The Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pack 4500PACK14D: Comprehensive Review

We are excited to present to you a first look at the new Diamond Series from the Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pack line of fifth wheel toy haulers. In this article, we will dive deep into the features, design, and construction of the Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pack 4500PACK14D.

This new series introduces innovative elements, including a unique skeletal structure, solid surface counters, and more, making it a remarkable addition to the Wolf Pack family.

Design and Construction

The Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pack 4500PACK14D

The Diamond Series differentiates itself from the previous Platinum Series by implementing Forest River’s unconventional skeletal structure.

Unlike laminated or stick-built RVs, the 4500PACK14D features an aluminum stud construction with a spacing of 16 inches on center. This construction technique provides exceptional strength and durability.

The aluminum stud framework ensures the structural integrity of the RV, making it highly resistant to potential leaks and damage. If there are any leaks, because the skin is not laminated, it can be replaced without needing to replace an entire sidewall.

Additionally, this construction method reduces the overall weight of the RV while maintaining its robustness.

Spacious and Well-Equipped Interior

Upon entering the Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pack 4500PACK14D, you’ll be greeted by a familiar Wolf Pack ambiance with several noteworthy upgrades. The living area boasts solid surface countertops and a 16 cubic foot 12-volt compressor fridge, features not typically found in the Platinum Series.

The RV is equipped with dual 15,000 BTU centralized air conditioning units, providing efficient cooling throughout. While there is no third AC option, a large XL vent fan in the garage ensures optimal airflow, making it suitable for all types of adventures, including boondocking.

The interior layout of the 4500PACK14D offers smart and functional design choices. The traditional drop-down bench seating in the garage converts into comfortable sleepers.

The double theater sofa set up in the living room in place of the typical single sofa and dinette, maximizing seating.

U-Shaped Kitchen

The unique U-shaped kitchen layout offers some convenient features. The shape of the kitchen allows for an abundance of countertop space.

Due to the different skeletal structure of the Wolf Pack 4500PACK14D, there are strategically placed power outlets making it convenient for appliance usage.

This RV comes with a large 16-cubic foot 12-volt refrigerator and a large pantry.

Bedroom and Bathroom

This model introduces a full bed slide, which is something Wolf Pack doesn’t typically do. They included an electric fireplace in the bedroom to help keep you warm in colder temperatures. The closet in the bedroom takes a unique approach with drawers across the top of the closet.

The bathroom is accessible only through the main bedroom. This fully equipped bathroom gives you all the privacy you need.

Outdoor Living and Garage Space

One of the standout features of the Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pack 4500PACK14D is the three seasons patio wall at the rear.

  • This new inclusion allows you to keep the patio down at night because of the solid doors.
  • This wall offers the perfect setting for daytime lounging along with the patio.
  • The wall can be opened for airflow which is a very nice feature on warmer summer days.
  • The doors of the wall can be swung open allowing you to park your toys in the garage.

The spacious 14-foot garage provides ample storage for toys and equipment, making it an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts. There is a large left bunk above the garage, accessible from the kitchen, giving you more sleeping space or additional storage.

Notable Features and Thoughtful Touches

The 4500PACK14D comes with various noteworthy features:

  • A remote-controlled XL vent fan in both the garage and the bedroom.
  • Laundry hookups in the garage.
  • A half bath in the garage that does not intrude into the garage space.
  • Ample TV hookups throughout the RV.
  • A camera mount in the garage so you can view how your toys are riding in the garage.
  • And abundant storage options throughout the RV.

All these amenities increase the comfort and convenience you need for camping.

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The Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pack 4500PACK14D is a remarkable addition to the Wolf Pack series, introducing the Diamond Series with its unique skeletal structure and enhanced features.

With its durable construction, spacious interior, and innovative design choices, this fifth wheel toy hauler is a top choice for those seeking a great quality RV for a great price.