UNIQUE New Layout with 100 Inch Cinema Projector & More! 2024 FSX 30VCVIEW CrossOver Travel Trailer

exterior of Forest River FSX 30VCVIEW RV with Text saying, "Forest River FSX 30VCIEW"

What is the Price of a Forest River FSX 30VCVIEW?

A 2024 Forest River FSX 30VCVIEW usually costs between $41,998 and $57,500

Price of the 2024 FSX 30VCVIEW at Bish’s RV:


*We aim to provide the most up-to-date pricing in our articles. The quoted price above is as of 1/4/2024 from our Coldwater, MI location. However, please note that our prices are regularly updated and may have changed since this post. Click below to see the most up-to-date pricing.

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Josh the RV Nerd Reviews the Forest River FSX 30VCVIEW

2024 Forest River FSX 30VCVIEW Layout and Specs

SpecificationFSX 30VCVIEW
Empty Weight (lbs)7,982
Cargo Weight (lbs)1,918
Max Weight (lbs)7,982
Hitch Weight (lbs)1,037
Length36′ 05″
Height9’ 4″
Width (body)8′
Fresh Water Capacity (gal)54
Gray Water Capacity (gal)40
Black Water Capacity (gal)40
Forest River FSX 30VCVIEW floor plans

Living Area Features

The living area in the FSX 30VCVIEW RV blends of luxury and scenic beauty, underscored by its enormous window coverage that invites the outside in. These panoramic windows not only flood the space with natural light but also offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape, so you can enjoy the scenery even when you’re hanging out inside.

At its heart lies a 100-inch flat screen, emerging for an unparalleled indoor viewing experience, complemented by a comfortable three-seat theater sofa. The high ceilings and spacious design, coupled with the natural vistas provided by the windows, create an airy, open atmosphere that’s perfect for both social gatherings and peaceful solitude.

The Versatile Hidden Room: A Space for Every Need

The hidden room in the Forest River RV FSX 30VCVIEW RV is an unexpected surprise and adds a lot of versatility. Cleverly concealed, this multi-functional space can transform according to your needs – from a bunkhouse to an office, or a storage area with its side load cargo door.

Equipped with a small vent fan, central air ducting, and a configurable desk space, it’s a unique addition that truly allows you to make the best of every inch of space in your camper.

Kitchen Features

The kitchen in the FSX 30VCVIEW RV is equipped with a range of features designed to cater to the diverse needs of RV travelers. It includes solid surface countertops, offering a practical space for meal preparation.

The kitchen also features an adaptable island, useful for extra prep space or as a dining area. Key appliances include a 12-volt DC compressor fridge and a microwave air fryer combo, aimed at providing convenience in cooking.

Storage solutions are incorporated throughout, including a space that can potentially accommodate a washer-dryer combo. The kitchen also includes wood slide fascia and strategically placed power outlets, reflecting a focus on functionality and space utilization.

The kitchen’s solid surface countertops not only offer a big chunk of space for culinary activities, but their placement against the wall opens up interesting possibilities for meal prep and appliance use!

Bathroom Features

The bathroom in the FSX 30VCVIEW RV includes a shower area with higher ceilings, potentially beneficial for taller individuals. Enhanced with additional LED lighting, the shower is designed to offer improved visibility.

The toilet is positioned to optimize the available space, though its proximity to the wall may affect ease of use for some individuals. The bathroom is equipped with a mirror and adjacent medicine cabinet, providing basic storage and utility. It is a compact space that aims to balance essential bathroom amenities with the limitations of an RV layout.

Bedroom Features

The dimensions of the bed are designed to accommodate the RV’s layout, described as an Olympic queen size (66″ wide) , which is 6″ wider than standard queen size.

Storage solutions in the bedroom include overhead cabinets and additional space under the bed. The bedroom also features a closet area with removable shelving, which can be adapted for various storage needs or potentially for housing a washer-dryer combo unit.

For entertainment purposes, the room is prepped with dual TV connection points. The bedroom’s design focuses on maximizing the functionality of the available space within the constraints of the RV’s structure.

Traveling in the 2024 FSX 30VC VIEW

In ‘Road Mode,’ the FSX 30VCVIEW RV is designed for efficient travel and towing. The RV’s layout and features are configured to ensure it remains functional and accessible even when the slide-outs are retracted, maintaining a compact form for easier maneuverability on the road.

As for towing requirements, the FSX 30VCVIEW is based on the FSX Max series of toy haulers, indicating a robust structure with an emphasis on cargo capacity. Given its size and design, the RV likely requires a powerful heavy-duty truck, to ensure safe and effective transportation.

To learn more about towing RVs and towing capacities, watch Josh’s video below!

Features on the Outside of the 2024 FSX 30VC VIEW

Solar Capabilities

solar panel on forest river fsx 30vcview

The FSX 30VCVIEW RV is equipped with a solar package that enhances its off-grid capabilities. It features a 200-watt solar panel system installed on the roof, paired with a 30-amp solar controller. This setup is designed to provide a sustainable source of power, reducing reliance on external electricity supplies.

Exterior Features

One of the standout outdoor features of the FSX 30VCVIEW RV is its versatile ramp patio area. This space serves as a multi-functional extension of the RV, offering additional outdoor living space. It can be used as a deck for relaxation or entertainment, enhancing the overall outdoor experience. The ramp patio is designed to be sturdy, supporting various activities, and includes a 3,000-pound loading capacity with a 1,500-pound patio limit.

Additionally, the RV features easy-tilt awning arms, providing shade and protection over the patio area, making it a comfortable space regardless of weather conditions. This patio/deck area is not only a practical addition but also a nod to the RV’s design ethos of maximizing usable space in innovative ways.

6 Potential Problems With the 2024 FSX 30VCVIEW

  1. Weight and Towing Requirements: Due to its robust structure and size, the RV may require a heavy-duty truck for towing, which could be a limitation for those who do not have access to a suitable towing vehicle.
  2. Climate Control in Extreme Weather: With its extensive window coverage, the RV might face challenges in maintaining a comfortable interior temperature in extreme weather conditions, particularly in very hot climates.
  3. Toilet Placement: The positioning of the toilet in the bathroom might be a bit tight for some individuals, potentially affecting comfort and ease of use.
  4. Bed Size: The Olympic queen bed, being slightly different from standard sizes, could pose challenges in finding suitable bedding or might feel cramped for those used to larger beds.
  5. Outdoor Electrical Outlets in Wet Conditions: The presence of household and USB outlets outside, particularly near the ramp patio, might require extra caution in wet weather conditions to avoid electrical hazards.
  6. Space Utilization: While the RV boasts innovative use of space, the multi-functionality of areas like the hidden room and the kitchen might require frequent reconfiguration, which could be inconvenient for some users.

Next Steps to Owning your Forest River FSX 30VCVIEW

exterior of Forest River FSX 30VCVIEW RV with Text saying, "Forest River FSX 30VCIEW"

At Bish’s RV we know that no one camper is perfect for every RVer. If this RV isn’t quite right for you, we’d love to help you find another option just right for you! 

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