Keystone Arcadia 253SLRD Review: Unique Rear-Dining Fifth Wheel

July 23rd, 2023 | 3 min. read

By Koy Blanchard

The Keystone Arcadia 253SLRD

In this article, we will delve into the features, design, and functionality of the Keystone Arcadia 253SLRD. The Keystone Arcadia offers a unique take on a familiar floor plan, with several notable improvements and innovations.

Join us as we uncover the key attributes of the Arcadia and discuss its suitability for your RVing adventures.

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  • Price of the Keystone Arcadia 253SLRD
  • Floor Plan and Design
  • Exceptional Cargo Capacity
  • All-Weather Capability
  • Thoughtful Interior Design
  • Functional Living Spaces
  • Well-Equipped Kitchen
  • Bedroom with Incredible Storage
  • Ample Storage Solutions
  • Towing and Going Features
  • Additional Features and Considerations

Floor Plan and Design

Arcadia 253SLRD Floorplan

The Keystone Arcadia 253SLRD incorporates a floor plan that is not entirely new to the RV industry. However, what sets it apart is the execution and thoughtful design elements.

While originality is not always essential, a well-executed floor plan can enhance the overall experience. The Arcadia brings several noteworthy features to the table, making it an enticing option for RV enthusiasts.

Exceptional Cargo Capacity

Keystone Arcadia 253SLRD Basement Storage Space

One common issue with smaller fifth wheels is limited cargo capacity due to light-duty axles. However, the Arcadia eliminates this concern by providing a substantial cargo capacity of approximately 2200 pounds.

This feature ensures that you can pack your belongings without worrying about exceeding weight restrictions, making it ideal for extended trips.

All-Weather Capability

Keystone Arcadia 253SLRD Heated and Enclosed Underbelly

The Keystone Arcadia 253SLRD comes equipped with a hot/cold weather package, which includes holding tank heaters.

This feature enables you to comfortably camp in various climates, ensuring that your RV remains functional and comfortable in colder temperatures. This RV has been tested from 0 – 100 degrees!

Additionally, the Arcadia offers excellent airflow throughout the unit, thanks to the centralized air conditioning system and strategically placed vents.

Thoughtful Interior Design

Keystone Arcadia 253SLRD Rear Dinette and Light Farmhouse Decor

The interior design of the Arcadia strikes a balance between familiarity and uniqueness. While the layout may resemble other models in its class, the subtle shifts and decorative choices make it stand out.

The light Farmhouse décor creates a bright and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you prefer a traditional dining setup or a relaxed lounge area, the Arcadia accommodates your preferences.

Functional Living Spaces

The living spaces in the Arcadia are designed with convenience and flexibility in mind. The theater seating provides excellent views and comfortable seating options, while the curtains offer privacy and adjustable light filtering.

The inclusion of a wireless charging pad in the theater seating provides a modern touch, eliminating the need for cumbersome charging cables, while the free-floating folding table in the rear dinette allows for versatile use

Well-Equipped Kitchen

The Arcadia boasts a spacious kitchen area with a larger 22-inch oven. This upgraded oven allows for more even cooking and reduces the chances of hot spots or cold spots.

Whether you prefer cooking elaborate meals or simple snacks, the kitchen in the Arcadia caters to your needs.

Bedroom With Great Storage

The Bedroom in the Arcadia 253SLRD features a 60″ by 80″ true queen sized bed. Each side of the bed has it’s own nightstand with outlets prepped for an inverter. 

The storage in the bedroom is incredible!

  • Underneath the bed is a large storage chest
  • The overhead cabinets are strutted so they stay open
  • Large 4 door closet in the wardrobe slide
  • 2 large drawers in the wardrobe slide

Ample Storage Solutions

Storage is a crucial aspect of any RV, and the Keystone Arcadia excels in this department. The RV features numerous storage options, including bonus drawers in the sofa, storage compartments under the dinette, and overhead cabinets throughout the unit.

The availability of a dedicated pantry, enclosed linen storage, and a storage chest beneath the queen bed ensures that you have ample space to organize your belongings efficiently.

Towing and Going Features

The Arcadia is designed to provide a smooth towing experience and reliable performance on the road. With a focus on towing convenience, Keystone equips the Arcadia with a shock-dampening pinbox and a full Curt suspension package. These features ensure stability and reduce stress on the RV during travel.

Additional Features and Considerations

The Keystone Arcadia 253SLRD offers several other notable features worth mentioning. These include a centralized bedroom air conditioner, a spacious bathroom with a large shower and ample storage, a straight-shot pass-through storage compartment, and a 300-pound accessory hitch for bikes or additional cargo.

One thing to consider with this floor plan is that it does not have great travel access. If you’re looking for a similarly sized RV with better travel access, check out Josh the RV Nerd’s video here.


The Keystone Arcadia 253SLRD is a well-designed and versatile fifth wheel that caters to the needs of RV enthusiasts.

With its thoughtful floor plan, exceptional cargo capacity, all-weather capability, and numerous comfort and storage features, the Arcadia offers a compelling option for those seeking a reliable and enjoyable RVing experience.

Consider the Keystone Arcadia for your next adventure and embrace the freedom and convenience it provides on the open road.

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