2024 FSX 178BHSK Travel Trailer by Forest River RV

2024 FSX 178BHSK review

The 2024 FSX 178BHSK is brand new Wildwood camper from Forest River.

This RV is potentially a great fit for a family or for a couple. It has a unique dining table set up that changes the game when it comes to sleeping and eating.

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178BHSK Video Review & Walkthrough

See inside this RV with Josh the RV Nerd

How Much is a FSX 178BHSK?

A Wildwood 178BHSK can range from $20,000 – $40,000 depending on the options included, when you buy, where you buy, and who you buy from.

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Layout and Specs

Specification2024 FSX 178BHSK
Empty Weight (lbs)3,749 lbs
Cargo Weight (lbs)1,081 lbs 
Max Weight (lbs)4,830 lbs
Hitch Weight (lbs)430 lbs
Length22′ 11″
Ext. Height10’ 4″
Ceiling Height6′ 6″
Width (body)7′ 4″
Fresh Water Capacity43 gallons
Gray Water Capacity30 gallons
Black Water Capacity30 gallons
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2024 FSX 178BHSK layout

Living Area

The first thing that stands out in the living area of the 2024 FSX 178BHSK is the Euro Table in the dining area. You can slide it off to the slide, remove it, or even spin it around if you want. The dinette/slide does sit in a step up, so if that’s a deal breaker, you’re going to want to keep that in mind. The step up was done here because just beneath it is a wheel well.

What if you wanted to use this space for more than just sitting and eating? Well, you can. Check out the photos below.

One thing to keep in mind about this RV as whole as you go about your time spent “living” in it – it’s non-ducted air. Given that the RV is only 22 feet long, this shouldn’t be that big of a deal. But again, you’re the RVer and you know what’s best for you during your RV adventure.

Also, it is ventless and carpetless so this RV is considered pet-friendly!

2024 FSX 178BHSK dining


Alright, let’s talk one of the unfortunate things about this RV: kitchen counter space. It’s very limited. What you see in the photo below is what you get.

2024 FSX 178BHSK kitchen

But, there is one thing you can do to give yourself some more counterspace. Remember that awesome swinging Euro Styled dining table from earlier? You can swing it all the way out to actually give yourself even more counterspace! See it in action in the photo below.

2024 FSX 178BHSK kitchen

Bear in mind that it is at an angle here. Josh the RV Nerd set it up very quickly and didn’t actually get it tightened down. It won’t be angled like this after it has been tightened down and set up properly.

2024 FSX 178BHSK kitchen

Now, if you didn’t notice it, that egg shaped thing next to the window is actually a Bluetooth speaker which more and more RVers it seems are becoming fans of. These speakers are great because they are mobile, they don’t annoy your neighbors as much as traditional speakers, and they don’t create holes in the side of your RV that can let water in leading to repairs down the road. They make a lot of sense. I guess they can get lost so there is that too. Pros and cons, pros and cons.

2024 FSX 178BHSK kitchen


The bathroom of the 2024 FSX 178BHSK could have a little more space but it’s not bad. The shower itself is probably where it could use a little more height. It has plenty of elbow room, but for someone that’s about 6′ 2″ like Josh, it is a little bit cramped. However, the space around the toilet is great and having a full on medicine cabinet is a nice little touch.


What’s great about the bed “room” is how Forest River has wired the outlets this time. Each of the outlets on either side of the bed are directly connected to the solar that comes from the panels on the roof.

2024 FSX 178BHSK bedroom

This means you can power up your devices without having to worry about strain and drain on your RVs battery. Check out the bed set up and break down below.

2024 FSX 178BHSK bedroom

It’s worth mentioning here that set of bunk beds by the bathroom. These can comfortably sleep two adults or a few kids. When you factor in the murphy bed, the bed in the dinette, and these bunk beds, it’s easy to see how you can fit a large family in here. Showers and potty breaks might be a little complicated but hey – you’re in the great outdoors for a reason right?

Road Mode

With the new north-south Murphy bed system, you’ll need to be aware that the bed cannot be used when the slide is closed. This is a design trade-off, as it offers more convenience when the bed is in use.

2024 FSX 178BHSK road mode

What’s great about road mode is that you do have access to the bunks, kitchen, and the bathroom. If you want access to the bed during road mode, you should check out the Catalina 184BHS – there’s a table comparing the two RVs below.

The 2024 FSX 178BHSK has a max weight of 4,830lbs. Watch the video by Josh below to learn more about towing capacities.

2024 FSX 178BHSK road mode


The exterior of the RV has an enclosed underbelly, which is a rare feature for an RV in this class. This added protection helps extend your camping season and offers peace of mind in colder weather conditions. The RV is also prepped for a telescopic removable ladder and a backup camera, allowing for easy maintenance and enhanced safety.

Oh and remember how this RV can sleep a ton of people but only has one shower inside? Well, it does have a hot/cold utility shower on the outside, so if you’re good with being in the elements by all means get clean!

Potential Problems

While the 2024 FSX 178BHSK can sleep a lot of people, it’s questionable if it can be packed for a lot of people. There isn’t a whole lot of storage space throughout the RV so your family will have to be creative with where things are stored.

Compare Similar RVs

Empty Weight (lbs)3,749 lbs▲ 4,202 lbs
Cargo Weight (lbs)1,081 lbs ▲ 1,298 lbs
Max Weight (lbs)4,830 lbs▲ 5,500
Hitch Weight (lbs) 430 lbs ▲ 492 lbs
Length22′ 11″▼ 23′ 1″
Height            10’ 4″                       ▼10′ 01”
Width7’ 6″▶ 7′ 6″
Ceiling Height6′ 6″Unavailable
Awning12′▲ 15′
Fresh Water Capacity43 gallons▲ 44 gallons
Black Water Capacity30 gallons▲ 30 gallons
Gray Water Capacity30 gallons▲ 30 gallons
Bish’s Price*$21,526$25,995

* Prices vary by location. Please reach out to a Bish’s outfitter for accurate pricing by clicking below.

2024 FSX 178BHSK review

At Bish’s RV we know that no one camper is perfect for every RVer. If this RV isn’t quite right for you, we’d love to help you find another option just right for you! 

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