in the loft area, you have your main sleeping space, which can be customized to your liking with different bed configurations. This lofted bedroom, reminiscent of a studio apartment, offers a cozy and private sleeping area. There are also USB and household outlets available for charging devices.

Check out that fireplace!

Traveling in the Timberwolf 16ML

When it comes to traveling, the Timberwolf 16ML is surprisingly mobile for its size, weighing around 6,000 lbs and measuring approximately 30 feet in length. Its unique shape means it’s like towing a large brick, so a 3/4 ton vehicle is recommended for better stability, especially in windy conditions.

2024 Timberwolf 16ML roadmode

You’re ready to roll with some high quality West Lake tires!

To learn more about towing RVs and towing capacities, watch Josh’s video below!

Features on the Outside of the Timberwolf 16ML

The Timberwolf 16ML stands out with its off-road tires and Diamond skirting, giving extra protection for more adventurous travels. It features removable stable steps, a tankless on-demand water heater, and dual sewer outlets. The exterior design is both practical and visually appealing, with laser-cut detailing and blue LED lights for a distinctive look.

Potential Problems with the Timberwolf 16ML

A few areas to consider are the slightly unconventional placement of the converter and battery disconnect in the bathroom, and the need to clarify the arrangement of the tanks, especially concerning the washer/dryer. Another point to note is the lack of external storage, meaning all your gear needs to fit inside the trailer.

Comparing the Timberwolf 16ML to a Larger “House on Wheels”

—Wildwood Lodge 44View—

Specification2024 Timberwolf 16ML2024 Wildwood Lodge 44View
Empty Weight (lbs)7,230 ▲ 13,874
Cargo Weight (lbs)4,370 ▼ 2,326
Max Weight (lbs)11,600▲ 16,200
Hitch Weight (lbs) 1,250 ▲ 1,645 
Length29′ 11″▲ 45′ 2″
Height            13’ 4″                       ▼13′ 03”            
Width8’▲ 8′ 6″
Fresh Water Capacity40 ▶ 40 
Black Water Capacity40▲ 40 + 40 
Gray Water Capacity38 ▲ 40 + 40

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The 2024 Timberwolf 16ML Travel Trailer by Cherokee RV offers a unique, compact living experience perfect for those who love a blend of adventure and homely comfort. Its innovative design and multi-functional features make it an intriguing option for a wide range of travelers. Whether parked by a lake or taken on the road, this travel trailer brings the essence of home wherever you go.

If this travel trailer sounds like it could be your new home on wheels, reach out or learn more by clicking below.

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