Like a House on Wheels!! 2024 Alpine 390DS Fifth Wheel Trailer

By Aaron Brunson

2024 Alpine 390DS Fifth Wheel Price @ Bish’s RV

2024 Alpine 390DS exterior

*We aim to provide the most up-to-date pricing in our articles. The quoted price above is as of 10/26/2023 from our Anderson, Indiana. However, please note that our prices are constantly updated and may have changed since this post. Click to see the most up-to-date pricing.

Let’s dive into the Alpine 390DS and see if it’s the solution you’ve been searching for.

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Check out the 2024 Alpine 390DS floor plan!

Specifications and Measurements

Specification2024 Alpine 390DS
Empty Weight (lbs)14, 258 lbs
Cargo Weight (lbs)2,242 lbs 
Max Weight (lbs)16,500 lbs
Hitch Weight (lbs)2,740 lbs
Length42’ 11”
Height13′ 4″
Width8’ 4”
Fresh Water Capacity (gal)75 gallons
Gray Water Capacity (gal)132 gallons (across 3 tanks)
Black Water Capacity (gal)98 gallons

Living Area 

This beauty has 2 full bedrooms, 2 complete bathrooms, and even a loft! 

If that’s not enough, there’s also a shared super slide living area that offers flexibility and options that your regular RVs or common bunkhouses can’t match.

The first thing that’s bound to catch your eye is the expansive camp-side window coverage along the outside. Stepping in from the rear entry door, the living area is immediately inviting. 

Keystone extended the slide out by three inches, and when combined with the four-inch wider body, it feels more spacious.

The plush carpeting? Gone! In its stead, you’ll find a seamless transition from the main floor to the slide. Both feature a sleek, carpetless design. This creates a cleaner look and makes the RV feel even more spacious. 

The loft in this Alpine spans the entire length to the rear of the vehicle. There is plenty of space above the private rear bedroom and bathroom. 3 adult-sized individuals could comfortably sleep in this loft!  

2024 Alpine 390DS Fifth Wheel Trailer bunks


If you’re constantly charging devices or using kitchen appliances, you’re in luck. The 2024 Alpine 390DS excels when it comes to appliance outlet coverage. 

The outlets are thoughtfully placed just above the countertop line, making them convenient and accessible. Whether it’s your phone, blender, or coffee maker, you’ve got a spot to plug them in.

And let’s not forget about the fridge! Alpine has included an impressive 18 to 20 cubic-foot 12-volt compressor fridge. That’s a significant amount of space to stock up on all your favorite foods and drinks, ensuring they’re kept fresh while you travel.

Alpine provides the option to install a third air conditioner. This upgrade would replace the ceiling vent fans. So, it’s a trade-off between additional cooling and maintaining those super-efficient vent fans. Choices, choices!

Bathroom Features

Not just one, but two full baths! That’s right, no more waiting in line when nature calls. 

The rear bathroom, in particular, boasts ample toilet space. If you’ve ever felt cramped in an RV bathroom before then you know this is cause to celebrate!

The storage here may not be “over-the-top” Hollywood style, but it’s definitely practical. This bathroom has just enough space to store all your bathroom essentials. 

And let’s not overlook that nifty little cutaway to the right of the toilet. It’s a perfect waste basket space! A simple, yet thoughtful addition that Josh shows off below.

2024 Alpine 390DS Fifth Wheel Trailer bathroom
2024 Alpine 390DS Fifth Wheel Trailer bathroom

Here’s the second bathroom!

The shower as demonstrated by Josh is a little cramped for taller RVers. This is most likely due to some plumbing underneath the shower elevating the shower floor.

Bedroom Features

We mentioned there were two bedrooms as well. Here’s the rear bedroom first.

Moving on to the rear bedroom there’s a dimmer switch lighting on the left side which is a nice touch, especially for early risers or late sleepers. No more blinding your partner with full-on lights just because you need to find your socks!

Here’s where the Avalanche Edition of Alpine differs slightly from its full-blood counterpart. A standard Smart TV doesn’t come included in the bedroom for the Avalanche Edition.

An upgrade from the previous model, the RV now has 30,000 BTUs of factory standard air. Last year’s model came with a 15,000 BTU main air conditioner. Now you can expect more cooling power, ensuring a comfortable sleep even during those scorching summer nights. 

The front closet of the bedroom doesn’t disappoint. On one side, there’s a convenient hanging storage space, while underneath the bed, you’ll find easy-lift storage.

A minor yet significant change – the rollers for the bed slide are now attached to the floor rather than the bottom of the bed. This thoughtful shift means there’s less risk of the wheels picking up dirt and potentially scratching your RV’s flooring.

Road Mode: Towing and Travel Access

When your slides are in the main entry door still gives access to main areas like the front bedroom and bathroom. You might not have access to the entire fridge, but grabbing a snack or drink for the road is possible.

The rear entry door is another welcome addition.  It gives you direct access to the back bathroom and potentially the rear bedroom while the slides are in. 

But remember, this model leans more towards stationary convenience rather than travel functionality.

Exterior Features: Style and Function

Let’s break down some of the exterior features: 

  • Dual power awnings are featured.
  • Six-point hydraulic auto-leveling system.
  • Road armor shock-damping suspension package.
  • Tires are rated at 75 miles an hour
  • Saloon radials
  • Double drop frame design
  • Front and rear entry

Potential Problems

Towing Requirement: The RV is quite large, making it unsuitable for towing with smaller vehicles like Ford Rangers or half tons. This limits its tow-ability to larger vehicles, specifically dualies.

Compare RVs Similar to the Alpine 390DS

Specification2024 Avalanche 390DS2023 Alliance Paradigm 395DSNorth Point 390CKDS
Empty Weight (lbs)14, 258 lbs13,920 lbs15,425 lbs
Cargo Weight (lbs)2,242 lbs Unavailable2,575 lbs
Max Weight (lbs)16,500 lbs16,800 lbs18,000 lbs
Hitch Weight (lbs)2,740 lbs2,904 lbs2,725 lbs
Length42’ 11”42’ 6″44’ 0”
Height13′ 4″13′ 6″13’ 3”
Width8’ 4”8’ 6”8’ 0”
Fresh Water Capacity (gal)75 gallons98 gallons75 gallons
Gray Water Capacity (gal)132 gallons106 gallons137 gallons (3 tanks total)
Black Water Capacity (gal)98 gallons106 gallons100 gallons (2 tanks total)

Buy Your 2024 Alpine 390DS Fifth Wheel Trailer

The 2024 Alpine 390DS Fifth Wheel Trailer brings out the best in modern RV luxury. It combines a unique living area layout with a meticulously designed kitchen.

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2024 Alpine 390DS Fifth Wheel Price @ Bish’s RV

2024 Alpine 390DS exterior

*We aim to provide the most up-to-date pricing in our articles. The quoted price above is as of 10/26/2023 from our Anderson, Indiana. However, please note that our prices are constantly updated and may have changed since this post. Click to see the most up-to-date pricing.

At Bish’s RV we know that no one camper is perfect for every RVer. If this Alpine isn’t quite right for you, we’d love to help you find another option that’s just right for you! 

Feel free to visit our inventory to check out other options or contact one of our expert RV Outfitters anytime for help finding your next camper. We’re here to help you get to your next adventure!

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