3 Excellent Reasons Why A Newmar Should Be Your Next Home Away From Home

RV travel and full-time living is more popular than ever. Your RV should feel like a home away from home, and there’s no RV brand that feels more like a home than a Newmar Class A Motorhome. So, here are 3 excellent reasons why a Newmar should be your next home away from home.

Newmar consistently provides superior customer service. One of the main reasons your Newmar will always feel like a home from away home, is that Newmar goes the extra mile to make sure that your motorhome is always running smoothly. Home is always coziest when everything is working properly. Newmar’s customer service is the gold standard for customer service in the RV industry, as they offer a large selection of service centers, prompt branding specialists, and an incredible service facility out of their headquarters.

With nearly 200 authorized service centers throughout the United States and Canada, getting your Newmar motorhome repaired is as easy as ever. Branding specialists, who specialize in 1-2 makes, are responsible for ensuring that your warranty claim is approved within 4 business hours. These specialists will also send any parts that are needed to your service center that same day, even if that means pulling it from the production floor. If for some reason the part is not in-stock, they will get it ordered and on its way to your RV that same day.

At their headquarters in Nappanee, Indiana, Newmar even has a fully outfitted service center. This service center has 52 bays ensuring that you and your RV will be back on the road in no time.While you’re waiting for your motorhome, you can wait in their state-of-the-art customer lobby, equipped with work areas, lounge areas, a kitchen, and even laundry facilities. If your repair requires your motorhome to be with them for more than one day, there is even on-site camping, so that you can stay in your motorhome over night.

Another excellent reason that a Newmar should be your next home away from home is that they are built with the incredible quality construction, making them dependable like your home should be. Every Newmar is hand-built by seasoned mechanics, carpenters, and other artisans, who according to Newmar’s website have been working for Newmar on an average of 8 years each. Each Newmar is equipped with a high-quality STAR Foundation™ chassis, Comfort Drive™ steering, Masterpiece™ paint finish, and Total Comfort™ air conditioning.

Your RV’s chassis is its foundation. Your chassis should be strong and sturdy. The STAR Foundation™ is an “exclusive steel superstructure,” that is welded to a chassis from the top chassis manufacturers in the country. The welding is all done by hand at Newmar’s headquarters.

Newmar’s Comfort Drive™ steering system takes some of the edge out of driving such a large vehicle. Comfort Drive™ is an “intelligent, steering system,” that will self-straighten and helps you to handle all of the curves of the road. The system allows you to loosen your grip on the wheel and to adjust to any driving conditions that are thrown at you.

Newmar believes that “your motorhome should be as beautiful as it is accomodating.” The Masterpiece™ finish is an exclusive finish that is put on your motorhome to ensure that its paint stays flat, smooth, and beautiful.

Last but not least, Total Comfort™ air conditioning keeps you the right temperature at every time of the year. The system circulates warm and cold air efficiently through individual ducting stations. This system is managed through a digital thermostat and can efficiently keep your RV the right temperature for you.

And last but not least, an excellent reason that a Newmar should be your next home away from home is that they provide you with a close-knit community. One of the best ways to feel at home is by having a network of people that you can relate to. Newmar has provided for this aspect of your home away from home, as well, by creating the Newmar Kountry Klub.

This group allows Newmar owners from all over the country to travel together and celebrate their love of rving together. The Newmar Kountry Klub hosts events for Newmar owners throughout the year all across the United States and Canada. Some of their 2021 events include the Gathering in the Desert, the Florida RV SuperShow Rally, the Rally in the Keys, and Christmas in Branson.

There are nine regions and a full-timers chapter that each host their own events as well. The next international rally for the Newmar Kountry Klub will be  on July 18-22, 2021 in Lewisburg, West Virginia. Regional events are still occurring, though many have been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Newmar Kountry Klub is available to join once you have purchased a Newmar motorhome by subscribing to a membership.