10 Best Travel Trailer Brands in 2024

The top 10 most popular, best selling travel trailers

(updated February 2024)

Travel trailers are the most popular type of RV. They come in a huge range of sizes with many different features – and generally cost less than other types of RVs. 

There are a lot of travel trailer options and it can be overwhelming trying to choose your trailer. Here at Bish’s RV, customers looking to narrow their search often ask us: What are the best-selling travel trailers? 

As RV experts, we love to answer your RV questions! So here are the 10 most popular travel trailers in the last year (as of February, 2024). With this information you can decide if one of these campers is right for you or something different would be better for your future adventures! 

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Top-Selling 2024 Travel Trailers 

These are the 10 most registered travel trailer brands in the USA over the last 12 monthsA according to data from Statistical Surveys

1 – Forest River Cherokee Travel Trailers

Cherokee Camper Spec Range:

$14,500 – $84,000
19′ – 40′
2,884 lbs – 7,200 lbs.

See Cherokee Travel Trailers for full, individual specs

Forest River’s Cherokee trailers include: 

2 – Dutchmen Coleman

Coleman Light Travel Trailer Interior

Coleman Travel Trailer Spec Range:

$21,000 – $38,000
13’5″ – 37’11”
1,682 lbs. – 8,548 lbs.

See Coleman Campers for full, individual specs

Coleman campers include: 

Coleman Light
Coleman Lantern
Shop dutchmen coleman travel trailer campers for sale at bish's rv

3 – Jayco Jay Flight 

Jay Flight has been a top travel trailer choice among RVers for almost 20 years!

Jay Flight Spec Range

Travel Trailer:
$15,785 – $68,200
Bungalow Trailer:
$75,000 – $108,000
Travel Trailer:
18′ – 30’4″
Bungalow Trailer:
40’3″ – 41’5″
Travel Trailer:
2,810 – 5,995 lbs.
Bungalow Trailer:
10,825 – 12,025 lbs.

See Jay Flight campers for full, individual specs

Jay Flight campers include: 

More About Jay Flight:

Have questions about Jay Flight or any another RV? Want to schedule an in-person walk through? Let us know – the RV experts at Bish’s RV love to help you however they can!

4 – Grand Design Imagine

Imagine campers are a popular laminate travel trailer option.

Imagine Travel Trailer Spec Range:

New Price:
$32,000 – $65,000
17’11” – 36’11”
3,560 – 8,394 lbs.

See Imagine campers for full, individual specs

Imagine campers include: 

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More About Imagine

Josh the RV Nerd Reviews New Grand Design Campers

5 – Forest River Salem

Salem Travel Trailer Spec Range:

New Price:
$13,600 – $100,000
20’1” – 45’
2,899 lbs. – 13,144 lbs.

See all Salem campers for full, individual specs.

Salem travel trailers include:

6 – Forest River Wildwood Series 

Wildwood Travel Trailer Spec Range:

New Price:
$12,200 – $96,200
20’1” – 45’
2,899 lbs. – 13,144 lbs.

See all Wildwood campers for full, individual specs.

Wildwood travel trailers include:

7 – Forest River Rockwood

Rockwood Travel Trailer Spec Range

New Price:
$21,000 – $92,000
11’9″ – 36’8″
1,465 lbs. – 9,669 lbs.

See all Rockwood Travel Trailers for full, individual specs

Rockwood travel trailers include:

8 – Keystone Springdale

Springdale Travel Trailer Spec Range:

New Price:
$18,500 – $63,000
21’5″ – 38’11”
3,396 lbs. – 8,994 lbs.

See all Springdale campers for full, individual specs

Springdale travel trailers include:

9 – Keystone Hideout

Hideout Travel Trailer Spec Range:

New Price:
$15,400 – $78,000
21’5″ – 39’11”
3,351 lbs. – 9,246 lbs.

See all Hideout campers for full, individual specs

Hideout travel trailers include:

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10- Grand Design Transcend XPLOR

Transcend Xplor Spec Range:

New Price:
$31,400 – $43,494
24’11” – 37’3″
5,397 lbs. – 9,400 lbs.

See all Transcend Xplor floor plans for full, individual specs

There are 16 floor plan options for the Transcend Xplor

Transcend Xplor Video Walkthrough:

Josh the RV Nerd reviews a new Transcend travel trailer
buy grand design transcend xplor travel trailer rv campers for sale at Bish's RV
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Next Steps to Get the Best Travel Trailer for You

Now that you know the top 10 travel trailer brands from the last 12 months, you can decide if one of them is right for you. 

We’ve been selling RVs for more than 30 years at Bish’s RV. We provide information like this to educate RVers because we love RVing and love to see you find your perfect RV – even if it’s not always from us!

If we do have what you’re looking for, we’d love to work with you to get you on the road, making memories in your new camper. 

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If you’re interested in an RV you’ve seen here or have more questions – reach out anytime! Our RV outfitters are experts at matching you with your perfect RV, so if none of the RVs you’ve seen here feel right, we’ll help you find a better match! 

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