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Whether you’re new to the RV game or looking to upgrade, stick around. We’ve got some cool insights on the 2024 MPG 3100BH that’ll help you decide if this is the right fit for your adventures.

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2024 MPG 3100BH Floorplan

2024 MPG 3100BH Floorplan
2024 MPG 3100BH Floorplan

Living Area Features of the 2024 MPG 3100BH

Imagine you’re caught in a downpour in the middle of nowhere. Sounds like a bummer, right? Not in the MPG 3100BH! With its big super slide and comfy seating, you’ve got what’s called “rainy day sanity space.” It’s roomy enough for everyone to stretch out and relax without feeling cramped. And, while it’s not a window wonderland, the windows it does have are thoughtfully placed for the best outside views and fresh air.

  • LED interior lighting
  • Residential-style free-standing furniture with top-stitching
  • Designer accent walls
  • No Carpet throughout
  • Multiple charging stations with 12v and USB

Kitchen Features of the 2024 MPG 3100BH

The kitchen in this travel trailer is a real treat, especially if you like cooking (or even if you just like eating). They didn’t skimp here—you’ve got an oven with a built-in air fryer, plus a spacious fridge to keep all your snacks and ingredients fresh. The countertops? They’re the kind that can handle a spill. And, for those who worry about losing the oven to save a buck, no worries; it’s still here, ready for your baking adventures.

  • Hardwood framed cabinet doors
  • Steel ball-bearing, full extension drawer guides
  • High-rise kitchen faucet
  • Double door refrigerator

Historically, gas-electric fridges had to have vents leading to the outside of the RV. This fridge doesn’t which eliminates the possibility of leaks.

Bathroom Features of the 2024 MPG 3100BH

Nobody likes a cramped bathroom, especially when you’re trying to relax on vacation. Good news—the MPG 3100BH has got you covered with enough room to dance (okay, maybe not dance, but definitely enough room to not feel squished). Plus, it’s got a real door, not one of those “peekaboo” types, so you can have your privacy without any surprises.

2024 MPG 3100BH bathroom
  • 6 gal DSI gas/electric water heater
  • Black tank flush

Bedroom Features of the 2024 MPG 3100BH

After a day full of adventures, you want a cozy spot to crash. The main bedroom here doesn’t just offer a snug king-size bed; it’s got this neat feature where you can push the bed to one side to get more room to get dressed. No need to do a weird shimmy to get your pants on in the morning.

  • (4) Storage Bins Included Under Bed
  • Versa-Tilt Power Bed Mechanism – Providing Approximately 14.5” Of Additional Walk-Around Space
2024 MPG 3100BH bedroom

You’ve got some great cabinet storage on either side.

Traveling in the 2024 MPG 3100BH

We all know the drill—packing up and getting everything road-ready can be a pain. While the MPG 3100BH is pretty slick in most areas, remember that accessing the bunk room while everything’s closed up isn’t happening. But, you can still grab a snack from the fridge or take a nap in the main bed, so it’s not all doom and gloom.

To learn more about towing RVs and towing capacities, watch Josh’s video below!

Features on the Outside of the 2024 MPG 3100BH

This trailer’s got a neat awning to chill under, plus an outdoor kitchen for when you want to enjoy the great outdoors while flipping some burgers. And, with its sturdy construction, you’re looking at many fun-filled trips without a hitch (well, except the one you’ll need to tow it).

  • High gloss fiberglass front cap with LED lighting
  • 30” main entry door
  • Triple entry steps with courtesy lighting
  • Exterior wall mount speakers with LED light
  • LED awning light
  • Extra Large Pass Thru Storage With Slam Latch Baggage Doors & Magnetic Catches

Potential Problems With the 2024 MPG 3100BH

The entertainment setup inside might not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you’re an indoor entertainment junkie. And while the kitchen’s fantastic, the bathroom’s fan might not win any awards. But hey, nothing’s stopping you from making a few tweaks to make it your perfect adventure companion.

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