The Wayfinder RV Origin Story: Why Bish’s RV Has An Exclusive Camper Series

Josh the RV Nerd announces the creation of Wayfinder RV by RV Dealer Bish’s RV

RVs open up a whole world of vacation possibilities. They provide freedom and flexibility and have the added bonus of giving your family a comfortable way to connect with nature.

But let’s face it, RVs aren’t cheap. They’re an investment that come with plenty of benefits — but also include a hefty price tag.

With inflation, rising interest rates and sky-rocketing prices it’s getting harder and harder to decide if the benefits of a camper outweigh the price tag.

We understand your concerns.

Go Play Travel Trailer

Bish’s RV has sold RVs for over 3 decades. Over the last 2 years we’ve seen RV prices increase dramatically. Prices have risen 20%-30% in some cases.

Fewer families can afford to buy a new camper, so they either have to settle for a used RV or not buy one at all.

We want you to be able to afford a new RV.

You work hard for your money and deserve a fair deal. Finding a high-quality camper at a price that won’t break the bank has never been easy… until now.

We proudly introduce Wayfinder RV and Go Play Travel Trailers.

Lineup of Go Play Travel Trailers

Going from RV Dealer to RV Maker

Why does Bish’s sell RVs?

Did you know?

The only reason Bish’s RV started selling campers in the first place is because, just like you, our founder wanted to buy an RV for himself at a decent price. True story!

Way back in the late 1980’s Bish’s wasn’t an RV store, we were a western wear store. We sold cowboy clothes, saddles and horse trailers.

One of our Bish’s co-owners, the grandson of founder Bish Jenkins, wanted to buy an RV to vacation with his family, but the camper he wanted was too expensive.

He contacted the manufacturer, seeing if he could buy one direct at a cheaper price. He was told they could only sell to dealers and there was a minimum purchase order of 6 RVs.

Since Bish’s Western Wear sold horse trailers, we were technically a licensed dealer. He decided to go for it.

He bought 6 of the RVs he wanted, with the plan of selling 5 of those at an affordable price and keeping one for himself.

He ended up selling all 6 of the campers and Bish’s RV was born.

Bish’s RV of Meridian, Idaho

Follow this link to learn more about the Bish’s RV “Bishtory”.

Why does Bish’s make RVs?

Fast-Forward 34 years.

Bish’s RV has grown from a single store in Idaho to over 20 dealerships nationwide. We have sold every brand of RV, every floorplan, every shape and size.

Over the years, we’ve become RV experts. We know what a great RV should include and know what floorplans and features families are looking for.

We also know what it’s like to be frustrated by over-priced RVs. Bish Jenkin’s grandson felt it 34 years ago and we see people feeling this way today.

We want your family to have the same opportunity to get an affordably priced camper by buying direct from the maker of the RV — just like Bish’s grandson.

We finally found a way to make this happen. We’re working with Jayco-owned manufacturer, Highland Ridge, to build our own line of RVs!

The Go Play Travel Trailer is a combination of all the great features we believe should be included in the perfect family RV.

Since we’re making the campers ourselves, we’ve cut out the middle man and are able to sell it to you at a price your family can afford.

If you want to find out all the techniques we used to lower costs without lowering any of the camper quality, check out the Go Play Cost Story.

The Future of Bish’s RV and Wayfinder RV

Our 3 decades of experience selling RVs have shown us what families are looking for in camping trailers and motorhomes. We also understand your family’s need for affordable pricing and we want to help.

It’s a leap of faith, but we believe if we commit to producing all types of quality RVs at reasonable prices, hard-working families like yours will be more willing to make the investment and start camping with their families.

The Go Play Travel Trailer is the first of many campers Bish’s has begun to make under the Wayfinder Label.

The Wayfinder RV 26BHS

We know the Go Play is the perfect trailer for most families, but if this travel trailer isn’t what you’re looking for, just wait— we probably know what you’re looking for and it’s just a matter of time before we make it under the Wayfinder RV label.

So what’s the future look like for Bish’s RV and Wayfinder?

It’s simple. We’re going to make RVs so you can make memories.

If you would like to read a deep-dive review of the latest Go Play Campers, check out these articles:

The Go Play 26BH

The Go Play 26BHS

If you want to see the available Go Play Conventional Travel Trailers, you can check them out at

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