The Cost to Stay At RV Parks, RV Campgrounds, and National Parks!

The cost to camp in an RV is an important consideration when you’re looking to buy an RV, so if you’re looking to buy an RV, you may be asking, “How much does it cost to stay at a campground in my RV?”

Campgrounds and RV parks have as much variation in price and services as a seedy hostel in a bad part of town and a luxury suite at The Four Seasons–though, for better or worse–you’ll always know the last time the sheets were changed in your RV. 

At Bish’s RV, we want to help you understand what it may cost to stay at different types of campgrounds, parks, and resort so you can plan ahead for this expense, especially as you choose which type of RV is best for you.

What Are the Different Costs of RV Campgrounds, Parks, and Resorts?

Overall, the cost of campgrounds will vary depending on what kind of experience you want during your camping trip. At most campgrounds, you’ll likely spend anywhere from $0 to $250 for a weekend trip (three days worth of camping, two nights). Obviously, depending on campsite, location, and length of the camping trip, this range can vary. Generally you can expect to pay around $120 two nights at a campground.

Helpful Tip for Booking!

Some RV campgrounds might be fully booked for your travel dates. Make reservations in advance to avoid this. If you’re a late planner, don’t worry, since there are usually plenty of parks within an area; you just might have to drive to get a little closer to your destination, if it’s outside of the campground.

Budget Campgrounds

$0 to $40 per night

Some campsites will allow you to stay for free, which is fantastic if you’re on a strict budget and like a little extra adventure. These campgrounds are usually found on public lands like Forest Service lands, Wildlife Management areas, Bureau of Land Management areas, and in county and city parks. Many Walmarts will even allow you to park overnight for free (you’ll need the store manager’s permission first). Free campgrounds rarely have any amenities, so you’ll have to dry camp the entire time you are there.

For an extra $20 – $40 per night a budget campground will usually have a bathhouse, dump station, Wi-Fi, an outside grill, and water and electric hookups. It’s a little extra, but for a campground with plug-ins and hookups, it’s not a bad deal.

National Park Campgrounds

$25 to $60 per night

The amenities offered in a national park will vary from park to park. Some parks will have full hookups, some will have partial hookups, and others will have no hookups at all. You can’t really beat the feeling of falling asleep and waking up in a national landmark, so try it out sometime, even if it means roughing it a little bit.

Average Campgrounds

$30 to $60 per night

Mid-range campgrounds usually offer more amenities than your typical budget campsite. These campgrounds tend to offer family-friendly and group activities for campers. Sometimes mid-range campgrounds will have pools, patios, and gym facilities. KOA is the best known type of average campground.

KOA Campgrounds

KOAs are very reliable campgrounds, though it will usually cost a little bit more than budget RV parks to stay at one. There are three types of KOA campgrounds: KOA Journey, KOA Holiday, and KOA Resort. Each of these offers different amenities and charges differently depending on the location you choose. The average cost to stay at a KOA is $57.

Research was collected from, and then we averaged the cost per KOA from their list and found that it was $57.

Luxury Campgrounds

$50 to $175 per night

If you’re looking to “glamp,” a luxury campground provides RVers the experience of a resort. Here you can expect full hookups, Wi-Fi, TV service, huge parking spaces, and lots of natural shade. Some luxury campgrounds may even come with concierge services, private bath houses, and a pool. These are the cream of the crop for RV camping, so if you are searching for comfort and a good time without any budget restrictions, check out a luxury campground.

Extended Stay Campgrounds

$100 to $1500 per month

 If you are looking to live in your camper full-time, you will likely want to find a place to park your RV for an extended period of time. Some RV parks allow this. An extended stay campground will likely charge on a monthly basis and be less expensive than a campground that charges on a daily basis. (Think short term vs economy airport parking.)

If you’re going to be camping somewhere for more than a month at a time, you’ll want to let the campground know. They will generally give you a better rate since many campgrounds will charge on a monthly basis. National Parks usually do not allow campers to camp for more than two weeks at a time. 

The amenities that come with long-term RV parks will vary from park to park, but you can usually expect the basics, things like electric and water hookups, WiFi, and some facilities (ex. gyms, laundry rooms, bath houses, etc.).

How Does the Cost of RVing Compare to a Hotel Stay?


In 2021, the average cost of an Airbnb in the United States was $216 per night. Depending on what state, city, location, and property you are staying at, this number can be drastically higher or lower. 

Research collected from


In 2021, the average cost of a hotel room per night in the United States was $125. Price varies depending on location, type of hotel room, time of year, length of stay, etc.  

Research collected from 

Renting a Cabin

The average cost to rent a cabin ranges from $100 to $300 per night, plus a cleaning fee of around $100. Depending on the size of the cabin, the length of your stay, location, and several other factors, your cabin may be more or less expensive than this range.


There you have it. I hope if you’ve been wondering what you’ll pay to park your RV at a campground, this gave you the answers you needed to feel informed and ready to get on your RV adventure. 

This article means nothing if you don’t already have an RV or don’t enjoy the one you currently own, so why not browse our inventory to see if you like any of what we’ve got in store? We have plenty of inventory to choose from, with some of the biggest names on the market!

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